Romantic moment with my colleague

Hi All, Sidharth here, sharing one of my favorite experiences. I am 5’5″, athletic build. And a big enough dick to satisfy any woman. I, for one, always feel that performance matters more than size. Happy that I am blessed with both. Thanks to all my ex-girlfriends, FWB and even some of our ISS readers.

The heroine of the story is Sunita. She is 5’4″. South Indian but of Gujju origin. She is very fair, petite and has the sexiest lips I have ever seen. She was a colleague of mine who joined recently when the incident happened.

I knew her through a common friend long back. So we became friends from the first day itself. We used to hang out often during office breaks. I always had a thing for her right from the moment I met her.

I made her feel comfortable, never expressed my intention directly but made sure that she was aware that I had an eye for her. Whenever I see her, all I want is to taste those cherry lips and never let them go.

She had caught me looking at her lips many times when we were talking. But she always brushed it aside with a sweet and naughty smile.

Times passed, and we got closer. Later, I learned that she is already in a relationship with a guy for almost 2 years. For some reason, I didn’t feel disappointed. It made me want her more.

So after a few weeks, our team planned for a company outing to Goa. We were almost 15 people. There were only like 3 girls, including Sunita. We booked three cottages – one for the girls and the other two for the boys.

We were hanging out on the beach last night. It was so cold. I was looking at Sunita as much as possible as she was sitting by my side. She was feeling cold, trying to rub her hands and make herself warm.

I just offered my hand, which is usually warmer. She smiled, and she was rubbing my hand. With every gushing wind, it got colder. She said she wanted to go back to the hotel and grab a coat.

She got up and left. While leaving, my eyes were fixated on her. She turned her head for a second and started walking towards the hotel. I could see her glowing face and those sexy lips in the dark. I could not resist anymore.

I told my friends that I needed to fetch a jacket and left. I followed Sunita. I called out her name. She turned back. She was not surprised but happy that I was there to give her company.

Our cottage was the first in line. So I went inside the room and picked my jacket. Then we went to the girl’s cottage. It was the same as ours, but the clothes and makeup were lying in every corner of the room.

Sunita was searching for her jacket while something took over me. I went very close to her, standing behind her. I was hard seeing this sexy beauty in front of me alone in a hotel.

Suddenly Sunita moved back, and her ass rubbed my dick, sending a jolt in my body. She said sorry and continued searching. She found her jacket finally, and we were about to leave the room.

Sunita: Let’s go.

Me: Do you really want to leave now?

Sunita: It is very cold out there. I would rather stay here.

Me: Same here.

Sunita: Then why did you come for the jacket?

Me: I came for you, not the jacket.

Sunita: (blushing) That’s so sweet of you.

Me: (looking at her lips) Hmm.

Sunita: Why did you always keep on looking at them?

Me: They are so inviting.

Sunita: (blushing) Really?

Me: Yes (pulled her closer and kissed her on the lips)

It felt like heaven. I did that in the heat of the moment. The thought that she was in a relationship with someone else came across my mind, and I stopped. I said sorry and moved away. I got up and left.

I went back to the room and laid down on the bed. The door was open. I was closing my eyes and rewinding that moment. Suddenly I felt an electric jolt. I opened my eyes to see Sunita kissing me. I reciprocated.

I pulled her closer, and she got on top of me. We were kissing like there was no tomorrow. It was very wild and also sensuous. We were exchanging saliva and moaning.

I realized that Sunita had already closed the door. I lifted her. I threw her down on the bed and slid my hand inside her tee. She was wearing a black color tee. My hands were over her bra. I unhooked it in a flash.

I lifted her tee to release her perfectly shaped boobs. They were 32C. Perfect in shape and size. Milky white colored with pink nipples. I was playing with her boobs while she started cupping my dick over my pants. I slowly started sucking those boobs.

Sunita slowly unbuttoned my pants and slid her hands inside my boxers. My dick got even harder. She was slowly giving me a handjob while I sucked her boobs.

I got up on top of her and got hold of both her hands. I asked her to close her eyes while I slowly rubbed my dick on her lips. There was a little precum on my dick which she was licking.

I slowly inserted it a bit deeper and started increasing the pace. My one hand was now sliding inside her panties. I finger fucked her slowly while I was mouth fucking her. She was moaning and gagging, and she was getting wetter and wetter.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door, and we stopped. We quickly dressed up, and I went to open the door. There was a very big surprise at this moment. I will share it in the next story of fucking my sexy colleague.

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