Unexpected Sex With A Muslim Girl In Bangalore

Hello, my dear friends and people. Let me introduce myself. I am Kumar working in Bangalore. I am basically a Tamil guy. I have read and enjoyed many stories in ISS. So I have decided to write a real incident which took place a few months before.

Her name is Jasmine (name changed). In short, I call as “Jas”. She is a Muslim girl. She is working in an IT company and her figure would be 34-32-34 and her height is 5 ft 2 in. I am 6 feet tall.

Since I live in Bangalore, I thought of dating a girl and see where it leads to. So I installed a dating app called ‘Happn’.

I turned on the location on my phone and would travel through Bangalore. On weekends, I usually go for a long solo ride on my bike. So, this dating app use to store my locations and show me the girls I have crossed on my way based on the locations.

One day I got a two-way crush through this app and it was Jasmine. Below is the conversation we had.

Me: Hey!

Jas: Hey Kumar, how are you?

Me: I am good. How is lockdown life? Hope you are safe and healthy.

Jas: I am good too. By the way, I liked your pic and background. Do you like photography?

Me: Yes, I take photos on mobile and that too, only natural sceneries such as mountains, hilltops, etc.

Jas: Which was the place in your photo?

Me: It is a deserted place in Ooty.

Jas: So, were you in Bangalore?

Me: I live in Marathalli. What about you?

Jas: Me too.

Jas: So what are you looking for?

Me: I am a normal guy. So I look to meet new people and have coffee with them. What about you?

Jas: Hmm, that’s good. I am also looking for the same.

Me: So, will you meet me?

Jas: Not really, but let’s see how it goes.

We had normal chats for a couple of days. Somehow, I convinced the Muslim girl and we met for coffee and a smoke.

While smoking, I asked her how do I look and whether she was interested in dating me?” She said, “Yes, I am ready.”

The same day evening, we went Nandi hills which was a short ride from there. I convinced her to have a drink. I took her to my home. I made her comfortable.

She changed her clothes and came out in a sleeveless black dress with normal night shorts. Immediately, I saw the bra strap and made myself calm. She noticed that and said, “Don’t stare at my bra strap.”

Now I offered her a drink and we started drinking. She was a little high after the first round because she said that she was having a drink after a year due to the lockdown.

Meanwhile, I asked her, “Do you want to sleep?”

The drunk girl came closer to me. I held her hip and said, “You have a sexy figure!”

She smiled and said, “Hey, don’t stare at me. I am shy.” I took it as a green signal and planted a kiss on her cheeks. She responded immediately with a lip kiss.

Now we were exchanging saliva. Then I kissed her on her eyes and nose earlobes. Usually, girls love sucking earlobes which I did for quite some time.

After some time, I guided her to my bed and made her sleep. But she pushed me and she came on top of me. Now I was holding her hip and slowly, I inserted my hands inside her top and pressed her boobs which were like soft melons.

Slowly, I removed the muslim girl’s top. She was wearing a white bra. I unhooked it and saw her pink nipples.

Then I rolled over on the bed and got on top of me. I started sucking her nipples and made her so horny. I kissed her armpits too and she removed my clothes.

My 7-inch curvy dick was so hard inside. Jas started to remove my trouser but to her shock, I was not wearing inners. She saw my dick and said, “Wow, what a big dick with a rose head. Your cock is really like that of a white man. So sexy, muah!”

The horny girl started kissing on it and slowly, she sucked it like a lollipop and was playing with my balls. Then she asked me, “Do you have a condom?”

I said, “Yes, of course.”

My date was happy. I slowly went down to see her pussy and slowly removed her panty. While removing, I kissed her foot and then came and started to play with pussy.

Now I asked her, “Can we do 69?” She said, “Yesss..”

We did 69 for a while. Since I was drunk, I did not cum.

I drank the sexy muslim girl’s whole pussy juice and licked her cunt thoroughly. Now I took a condom, wore it, and slowly started to and fro motions on her pussy. After a couple of minutes, I inserted my dick slowly in her and she moaned, “Kumar, your dick feels so good.”

I started fucking the muslim girl hard and was saying, “Jasmine, your body is so cute and you are my bitch now.”

“Yes Kumar, I am your bitch today,” she responded.

We had sex in that position for almost 15 minutes and then shifted to doggy style. She pressed my balls and told me not to release my cum so early.

After some time of fucking with loud moans, I released my cum inside her. She said, “I loved your stamina. You have a great athletic body.”

We had 2 shots and we had sex once again which lasted for 30 minutes.

Now we are still in touch like friends with benefits. We use to have sex regularly but now she is not in touch with me. I am now looking to have sex with someone.

If any girls or aunty (no age bar) like to have sex with me or share your story with me, I am available on telegram: kumardolphin.

Gmail/hangout: [email protected]

Be safe and have a healthy sexual life. If you like my story, please give me a thumbs up. I will get back to you with another real story about how I had sex with an unknown aunty whom I met in a hotel. Sounds interesting let’s wait.

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