Sex With Ex-Girlfriend Nisha In Oyo Room

Hai everyone, Vijay here. I am an average-looking guy with 5’10” height, working as a software engineer in Bengaluru.

The heroine of this story is Nisha. She is perfect and has good looks. She is a medical student, and we were in a relationship when we were in college. Our relationship lasted for only five months, and we had pretty good physical moments but never had sex.

Back then, we used to hang out in her home in the name of combined study and we used to make out when her mom was at other work. And later with some misunderstanding, we got broke up.

Nisha got into a relationship with another guy, but he was far away from her. And things were not working out well. They often had fights and the physical connection was not there as they were in a long-distance relationship.

Even after our break-up, we used to talk usually whenever we got time and at that time, she was telling all her relationship complications.

Then, after four years in 2020 end, my ex-girlfriend told me that they broke up and she was depressed. I used to meet her and talk to her to make her feel better.

So, we were once talking about our relationship days and remembering our memories. We both were missing that physical feeling. So we both talked about that and thought about making out to relive those good times.

We were a little slow as she was still in depression and I didn’t want to make her feel bad. So we used to meet, talk, call and sometimes do sex chat. We used to go to the movies, but I knew my ex-girlfriend was not ready. So I didn’t make any move until she was doing fine.

Then, one day, we went to a movie. I booked recliner seats and that too, the corner seats.

There we were, both sitting very closely and hugging each other and watching the movie. Then there was a kissing scene in that movie. I was aroused and looked into her eyes. She just turned toward me and gave a small smile which indicated a green signal.

Slowly, I went to her face and held her face with my hands, and started kissing her. My ex-gf was getting horny and she was giving soft, loud moans. I was scared about the place because she was moaning loudly. Then I stopped and told her that we can go to some other place and decided on an Oyo. And we left from there.

Then we quickly searched for an Oyo and to our luck, it was just 300 m away. We didn’t have lunch so we decided to take some food and check-in.

We ordered food at Dominoes. I told her to collect it. While the food was getting ready, I went to a nearby pharmacy and got chocolate flavor condoms as my ex-girlfriend loves chocolate.

Then we both went to the Oyo room, checked in, and kept that food aside. I started kissing her again. I pushed her on the bed and slept beside her, and kissed her lips. And I told her to moan however she felt. I always wanted her to feel free without any insecurity.

Then I smooched her lips. Slowly, I came down and kissed her neck and my ex-lover girl started moaning loudly. Nisha was wearing a top with leggings and I started lifting her top and kissing her until the top reached her neck.

Then I went down to her boobs and she removed her top. I was kissing her boobs over the bra and she started removing it too. I stopped and said, “Let me enjoy your sweat taste” and I made that bra wet with my sucking. Then I removed my ex-girlfriend’s bra.

Nisha’s boobs were perfect in shape and fitted in my hands. I was pressing one boob and sucking the other one. She pushed my head to suck more. I gave a love bite on her breast. It turned red. Suddenly, she came on me like taking revenge and pushed me on the bed and jumped on me.

I was wearing a t-shirt she just got it out in one pull. And with one strong bite, my ex-girlfriend made my chest go red. Those teeth marks were so visible. I just shouted in pain, and she was like, “Did it hurt?” and started sucking with her tongue on that bite.

I slowly pulled her pants down and removed it. Her panties were already wet. I just pulled out that too. It was shaved and clean.

Without wasting time, I went and started licking that precummed pussy. I cleaned it with my mouth and started fucking my ex-girlfriend’s pussy with my tongue. Nisha was pushing my head and she got an orgasm after some time.

Now it was her turn to make me happy. She made me sleep and came above me. She kept her vagina on my face and then she bent and took the penis in her mouth. She was sucking, but she couldn’t make me cum. I was cleaning her released orgasm juices.

Then I told her to get into action, opened a condom, and gave it to her. She put the condom on me and then she spread her legs wide, inviting me. And you know guys, even with her ex, she didn’t have sex.

I got excited and went near the vagina opening. I was rubbing on her pussy with the tip and it went into her vagina. My ex-girlfriend was in pain. Then she put her legs wrapping me and came close. She gave a signal to try and said, “Don’t worry about my pain. I know it hurts. But fuck me.”

I got some confidence and gave her a strong push and hugged her tightly. She was in tears and I started kissing her. After some time, when her pain reduced, I started stroking up and down. My ex-girlfriend started moaning in pleasure and asking me to go fast.

After some time, we both had orgasms and rested like that. We tried all possible positions and got exhausted.

Then I took our food and she sat between my legs, supporting her back to me, and started enjoying food. She was feeding me too.

After finishing the food, we went to shower and got ready. It was already evening 5.30. It was late for her. So we had to hurry and we went home.

Thank you, guys.

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