Wild Sex With A Big Boobed Chubby Girl

Hey there guys, it has been a while since I wrote any stories. I lost touch for a while but I am back now. If you haven’t read my previous stories, check them out here.

I and my ex-girlfriend have been fucking regularly since the events of my last story and never let go of a chance to fuck and enjoy ourselves to the fullest. She can’t get enough of my dick and liked my dominant behavior. But, as for me, I wanted to try having sex with someone other than her and I started connecting with some more girls.

Two of them showed quite a bit of interest in me and one of them was this amazing girl with huge boobs. She had humongous boobs and an ass to die for. She was a year older than me, chubby (just the way I like them), and was cute as hell. Let’s call her ‘Jyoti’.

Things started slowly. We were flirting, talking, and getting close to each other. We eventually started exchanging pics, nudes, and we were sexting a lot. I got to say that Jyoti had some really nice, sexy features, boobs, and ass that didn’t even fit in my hands, but heavenly to play with.

We did keep sexting for a while but she always used to keep saying, “We are never going to have sex, no sex, nope nope nope.” I was fine with that because foreplay has its own perks and fun. We used to keep discussing what all things we will do if we did get our hands on each other somehow.

One fine day, my libido reached its peak and I just needed to fuck. My ex-girlfriend wasn’t free so I called up Jyoti. She agreed to come over but reminded me again that we weren’t going to have sex. In the back of my head, I was like, “Yeah right, we will see.”

I had a box of condoms with me so that was set. (Always use protection, people).

Jyoti reached home. I welcomed her with a smile. She was an amazing girl with a beautiful smile and she was looking hot as fuck that day. She was dressed up like crazy and man, I couldn’t wait to get those clothes off her!

At first, we were just sitting and talking about normal stuff, stuff related to college. We were just talking about how our life was going on.

Soon, I started getting closer to her. I placed my hand on her thighs and kept rubbing it slowly while we were talking. I could tell that she was enjoying it just by the expressions she was making. Girls look so hot when they bite their lips and would make any guy hard. Jyoti was also doing the same unknowingly.

Then I started leaning in a bit and I could tell that she was expecting a kiss as well. And that was what I gave her – a slow, passionate kiss. A really slow and long kiss with a lot of tongue involved.

She started shaking her legs like she wanted more. So I slowly started rubbing her huge boobs over her top and she let out a moan and tilted her head back when I did that.

We slowly started kissing faster and harder, slipping in our tongues whenever we could and we were moving our hands all over each other’s body. Not surprisingly enough, Jyothi asked me if I had any condoms. Surely, I did and we started taking our clothes off!

Soon, I was in my inners and so was she. From the dark blue sexy lingerie she was wearing, anyone could tell that she came prepared to have some sex!

I started kissing her neck and her ears, slowly biting and sucking on them, and playing with her pussy over her panties. She was wet as hell. I could feel it over her panties. She was dripping wet.

I took her bra and panties off and started pinching her nipples. I then went down on her.

As she was already wet down there, I just slipped my tongue into her pussy with ease. She was wailing her legs and grabbed the bed really hard. Jyoti was really sensitive there and she was enjoying a lot from the looks of it. In no time, she let out a loud moan and had a strong orgasm, all over my face!

I cleaned my face with her bra, put on a condom, and started pushing my dick into the big-boobed Indian beauty. I did not want her to rest. She was so wet that my cock just slipped in.

Once my whole dick was in her, Jyoti moaned out loud. She wrapped her legs around me and put her hands around my back. I took this as a “keep going” signal and started humping her harder and faster. That wet pussy was really well-lubed because of the orgasm she had and it made it much more pleasurable.

I started sucking on her big boobs while fucking her. I was also spanking her ass, nice and hard and slapping her at times, and asking her who her daddy was. (I am a dom if you didn’t know by now and she was fine with it).

Then I lifted her legs and started fucking her deeper and harder while slapping her tits which were jumping like crazy. Jyoti started sucking on my fingers like a real slut. It felt really amazing.

A few minutes later, Jyoti got on all fours, looking behind with lust in her eyes and waiting for me to start fucking her in doggy. Her pussy juices were all over my dick and were dripping down from her pussy on her thighs.

I then lied her down on her back and started humping her deeper, giving longer and stronger strokes. After a few minutes, she wrapped her legs way more strongly around me and had an intense strong orgasm. She squirted all over my dick and the bed and fell flat on the bed, panting and tired.

Jyoti tried making me sit on her huge breasts and sucking me off but I was nowhere close to ejaculating. So, she gave up and we tried fucking again but she was a waterfall down there and was leaking like crazy. So we stopped our session after this one time.

We cuddled and rested on the sofa. (I had to dry the bedsheet and mattress later! :P)

Jyoti left a few hours later and she asked me to call her again sometime. I was pretty sure she enjoyed her time with me.

If you guys enjoyed reading about my experience, then do let me know at [email protected]

Thanks for reading, everyone.

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