Ishita Is Still Unsatisfied

This is the continuation of my previous story: Suhani’s Gift To Ishita

It was almost 2 days after I had a steamy session with Ishita in the bathtub. All my friends went to a restaurant for breakfast. The manager gave us a nice booth with a long table so that we all could sit comfortably. Suhani sat beside me. Quickly Ishita took a seat just in front of me. She was looking unsatisfied and sad.

Before I could ask her anything, she asked everyone to excuse her and went to the washroom. A few minutes after, I received a text. It was Ishita and she was calling me inside the washroom. Since it was a small restaurant, they had a common washroom.

The way she was behaving, I thought something is troubling her and she wants to discuss. Maybe it was the guilt of cheating on Karan. To make sure no one doubts, I went out of the restaurant faking an important call and went to her from the backdoor.

Getting close to the door, I heard her moaning. She was moaning intensely while repeating, “Fuck me Aveesh, keep fucking me harder like this.” I knocked on the door and she pulled me inside. She was there right in front of me, staring at me with greedy eyes, wearing only her crop-top.

Her jeans and panty were hung up on the hook of the door. Before I could say anything, she sat on her knees, tucked out my shirt, pulled my jeans down and started sucking my dick. She was sucking it fast and impatiently. Her pussy was wet, I could smell her juices right from there.

I got into motion, grabbed her hairs (she did two ponytails that day) and started gagging her. She was not resisting at all. Then I took her up, pushed her on the wall, lifted her leg and inserted my whole dick inside her at once. I knew her tight pussy will make her shout so I already closed her mouth with my one hand before.

She was biting my fingers but I kept on going rough on her. Her boobs were crushing on the wall. I missed her skin so much. She was smelling marvelous. I licked her shoulder and gave her bites. It was not more than 10 minutes I started fucking her, she got her orgasm.

But I was too far from mine. She pushed me off and ran outside after adjusting her clothes. I was like, “What the hell was that?” I also came back to my seat. I was more angry than sad.

Suddenly I got a text, It was Ishita’s. The message was: “Sorry for what just happened. I love Karan a lot, he is the one for me. But he is bad in bed. He cums very quickly and I am left unsatisfied. It’s happening from the last 2 days. I masturbated twice in the morning, today, but still, my pussy wanted a good fuck. Sorry, I had to leave you in between!”

Then got another text: “I enjoyed those 2 sessions with you that day. Can we be sex buddies? Just physical, nothing else.”

That moment I realized what I want from Ishita. I wanted to fuck her every time I want without any commitment between us. I accepted the proposal. I showed the text to Suhani. After reading all, she gave a bitchy smile to her and invited her for a night out with her.

After we went back to the hotel everyone went back into the room. I had to wait in the reception to call someone for cleaning up the room. Suhani took Ishita into our room. Maybe they were planning for their night out. I checked everywhere but couldn’t find the receptionist.

I went to the lobby to look for someone else. Suddenly I saw Tanya (the receptionist) going along with two men in the storeroom. I followed then to check. What I saw was completely surprising. Those two men where unclothing her and exploring her whole body.

My first interaction with Tanya was on the first day of our visit. She is a gym fit girl. Always in proper professional attire with a mini skirt at the bottom. She has a fair complexion and has a butterfly tattoo on the right side of her neck. One of those gave her bite on that tattoo.

I took out my phone and started recording her getting double penetrated. Although those men were unclothing her, I was enjoying her assets. She has a cup size of ‘C’ and has hairs on the top of her pussy, trimmed in the shape of the heart.

One by one they inserted their tongue in her mouth. She was moving her naked body in waves. Her heavy boobs were bouncing. Then they made her hands-up and started licking her underarms. She was shivering with each touch of their tongue. The first man, then spanked her butt tightly. She shouted.

The other man grabbed her mouth and slapped her. They asked her to keep quiet. Then they pushed her on the wall and started eating her boobs. They spat on her tits, then licked it. They were sucking so hard that it was getting difficult for Tanya to stop her screams.

Then they also got unclothed. They made her sit down and kept their dicks on her lips. She was sitting on her knees and taking each cock one by one in her mouth. They were treating her like a slut. She was choking and all the saliva was flowing, from her mouth, on her boobs.

Those men didn’t care a bit, they were spreading the juices all over her breast by rubbing it. Then I saw she has an eagle tattoo on her cleavage, which is a bit downwards. Hence not visible when she is properly clothed. They both were kissing her again and again.

On the command of one of than men, she took her tongue as much out as she could. Then she started rubbing his dick head all over her tongue. The other guy went down and was eating her boobs. They made Tanya sit in a doggy position. The first man wore a condom and started licking her pussy.

