Seducing My Young Married Neighbor – Part 1

Hi all ISS readers, this is my first story in this site. Since the story is very long, I will post it part by part. I expect your suggestions from the readers.

Let me introduce myself. I am Preeth (not real name) 30 years of age. I had my first sex with my neighbor girl who is married and have a child of 3 years. She is 22 years of old. Slim, small tits and a seductive eyes to fall for.

She was living beside our house. We would talk very rarely before her marriage. She got married very early at the age of 19. After her marriage she moved to another place with her husband. Later we didn’t see each other.

When I was browsing in Facebook, I saw her profile and sent her a request. She accepted me on the next day. Nothing happened in the beginning. Within a year, she delivered a baby boy and came to her parents’ home. Even at that time, we dint talk. Just exchange of smiles, hi and bye.

After she went back to her husband’s place, I used to miss her.

Whenever I remember her, I will open fb and see her pics. When I saw her profile, I got her number. I took her number and messaged her not to keep her number visible or otherwise someone might misuse it. From there our chatting started.

She replied thanks and asked me how to hidephone number from profile. I gave her step by step instructions to do that.

Day by day our chat started with good mornings and ended with good nights. I used to ask her about her baby and husband. She wasn’t happy with her husband because he was living in some other place for work. She was feeling alone at home. She miss her husband a lot. I used to console her.

She missed her husband very much because she was so active in sex and there was no one to satisfy her. She visited her husband once in a month and have sex 3-4 times. But that was not enough for a young girl to satisfy her carnal needs.

As I was chatting to a married girl for the first like this close, I used to ask her how her husband treated her, how was the beginning of their married life and all. She used to tell me very boldly that she had been unaware of sex initially and how her husband started the things and taught her about sex positions and all.

I was shocked to hear her bold answers and I used to avoid asking her such questions again. But still she used to tell me everything – how she enjoyed with her sex life before having a child, how her husband fucked her 10 times in a day, etc. I was shocked.

Later she asked me whether I have a girlfriend. I said no. Then she asked me whether I have had sex with anyone. I said no.

I think she got addicted to chatting with me that whenever I stopped sending messages to my married neighbour, she used to cry.

Later I started having some horny thoughts about my married neighbour. I thought about seducing her and try my luck.

I started sharing her details aboout how I masturbated thinking about girls and aunties. She asked me how I got satisfied. I told her I watched porn videos on some website and masturbated.

One night, she was asking me how will I start my sex life after marriage? I started to explain my dream sex. I told my married neighbour how I would start with kissing, hugging each other, pressing boobs, undressing, licking whole body, fingering pussy and finally inserting my rod in the girl’s pussy. Hearing all these aroused her.

All of a sudden, I told her that I wanted to have sex with her! She told me it was impossible as she is married and we can’t meet anywhere.

But day by day, our lust for each other increased and somehow she fell in love with me. I was desperate for her. We started having phone sex. We used to make video calls and show our nude bodies and masturbate watching each other naked.

Once, my married neighbour was going to relative’s place for some function. She forced me to meet her outside her city.

She came in an inter-city bus and I went in my car. She came to my car and I drove with her to some far place and parked in a place where there was no vehicles and people.

We then quickly moved to the back seat and was silent for a while. She was tensed and shy too. It was the first time we met like this.

I held her hands, I realized my married neighbour girl was shivering. She didn’t even look in my eyes.

Slowly, I took her face in my hands and then our eyes met. I could see a pure love and lust in her eyes.

I planted a kiss on her forehead. She closed her eyes and her breaths started rising. I went on and kissed on her eyes, then on her nose, then on her cheeks and then on her chin.

Finally, I placed my lips on her lips. It was my first kiss with a girl. I didn’t know what to do, I put my lips on her lips. Then she opened her mouth and started to chew my lower lip. I started to chew her upper lip.

I was breathing heavily due to the excitement as it was my first time. My dick was leaking with precum.

After a few minutes, we opened our eyes and saw each other. Again, I leaned forward and started sucking her lips. She closed her eyes and we were in cloud 9. I cannot not explain how I felt at that time. I was in heaven.

Then I kept my hands on my married neighbour’s boobs and pressed over her dress. They felt smooth as rubber balls. It was the first time that I was pressing a girl’s boobs. Then I kissed on her neck and and licked her cleavage. Nothing more happened that day as she was on periods.

I dropped her at the nearby bus stop and I left to home.

After some days, we decided to have sex in my house when nobody else would be present in my house. So, as decided, she came to my house with her son.

The real story of sex starts here.

Feedbacks are expected from readers especially from females.

In the next part, I will tell you how we had sex for the first time. Waiting for your replies.

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