Much needed sex with white guy from a dating app

Hello friends, this is Nisha again with another story. I will narrate an experience that took place many years back when I was working and had used a dating app.

I was on a short trip to the US for 3 months from the company. It’s almost 5 months since I didn’t have sex. I heard about dating apps there.

I thought, “Let’s go for dating. Anyways, no one will know about this. If I get lucky, I can taste some white cock. I shared this idea with Ritu over the phone. She said, “Go ahead, bitch. Make use of company trip. I didn’t know what you were doing all these days. You wasted 2 months.”

On the same night, I created my Tinder profile and Ok cupid (2 dating apps). In my profile, I mentioned casual dating. I uploaded a couple of sexy pics. I explored a few profiles and liked some. I slept for the day. When I got up in the morning. I found 4 matches.

I finalized one and started chatting. He was a decent guy. His name is Manuel. He is a relationship manager at a bank. He is 6feet and well built and has a nice body. We agreed to meet that night for dinner after office hours. He picked me up from my office and took me to a decent restaurant.

As soon as I saw him, I feel like kissing him. He was sexy, well dressed, neatly combed. OMG, he was looking to me as a macho guy. We had dinner that day and quite a good conversation. He was not showing any desperation. I just controlled my urge of jumping on him and pulling out his cock and play with it.

He dropped me back home. Our conversation went well for few more days, and he took me to a baseball game that weekend. There he introduced me to his cousins. I felt I instantly connected to him. If I were allowed to settle down there, I would have married him.

After a few days, he asked me if I can join him for a short trip over the weekend. I readily agreed. I was hoping if he can take some advantage of me. I packed a few sexy short dresses, a couple of lingerie, and two pairs of nice bikini. He came to pick me up from my place on Saturday morning.

We went to his uncle’s ranch. His few cousins were already there before. We dressed up and went to the nearby beach. All girls were wearing a bikini. So I didn’t hesitate to do so. I wore a yellow bikini. It was just covering half of my butts. And the bra also barely covering my nipples. I had to adjust to cover it.

We all went to the beach and got into the water, and played for a while. After some time few girls took off their bra, and I was shocked. And some went slept next to their boy and started kissing them. It was quite steamy there. Manuel and I left them and went for a quick walk.

Me: Your cousins getting cozy with their partners.

Manuel: Yes, my younger sister is very bold.

Me: I can see it. She might be just 20, correct?

Manuel: 19, and now Nick is her 3rd boyfriend.

Me: OMG!

Manuel: Don’t worry, she is a smart ass too. She knows what she is doing.

We just continued walking. After some time, I touched his hand and took it in my hand. He just wrapped me in his arms. By then, I already arose. We just looked at each other. I moved forward to kiss him. He responded soon. We kissed on the beach for almost a minute. I pushed him and started running.

He followed me and jumped on me and pushed me to water. We both were wet. I came out lied down on the sand. He also came and slept next to me. I just went on him. And sat on his cock. I started kissing him passionately. His semi-erect dick was between my ass crack with my panty.

I just moved my ass to rub his cock. I was feeling good after a few minutes. He flipped me and started kissing my neck and pressing my boobs. OMG, I felt so good. He was about to unhook my bra. His cousins shouted at him. We had to stop and go back. I was so tempted to eat his cock.

I was scolding his cousins in mind only and went back. After some time, we went back to the ranch home. We took a shower. I knew I can get his cock tonight. So I wore sexy lingerie. I wore a red push-up bra and red lacy panty, which easily struck withy ass crack.

I wore black shorts and a pink sleeveless t-shirt. And my cleavage is a little visible too. I was looking sexy in that dress. When I came downstairs, Manuel took me to the corner and kissed me, and said, “Nisha, you are looking a bomb, and I feel like fucking you.”

Me: I’m waiting for it too. Let the night go.

Manuel: I can’t wait, Nisha. Looking at you in this dress, I can’t resist.

I slowly crept my hands inside his shorts and touched his cock.

Me: You got a boner, too.

Manuel: What to do? You are so sexy.

We were getting cozy. But his cousins disturbed again. After some time, we finished lunch and sat for a campfire. We had a beer. Initially, I was sitting next to one of his sisters. I took some courage and went to take one more beer and then went straight to him and sat on his lap. He covered me with his blanket.

