Inaya – A Love Story

Inaya is a young Muslim girl from a conservative family in a love story. She falls in love with Pralab, one of her close friend’s cousins, and becomes pregnant with his child. Keen on keeping their baby, Inaya is sure that her parents wouldn’t approve of their relationship.

But Pralab is not too happy with the prospect of a baby on the way. He believes it could be a hindrance to his career. This leads to fissures between the couple. Inaya runs away to stay with her stepmother Bano, a woman who was deemed a disgrace to their family and thrown out.

Bano lives in Uttar Pradesh, and when she sees Inaya, she is overjoyed. Inaya stays there far from her family, from the life she once had. She soon appears to settle into her new one when suddenly Pralab appears.

He is now a famous doctor and during one of his routine visits spots Inaya. Inaya is furious at first when she hears him begging her to allow him to return to her life. But she relents. As he’s a doctor, he decides to take care of her during her maternity period.

Then one day, during a routine checkup, both of them make love. The same happens when Inaya invites him to dinner one day. Then after the baby is delivered, they again have sex, and Pralab vows never to leave her again.

The following is a small part of one of the stories. It’s my first one here. Please feel free to comment with any objections or suggestions while remembering my amateurish style and beginning.

Eyelash fluttering, heart-throbbing, skin trembling, Inaya felt herself losing her senses as Pralab kissed her mouth. His heavy lips on hers were pure bliss. She pushed him away to remove her hijab or headscarf. Then pulled him close again to kiss as she dropped it on the lab’s cold platform.

They were in the Bio lab. Inaya had hurried to tell Pralab the news but seeing his lover, Pralab had dragged her here. Inside the lab, he started to smother her with his kisses and passionate embrace, after which she lost control and gave in.

They could be caught anytime, but they didn’t care. Inaya wanted to remain here forever. With him. Loving him. Fucking him. She hung on to his neck as he made her sit on the slab and locking with his eyes. She proceeded to his jeans.

She heard Pralab gasp in pleasure as she cupped him with her hands, feeling him through the roughness of the jeans. Unzipping him and pulling his underwear aside, she touched him gently on the tip of his hard uncircumcised cock. It was glistening with precum.

She continued to caress him while her lover took shelter by hugging her back and devouring her slender neck. Inaya dropped to her knees and took him in her mouth without hesitation, stopping Pralab in his tracks.

Pralab looked down at her, and she met his gaze as she sucked on his tip. She slowly began to proceed to his balls to massage them. “Don’t stop, girl,” he said. Inaya sure had no intention of doing that. She gagged as Pralab took control of her head and began to penetrate her mouth and bravely enter her throat.

She started and proceeded slowly. First a spit, then brushing her teeth with his dick. She chewed on his foreskin, making Pralab nearly come inside her mouth. Inaya pressed harder into Pralab’s dick and plastered her nose against his abdomen. She gulped down on his full length.

Then she parted and licked his balls, drooling while doing so. She placed both her hands on the side of his thighs. Then rising, she allowed herself to fall on his dick, bucking her head against it and increasing her pace.

“Oh yeah, you fucking mad girl. You sure do know… Aaah. Fuck. You sure know how to suck the life out of me, don’t you?”

Inaya rested her mouth from sucking and replacing with her hands. She replied to him as she continued stroking him, “Well, that’s why you love me, don’t you?”

“If you don’t stop now, I’ll lose control.”

“Who asked for control?” She mischievously told him back. “So, how badly do you want to fuck me?”

That snapped Pralab. He turned Inaya around and began to rub against her dress. Shocked but pleasantly surprised, Inaya gasped as she felt him touch her ass crack.

Pralab got out of his jeans. Inaya stripped herself and boldly removed the kurta from her body, throwing it aside and loosening her leggings. Leaving herself completely exposed with her pants on the ground.

Pralab marveled at her body before he placed himself behind and tried to enter her. Seemingly tight, he moistened his fingers and rubbed them on her to ease the intrusion.

“What’s taking so long?”

“Wait, girl, you are really tight.”

“Doesn’t matter. I need you right now.”

“Ok, you hungry, baby.”

Inaya clenched her fists in anticipation and sighed as Pralab entered her pussy.


“You ok?”

“I’ll be if you don’t stop.”

Pralab grinned and smacked her cute ass as he began to fuck her. He leaned forward and grabbed her breasts as he thrust harder into her. Not bothered for a condom, both lovers felt their raw flesh against each other and reveled under the newfound pleasure.

The mad lovers’ thrusts echoed all over the empty lab along with their passionate moans of sexual hunger. Pralab, feeling energized, soon rose on his toes. Then hugging Inaya, he came inside her cunt, filling her womb with his seed.

Inaya was rubbing herself and realizing he was at the end. Inaya felt her orgasm reach, and she, too, climaxed with him. She let Pralab hug her till the last waves of his climax eased.

She reached behind to caress his neck as he sought refuge in her perfumed hair. For a minute, they stay like that before Pralab parts away from her with a kiss.

Inaya decides to tell him the news after they’ve settled. About the baby.

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