Wonderful Experience With A Reader In Chennai

Hi. This is Ram from Chennai. I am going to narrate another experience of mine. Those who haven’t read my previous story, please read it here – ‘Unbelievable Experience In The Theater’.

I got many emails regarding the story. Some were reviews and some wanted to have a foursome with my friend Kaviya and myself. Some messaged me that liked the way it happened and they also wanted to try it out. Unfortunately, some were not in Chennai.

There were two readers who had mailed from Chennai who wanted to experience it. One had to leave for her native for Christmas and New Year holidays. The other one was in touch with me through email. Her name is Bharathi. She is a doctor. Then we shifted our chat to Telegram.

We talked about ourselves, our interests, fantasies. She told that she wanted to experience this thrill as her boyfriend if not interested in PDA and making out in public. She had told that she likes wearing jeans. I told her if you wear a jean then it would be a little difficult for me to access.

She said first let’s meet in a coffee shop. We have to like each other first to proceed. That I agreed with her. We had planned to meet in a coffee shop in Nungambakkam. I went there and was waiting for her. As I had seen her earlier in pictures that she has shared, I was easy to identify her.

We greeted each other. She had come in a kurti and leggings. As she wasn’t in her favorite jeans, I knew that she wants to move forward and experience some fun. I looked at her from top to bottom and smiled. She understood why I smiled. As she was a little afraid of meeting in public, she was a bit tensed.

After a while, she asked me whether we can leave. She doesn’t want to get spotted by someone. Then we went out and started from there on my bike. She had sat on both sides. We were talking and riding. As she couldn’t hear properly she came forward and her boobs pressed my back.

It was a nice feeling. I was silent for a while. I adjusted the rearview mirror to see her. Seeing me enjoying the touch made her smile and she went back a little. I pulled her hand and she smilingly leaned on my back. I asked her shall we go to the beach and spend some time talking.

She told, “It’s hot today. Let’s watch a movie,” and then smiled. I was confident that she was willing to take this forward. I rode the bike to my favorite theater. She was a bit worried looking at the theater. I assured her not to judge by the outer look. I had anticipated this and had booked the corner tickets.

I showed the booking and got the tickets. She asked me when I booked the tickets. I told her that I had anticipated this and booked yesterday itself. There were many couples like us. Seeing them she was a bit relieved that it is not a shady theater. Once we were let in, we went inside.

On seeing the interiors and seats, she was happy. I led her to the seats. It was at the backmost row and corner seats. As I reached the last row, I asked her to go inside. She shyly smiled and went inside. I looked at her ass and was following. We took the seats and were talking generally.

I took her hands in mine and she stopped talking. I asked her what happened. She said nothing and then we killed time talking. Then the newsreel was put and when it ended, I looked at her. She was tensed and curious. I told her to relax and took her hand and kissed.

She told me that the lights are on. I was happy that she was ready for the adventure. The lights were switched off and I was happy that there was no one in the next three rows. She was sitting in the corner and I was sitting to her right. I slowly took the left hand and put in on her shoulder.

I pulled her closer to me. I held her right hand with my right hand. I could feel her heart beating and her a bit tensed. I told her to relax and told her that I will respect her wishes. If she ever wanted to stop, just let me know and we shall stop. She was happy and she rested on my shoulders.

I didn’t want to rush and we watched the movie for a while. I lowered my left hand from her shoulder to her back and tried to insert between her body and hand. When I kept my hand there she slowly raised her hand to give me access. That was a clear indication that she was willing to go forward.

I slowly inserted my hand and I could feel her bra. I moved forward and cupped her left breast slowly. She pressed her head on my shoulder. I was slowly pressing her left boobs. It was soft and it was a wonderful feeling. She pressed my right hand tightly whenever I pressed her boobs.

I took my right hand and pressed her right boobs. I was now caressing both her boobs. Her kurtha had buttons in the front. I took my right hand I went to unbutton her top. Out of nowhere, her hand came to stop me. I told her that I want to feel her naked boobs. She told me after some time.

I continued pressing her boobs with my left hand and I place my right hand on her thighs. I slowly crept my hands inside the kurti and placed on her things above the leggings. I was feeling her inner things and when I went up she closed her legs and prevented access.

I had come to know that whenever I press her boobs, her excitement increases and she loosens herself. So I decided to press her boobs. When she loosens herself, I will slowly proceed towards her honey pot. Slowly and slowly I progressed and I reached and touched her pussy from above.

She was excited and spread her legs. I used this chance to cup her pussy. She was twitching and when she turned towards me I kissed her. She also responded well. It was all going nice, cupping her boobs, rubbing her pussy over the leggings and kissing her all at the same time.

As she was new to this, I could feel her getting very excited. I could sense that she was on the verge of climax. I increased the rubbing and her body shuddered and she rested on my shoulder. I took both the hands to hug her to give her some rest and to enjoy the feeling that she just had.

She put her arms around me and hugged. One hand of her was around the back and another on my stomach. I took her hand that was on my stomach and kept it on my thighs. She was slowly rubbing my thighs. I took her hand and kept it on my erect dick.

She withdrew her hand immediately and then slowly kept on my big dick again. Slowly she started to feel my dick and was stroking it over my pant. She freed herself to drink some water. I used that instance and lowered my zipper and freed my member by taking it out.

After drinking water she again came to the previous position of hugging behind the back with her right hand. She kept her left hand on my thighs and progressed upwards. When she came in touch with my dick, she looked me up and then looked down to see my erect dick.

Then she pinched me on my love handles. I kissed her and using my hand made her grip my dick. She understood and was feeling it. She felt my balls too. She pulled the foreskin back and felt the head and wiped the precum over my head. She then lowered her hand and caught the stem and started stroking.