It was such a good feeling. I kept my beer to the side and slipped my hand inside the blanket and inside Manuel’s shorts. I started playing with hidden cock. It felt really hard. I started moving it to and fro. I slowly slipped my hands down to his balls.

I was giving it rhythmically. He was also enjoying it. After some time, I signaled him. We both left the campfire and went to sleep. His cousins understood what we are up to.

I just walked first. I was waiting for him behind the main door. As soon as he entered the house. I jumped on him and started kissing him. I was so hungry for cock. I just pulled off his cock and went down and started sucking it. Oh, his cock was so huge it was really a mouth full.

He was pushing my head to take his cock deeper. I was almost feeling his cock in my throat. It was such a nice feeling. He then lifted me and took me to the room. He threw me on the bed started spanking me. It was nice pain. I was moaning with pain.

He hugged me from back with my legs open. His erect cock was almost pushing my shorts into my ass. He pushed me to the bed and started kissing my neck and ears. He whispered in my ears.

Manuel: Hi Nisha, you sexy bitch. I want to eat you fucking ass and pussy. I want to drink your cum.

Me: I am all yours Manuel, make me cum hard.

Hearing this, he got excited. He turned me and went down to eat pussy. He took off my shorts. In my red panty, which was semi-transparent and barely covering my pussy and small lace going through my ass crack, was almost stick to the ass. He just pushed my panty aside and started eating it. I was moaning like hell.

Me: Oh, Manuel, eat my pussy. Hmmm, eat it. Oh. Please eat the whole fucking pussy.

I pushed his head towards my pussy. He was so good at arousing me. He insisted on his tongue inside my pussy and almost touched my g-spot. Fuck, I was almost shocked for a bit. His tongue was driving me crazy. He was also kissing my inner thigh.

After some time, I felt like cumming. He tasted it a bit. Later it was my turn to make him cum. I came on top of him in a cowgirl position. I guided his hard erect dick into my pussy. I slowly sat in it. I felt his dick inside my tummy. He has a monster dick.

I slowly took off my t-shirt, giving him a glimpse of my boobs. I then unhooked my bra. I started jumping to give him a stroke for his dick. It was such a wonderful feeling. My boobs were jumping in the air and giving him full visibility.

He enjoyed the view and took my boobs in his hand. We were in that position for few minutes. He has excellent stamina. Then he switched me to a doggy style. He tried to push his dick into my ass. I jumped out of pain. I told him I never had anal. He just inserted it in my pussy.

After a few strokes, he, too cummed on my ass. We went and cleaned ourselves, and we slept, hugging each other. I easily went inside his arms. He was really gentle and giving me tickles now and then. He also moves his hands all over my back and butt. He occasionally gave gentle spanks on my ass.

In no time, we slept. I woke up at midnight. Since our bed is close to the window, I can see outside. I saw one of Manuel’s cousins. Having sex near a campfire with his girlfriend. They were trying doggy style. It arose me more. I quietly watched them.

OMG, they were trying different positions. When the boy about to cum, she started giving the home a blowjob. In no time, he cummed. She took it on her boobs and tasting a little bit. Looking at that action, I was so aroused. I hugged Manuel and, holding his cock, and slept.

The next day morning, I woke up. I still needed sex. I was roaming naked in the room. Manuel woke up. He saw my bumping butts and boobs. I walked into showers. He also joined me. We had a hot spicy shower. He applied shower gel all over my body. He then hugged me from behind and started fingering me.

OMG that was such a wonderful feeling. I then went down to suck his cock. I was taking his cock deep inside my mouth. In some time, he splashed his cum on my face and on my boobs. It was an amazing feeling. I felt like I m living my dreams. We finished the shower and dressed up, and went downstairs.

That day we went for short trekking and drove back to my place. While dropping me off, he kissed me and said, “Nisha, that was great sex I had.”

Me: For me also, it was the best sex to date. I hope it will change next week. (I winked. He understood I am inviting him for sex next week).

He smiled. I left the car. He also left. After that, I called Ritu and explained what happened in detail. She said, “You fucking bitch, you won a jackpot. Enjoy every moment you stay there.”

After that, we had sex a few more times. Once, we had in his car after a Friday night party. That was the most sensual and erotic sex I had. I will talk about that in the next stories. You can give feedback about my dating app sexperience on [email protected]

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