With a American Lady

Hi guys this Kumar again with another experience with an American lady. Let me tell you about her. She was white American lady named Robin(name changed), age 42 with slim height 5.5. She is 30c 28 and 32. Overall she is in good shape.
After coming back from India in 2018, I never visited again in 2019 and everybody knows 2020 was completely locked down and there are travel restrictions till now. I was sex starved from 2019 and trying out my luck but never found anyone.
While browsing the net I found a site named SLS and people here are like minded and we can share our images, and details. Once we are comfortable, we can meet and talk and proceed further. From mid-2020 I was browsing and talking to different people, and I was never comfortable with all of them.
People here look only for pure sex and Americans look only for American guys or Black bulls and they don’t talk much with brown people. So, I talked to many people but some of them were not real. After spending a lot of time When I texted Robin, she gave me a reply after an hour or so.
We discussed her lifestyle, and she was a nurse. She was interested in meeting single guys or any couple. This is all happening with her husband. If they find a couple online, they will go as a couple or any single guy she will come with. We talked for a while and decided to meet on a long weekend in July 2020 for dinner.
It was 45 mins journey from my place. We met at a Steakhouse restaurant near her house. She came with her husband because of her safety. We had dinner together and we made jokes on each of for some time. She maintained her body very well. She asked me if I was ready, and I told yes.
Robin: Where do you want to go? Are you comfortable coming to our home or do you prefer a motel?
Me: I said anything is fine for me.
Her husband interrupted and told us that kids are in the home.
Robin: Oh yeah, this time we can’t go home today.
Her husband paid the bill for food, and we walked out to the parking lot. He started smoking and searching for a nearby motel. Robin came me asking I am comfortable or feeling any nervous, I said I am good then she kissed me in the parking lot(it is very common to kiss someone here in US).
Her husband found a nearby Motel 6 and we went in our cars, after reaching there he dropped Robin and left from there. We went in and booked a room in the smoking zone, since she asked if I wanted to smoke. She bought a tequila bottle with her. After entering the room, she just kept her things aside and started kissing me. I was shocked, I didn’t even remove my shoes.
Robin: I am not shy; I like to do sex more and more.
Me: I was kissing an American lady for the first time.
Robin: Stop talking and enjoy my touch.
She is kissing me so wild, and her hands are in my hair. She is smelling so good; I was pressing her ass. I removed her tied hair while kissing. She stopped a bit and asked if I needed a drink and I said no. She had a glass of tequila and meanwhile I removed my shoe and jeans. Now I am in shorts, she is in her top and short jeans.
I was sitting on the bed and looking at her, she came to me and started kissing again. While kissing I removed her top and pressed her boobs over bra. She allowed me to remove her bra as well and I came down and started sucking her left boob and pressing her right boob, she is asking me to suck it fast.
Slowly I went down and licked her navel and removed her short jeans. She was only on her inner, I was rubbing her pussy over inner and kissing her thighs. I am creating a tension in her, she was already oozing her pre cum and I can see that on her panty.
I removed all my clothes myself and became naked Infront her, and she was surprised after seeing my dick, mine is an uncut dick and she said it was her first time with an uncut dick and again I started kissing and rubbing her pussy with my cock over her panty.
I went down and removed her panty and started licking her pussy. The feeling was amazing licking an American lady and she was begging me to do more. Within 10 mins of licking her pussy she came into my mouth. She came to me and kissed me and took my cock in her hand.
She slowly started sucking my dick, seriously believe me she was Pro in sucking the cock. Even Nandini, my girlfriend, never sucked like that. She was sucking very intensively and in between keeping my balls inside her mouth.
I had a long gap for sex and so I was very excited and came very soon in her mouth. I slowly removed my dick from her mouth, and we started kissing again, I was pressing her boobs. I started finger fucking her pussy and licking same time. She was moaning very loudly this time.
I increased the speed of my fingers and she was not able to control, and her muscles became tight, and she came again. It was her second time in a short span, meaning my dick was hard again. Now I was ready for the show.
I went up and kissed her lips and neck and rubbed my 6-inch dick on her pussy.
Robin: Please fuck me, enough of teasing me.
I didn’t care her words and kissing all her body, she started requesting me to fuck. I quickly kept a condom on my dick and started slowly inserting into her pussy, my dick is going very smooth into her. I was kissing her and fucking her slowly.
I gradually increased the speed, and she started the moan loudly and asking me fuck me ahhh haaa please do it faster. I fucked her in that position for 10mins and she came top of me OMG she was riding like a horse.
My dick went deep inside her, there was a sound in the room thap thap thap, she was doing it very fast. She was kissing me in between. She got up again after 10 mins and moved into a doggy position. Believe me guys, I have never seen any women like her, she was having very very high sex drive.
I started fucking her very fast and slapping her white ass. I made her white ass into red. She was asking me to do it more. I increased fast in 3 minutes. She came again but I was not done. She asked me if I wanted to smoke, and we rested for some time.
She was smoking and I was seeing her, we both were naked in the room. We were so silent. I am still in bed, she went to wash her mouth and I followed her while she was washing her mouth. I lifted her right leg and started inserting my dick into her ass without a condom.
I took off my condom when she was smoking. Her ass was tight and not easily going into her. It is painful for me as well. I took some time to insert and started screaming very loudly. I took all her hair in my hand and started stroking her ass and increasing the fast.
She was telling me fuck me bastard, fuck me hard in 2 mins I brought her to bed fucking her in same position. This time I was unable to control, and I came straight into her ass in 10 mins. Her ass was completely soaked with my cum.
I turned her and started to lick her pussy again and fingered her. This time I kept 2 fingers and did it fast like an express train, she came for the 3rd time. We rested for some time and continued in various positions till 2 am that night, we slept naked in a spooning position.
While morning when we got up and she is getting ready, I asked I need more round, I taught she won’t agree but she removed all her dress and came to me, I told her I had a fantasy to fuck a woman in shower. She got up and went inside while going she told me to come within 5 mins honey. That’s it we repeated all the movie again for 1 hr in the shower and we left.
That was the first experience with her and after 15 days we met again and this time her husband joined as well. Since I don’t have Desi women to fuck here so I continued sexually relation with her. We still talk and meet sometimes. I fucked her in my car and in her home and all my fantasies come true because of her.

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