The slurping sound made by him could be heard from far. Then he pushed his dick inside her and started to pump her. The other man lighted two cigarettes and gave one to another. He was puffing the cigarette and was fucking her. She couldn’t shout because the other man was choking her with his dick.

Then they switched places. Now the one who was fucking her was a bit rough. He was continuously spanking her and abusing her. After a while, one guy was fucking her pussy and others got into her ass from the backside and she was stuck in between two. They all were sweaty and smelling cum and cigarettes.

Finally, they came into her mouth and forced her to drink all of their cum. I completed the recording and walked towards my room. I opened the door and saw Suhani and Ishita in 69 position, licking each other’s pussies. While I was recording Tanya, Suhani took Ishita with her in the room.

They talked and Ishita revealed how much she wanna explore the sex world. Suhani came a little close and started fondling her boobs. Both were getting aroused and Ishita started touching Suhani everywhere. Then they kissed and unclothed each other.

Suhani started kissing Ishita’s naked shoulder from the back while Ishita started moaning. Then she fondled her boobs and pressed them gently. Ishita turned around and they again kissed each other for long. Then Suhani started fingering Ishita while sharing deep breathes.

She made her lie down and sat on her face and started rubbing her pussy on her lips. It was the first time Ishita was tasting a pussy but she was enjoying it. Suhani bent down and started licking Ishita’s pussy. This is when I entered the room. Ishita was hesitating to show her face to me while doing this act with Suhani.

Suhani came towards me and took me towards Ishita while holding my hand. “Before you satisfy my bestie’s needs, I should make her slut enough for you,” she whispered in my ears. She made me stand in front of Ishita and made her sit on knees. She stood behind her.

Then she gently slapped her. “You left my man unsatisfied in the morning. No complete his needs,” she said to her. Ishita pulled my jeans down and started licking my dick while Suhani started kissing me. Then I wore my condom and pushed Ishita on the bed. Her back was facing me.

I spat on my fingers and applied it all over her pussy. Then after spanking her, till her butts got red, I started to fuck her. Suhani came and sat in front of her. She pushed Ishita’s mouth on her pussy. Now with my every push, Suhani was enjoying tongue fuck by Ishita. In this session, I didn’t change positions.

I was a bit angry about how she left me unsatisfied in the morning. So I signaled Suhani and she stuffed Ishita’s mouth with her panty so that she could not shout. I spit on her butthole and pushed my whole dick in one go. And I didn’t stop but kept hammering with all force I could.

Her kajal and her makeup were all ruined because of her tears. I got close to cum but Suhani was eager to drink it. So I took my dick out, pulled off the condom and ejected all my cum in her throat. Ishita was still lying on the bed, frozen in pain. But then she got up and kissed me.

She whispered in my ears, “This is the kind of sex I want every night!” and gave a bitchy smile. All this soon went off from my head. All I was thinking of the sizzling chocolaty body of Tanya. I could still hear her moans in my ears. After girls went out for their night out in the evening, I was all alone in the room.

I couldn’t control more and I called the receptionist for room service. She came in a hurry. When she opened the door, she heard her moans coming out from somewhere. She was shocked. She went inside and noticed that her recording of getting fucked by those two men was being played on my phone.

Meanwhile, I closed the door quietly and locked it. She was still in shock and moving towards the phone slowly. I came from behind and started fondling her boobs gently. I whispered, “I noticed those two men didn’t wait for you to cum. It means you are still unsatisfied. I can help you out.”

She turned quickly and found me, standing right in front of her. She didn’t know how to respond. Meanwhile, I was still fondling her boobs and she was getting less resistive at each passing moment. Then I pinched her nipple and rubbed it hard. Instead of shouting, she bit her lips. Everything was crystal clear.

I grabbed her and kissed her. I asked, “Who were they?” She replied, “They were the cousins of the director of my Ad Shoot.”

“So you are a model, they why working as a receptionist?” I asked.

“I am still trying to get into this business. I am trying to grab every chance at any cost.”

“Even at the cost is sex?” I asked.

“I gave up my virginity for this,” she replied.

“But getting fucked regularly and not having an orgasm, has ruined my hormones.”

I slapped her in a naughty manner and said: “You should have come to me. I always make my bitches cum.” She kissed and bit my lips and said, “I have heard sounds of ladies getting satisfied by you, from your room.”

“Next round of sounds will be yours,” I said and tore off her Top. From her actions, I knew she likes rough sex so I started with biting her ear lobes. She was all sweaty after her work shift and her body tasted salty, and so did mine. But these all things triggered us as we were in a rough animal mood.

We kissed and inserted tongue in each other’s mouth. In this French Kiss, we completely explored each other’s mouths. She tastes damm good tasty. I did bite her tongue, softly, few times. All of our salivas were spread on the face of each other and some even few on our bodies.