I used my left hand which was hugging her to cup her breast again. She was stroking me. She then told me to inform her before I cum and not to make the place dirty. I have kept a tissue handy. I then lowered my left hand and was caressing her butt. Her ass was soft and fluffy.

I was alternating between her boobs and ass. I was on the verge of cumming and then held the tissue on my dick. She took the tissue in one hand and kept on stroking. I was pressing her boobs hard and she knew that I was gonna cum and she started stroking me hard. I had cummed hard.

She asked for another tissue and cleaned my dick. I came to my normal position and adjusted my pants. We then again went to hugging and we watched the movie. And after a few minutes, it was the interval. We both went to the respective restrooms and came back with a drink.

While coming back I was looking around to see if anyone was looking weirdly at us. There were none. We took the seats, had our drink and the movie started again. I kept the drinks aside and hugged her and kissed her. She had drinks in her mouth, which I took while kissing. She also kept the drinks aside.

Now she was a bit bold and took the lead and caught my dick and was pressing it. I slowly got my erection. I kept my hands on her things. She caught my flow and spread her legs to give access. I was inching up and kept my hand on my stomach and was caressing there.

She slowly lifted herself and lifted the kurti so that I can have easy access. With my left arm around her and my right arm on her stomach, I slowly raised her kurti. She was shy and rested on my shoulder. I raised it above her kurti and was caressing both boobs over her bra.

She was enjoying a lot. I then released my catching and she looked at me puzzled. I stood up and sat in between her legs and kissed her stomach. I kept on kissing and progressed up and kissed her boobs over her bra. I inserted my finger under the strap and lifted it up and released both her caged boobs.

She was afraid and was seeing around to see if anybody was looking at us. She was a bit relieved as there wasn’t anyone near three rows. I kissed her boobs and flicked her erect nipples with my tongue. I then sucked her breasts one after another like a kid who drinks milk.

She put her hand on my back and pulled me tightly while sucking her boobs.
I was alternating sucking and pressing her boobs. I then came down kissing and kissed on her legging over her pussy. She pulled my head so as to indicate to kiss again.

I kept both my hand on the side and caught her leggings and started lowering down. I lifted her a bit and she caught the drift and slowly rose a little. At that instant, I lowered the leggings along with panty below her thighs. I started kissing her from her knees and up in her things.

As I was progressing upwards she closed her legs. I then kissed her mound and with my hand widened her legs. I pulled her forward and she sat on the edge of the seat and spread her legs. I began to kiss the honey pot. It was dripping wet. I licked from the bottom to up in a few successions.

I spread her pussy lips and inserted my tongue inside and at the same time, I used my fingers and was caressing her clit. I then came and licked the clit with the tip of my tongue and inserted my finger inside the glory hole and was fingering her. I alternated between this and will caress her boobs now and then.

She was twitching on her seat like a fish out of water. Her hand that was on my head playing with my hands pulled me tightly and she gripped my head with her thighs. I understood that she was gonna cum. I increased the speed of my fingering and she came in a while.

When she cum she rose her hip a little and then she dropped back on the seat. I licked and cleaned the cum and made her pussy clean and then got back to my seat. She hugged me and kissed me and told that though she had masturbated a lot, this was her best climax.

She told me that I have to take care of you now. I thought she was gonna give me a blowjob, but she freed my dick and started stroking me. I told her that I thought she was gonna give me a ‘head’. She understood a little late and told me she doesn’t like it.

I told her, “If you haven’t tried it how you will know you don’t like it?” She told it’s something in her mind. I didn’t force her and told, “It’s ok your wish. As I told you earlier I wont force you.” She smiled and kissed me and thanked me for understanding.

Then she did the unexpected. She rose from her seat and sat on my thighs. Her naked ass rested on my ass. It was a sight to see her. Her top rose above her boobs and he lowers below her knees. I kissed her back. She told me that she will help me cum but I shouldn’t insert my dick.

I said, “It’s ok,” and let her take the lead. She moved her ass over my dick and it was like getting a lap dance. She then rose, caught my dick and kept between her thighs. It was close to her pussy and was touching it only through the side of the shaft. She closed her legs and sat.

It was like gripping the dick with a hand but she was gripping it with her thighs. It was like she was fucking me sitting on my thighs. But actually, it was fucking between her thighs. I was feeling her ass and her boobs. After a while, I felt like I was gonna cum and caught both her ass and pushed her up.

She understood and sat on her chair and I discharged in the tissues that I had in handy. With her shoulder and legs rested, she raised her hips and pulled her panty and then her leggings. She sat down and then adjusted her bra and pulled her kurti down correcting herself. I asked her if she wants to do the honors.

She caught my dick and put it inside my brief and the zipped me. We then got back to drinking the drinks that we had kept and talked a while. She told me that she like that I didn’t force her to do anything that she didn’t like. She also told that she wants to continue meeting me but that too only when she wishes.

She said she will be in touch in Telegram. After the movie, I dropped her near a mall as she didn’t want to reveal where she stayed. I understood that she needs privacy and I totally respected that.

I came back home and was surprised to see a message in Telegram from the other girl who had gone to her native. I will post about that in another story.

Thank you for your patience and for reading the story. Please send your feedback to [email protected] You can contact me on Telegram. https://t.me/ram_chennai. I am a guy who likes to share experiences and wants to know about others as well.

I will be really happy if this story gives me some new friends. Waiting for your responses via email. I request you to also like and comment on the same page as well. There are few more extraordinary experiences that I want to share. But I will publish them once I get feedback on this story.

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