Back Seat Fun With Friend’s Hot Sister

Hi myself sadster. I am from Kerala.

Arjun and I were childhood friends. We used to be together all the time. We had a pleasant childhood but as we became older, we were separated by life problems.

So, to keep our friendship alive, we decided to go on a trip. Arjun suggested Bangalore as it will be a pleasant ride and also a beautiful place to have fun.

My friend Arjun’s sister Anu was studying there. I didn’t know her that well but I have seen her here and there throughout my life. But I have never noticed her too much.

So, we took a car on rent. And that’s when Arjun told me his sister along with her friend Asha was also coming. Arjun had a crush on Asha for so many years. So I could understand why he was so excited to take this trip.

In the beginning, I was driving and Arjun was sleeping. While reaching Coimbatore, we switched our roles. We stopped at a hotel to have food. That’s when I started noticing my friend’s sister Anu.

Anu was all grown up. She was wearing a jacket, a tight t-shirt, and shorts. I don’t know about you guys, but I love ass! Hers was like a goddess’. Her breast was small but they were round. Anu had a sexy body structure which was amazingly maintained.

After having food, Arjun asked me to go to the back seat and told his sister to come to the front seat as he cannot control his sleepiness if someone was sleeping next to him while driving. But Anu refused and knowing what my friend’s plan was, I suggested Asha to sit on the front seat. Asha agreed.

After some time, I fell asleep. I was deeply into my sleep but I felt something lying on my body. Slowly, I opened my eyes and was surprised to find my friend’s sister Anu lying on my lap! Arjun was flirting with Asha and it seemed to be really working for him as they were holding hands and all.

On the other hand, my dick was thick and hard as a rod due to Anu. But Anu didn’t even know that.

So, I slowly tried to move her but accidentally, I touched her boobs! My friend’s sister suddenly woke up. I said sorry to her. But Anu just smiled and took my hand and placed it on her boobs! Arjun and Asha didn’t even know that we were both awake.

Without wasting the opportunity, I slowly rubbed Anu’s boobs in a circular motion. As her t-shirt was so thin, I could feel her bra and skin. Her nipples were straight as a needle. I played with Anu’s nipples for some time.

Then my friend’s sister took her jacket from her side (she had a removed the jacket inside the car) and covered my hand and her chest.

I put my hands inside her t-shirt and played with her boobs for some time. But I was not satisfied. So, I slowly moved my hands to her shorts’ area.

Anu slowly unbuckled her belt without making any noise. I took my hands to her vagina, it was so sweaty. I could make out her sexy facial expressions. I slowly rubbed my friend’s sister’s pussy like a delicate flower. I could sense that Anu was becoming too horny by that.

Then I pushed her face towards my dick as it was hard for almost an hour now. Anu unzipped me slowly and covered her face with the jacket. Her mouth watered like a sea. My friend’s horny sister slowly licked my dick like a lollipop. She played with my balls for some time. She then kissed my dick and slowly took it inside her mouth.

Anu was not a pro at giving BJs but she knew how to do it. Meanwhile, I started playing with her vagina, slowly inserting my finger into her hole. Even though it was wet, it was still tight. Anu whispered in my ear, “I have never allowed anyone down there before”.

Hearing that, my dick went to a super-hard moment. My dick was about to cum. Anu opened her mouth wide like a whore and I dumped all my load inside her mouth.

It was her first time getting fingered by someone other than herself. So, it took me around 20-25 minutes after cumming myself for her to cum.

After we both were finished, we went back to sleep. Arjun and Asha never realized about any of this.

In the morning around 5.30, we reached Bangalore. While reaching the hostel, we found out that the hostel will only be open after 2 days. So, we all went to a hotel nearby and took two twin-sharing rooms.

Arjun told me that he totally had seduced Asha and he had book another room and will have sex with her there. (I already knew this as we overheard their conversation).

After a few hours, Asha left Anu saying she was visiting her cousin. And Arjun told me she was on the way to the room. I messaged Anu about the situation. She asked me to come to her room after they leave which I did.

My friend’s sister was in a bathrobe. She was looking hot like those girls in porn movies. I realized she was role-playing. I was the plumber in her role-play.

Anu invited me to the bath. As I love role-playing, I went along with the plot. She removed her bathrobe. Her hot body cannot be described in words. Her perfect boobs and her ass were incomprehensible.

Immediately, I went and kissed her lips. Then I took hold of her boobs and turned on the shower. We were soon wet like pigs. I drew my dick out. Anu spread her legs. She told me it won’t fit as it is so thick.

But I pushed it inside anyway. Blood was coming out but I didn’t care. I pulled her up and started fucking her. After a few minutes, my friend’s sister was moaning like anything. It was so loud.

I fucked Anu for about 20 minutes before cumming inside her.

By then, we both were equally drained. After cleaning ourselves, I proceed back to my room. As I came back to the room, I saw Arjun and Asha coming out of their room.

When Arjun came back, he was explaining to me about her. But from his experience, I could conclude Asha was not up to his sister’s standard in sex!


Sex between me and my friend’s sister Anu became a constant thing after that incident. Whenever I visited Bangalore, I used to visit Anu. Even at her home, I had filled her holes with cum.

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