We kissed for long and long until we dried each other’s mouth. Then I pushed and threw her on the bed. I came on her and started licking her cleavage. I unhooked her bra and exposed her boobs. Damm, that eagle tattoo.

I cupped them with my hands and pressed them with my fingers. While all this my dick was erect in my pants and I was rubbing it on her. Then I started giving her neck bites while holding her hairs with one hand and squeezing her boobs with others.

I sucked her areolas one by one. They were sweaty, fluffy and fleshy. Her ‘C’ cup size was so big that I doubted that they are fake. But they are natural. I spanked her boobs and she made a hungry noise. She pushed me off and came over me. She came above my head so that her boobs were just above my mouth.

She started pressing her boobs inside my mouth. I was enjoying this and spanking her ass. She hugged me so tight in that position that my head sank in her cleavage. Then I turned and now I was above her. I started playing with her titties. I rubbed them hard with my tongue.

I touched and caressed all the sensitive regions of her boobs with my tongue during which her heart beats went high. She was having heavy breaths. I spent a little extra time on her boobs and sucked them, licked them, rubbed them, squeezed them. She came down and pushed off my pants.

My dick was in front of her eyes and she attacked it like it is everything for her. She came and started sucking it. She was gagging and choking herself while I was pressing her head down. I sat on the bed, resting my back on the wall and spread my legs. Tanya was kneeled and bent more to eat my dick.

She made it all messy. Her saliva was all over her mouth, her boobs and my body. She was giving me a blowjob and rubbing it with both hands at the same time. But I was enjoying all this. I wiped her mouth by licking it off with my tongue and spit it all over her panty.

Her panty got wet from above too. I was rubbing hard on her. Her pubic hairs were giving her light twinkle but she was moaning instead of screaming. I took off her panty. I was wearing a condom, suddenly she came, snatched it from me and threw it away. “I took pills after those two fucked me.”

Before I could understand something, she pushed me on the bed and inserted my dick in her pussy in cowgirl style. Now she knew how to ride. She rested her hands on my chest and was pumping herself. Then she held her hands in my hands and started grinding my cock. I was in heaven.

She bent down and now my face was again buried between her boobs. I grabbed her and started plowing her. It was my time now. We switched to the missionary position because I wanted to see her bouncing boobs while getting fucked. And oh my my.

Her boobs were not only bouncing, but they were also hitting like waves with my every push. I bent down and placed my tongue on her left boob. I had to do nothing, with my every thurst, her boobs were itself rubbing them on my tongue. I went forward and kissed her while still grinding her.

Then I lifted her right leg and placed it on my shoulder, I got deeper now. I was rubbing her pubic hairs in between with my thumb and she was loving it. I placed both of her legs on my shoulder and grabbed them. I fucked her in that position for like 5 minutes before she asked me to fuck her doggy.

She was facing the door. I adjusted her legs to get her butt at the right height and went inside her. I held her butts and started fucking her. Damn, those ‘C’ sized boobs. They were like ripe mangoes which were shaking so hard with my thursts, it appeared they could fall anytime.

Then I pushed her down. She was half out of the bed. Her stomach was touching the bed but her upper body was out of the bed with her boobs also hanging out and touching the edge of the bed. We both were very sweaty but still licked each other’s bodies at every chance we got during the whole session.

I was fucking her in the same position when suddenly the door opened. Suhani and Ishita were back. Tanya got shocked and was trying to get up. But I pushed her down and kept fucking her.

Suhani laughed and said, “So today we all got lucky!”

Me: “What does that mean?”

Ishita: “I and Suhani got fucked by two boys in their car.”

I laughed and spanked Tanya and said, “Those are my bitches.”

Tanya was breathing heavily. She said, “I am gonna cum.” Suhani and Ishita sat on the sofa, enjoying the live sex show. I got Tanya and floor and fingered her pussy when she exploded her juices out. She had her first orgasm after so long. She was moaning loud.

After that pause, I came in missionary, kept her legs on my shoulder and started banging her. After 10 minutes, she again had her orgasm and this time she didn’t give any warning so all her fluids were on me. Then I took her on the bed. We were still in missionary.

I gave intense and slow pushes. She started enjoying with her closed eyes and calling out my name repeatedly. Then I bent down, held her head with one hand and kissed her while squeezing her boobs. Then I increased my speed and force and she started biting my lips. I told her I want to cum.

She made me stand while she sat down. She was looking at me while rubbing my dick with both of her hands. She was giving wild look and repeatedly saying, “Give me your cum Aveesh, give me your cum!” She took her tongue out, I placed my dick on it and released all my cum in her mouth.

I wrapped her with the blanket as it already got dirty with her cum and she went out of the room. Ishita came and kissed me. Then she also went to her room. It was a rough day. I and Suhani also went to sleep while cuddling each other.

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