Mumbai Girl And Neighborhood Dada – Part 1

Hi friends, I am a Mou, a girl aged 26, unmarried, living alone in Mumbai. I am bit on the heavier side with ample flesh at the right places.

My body measurements – boobs 36D, 34 waist size and 40 butts. My sexiest part is my ass which is perfectly round. Anyone can get a boner seeing my jiggly butts. I love wearing salwar suits, and my ass shows up really well.

I also love wearing sexy lingerie like lacy bras, various kinds of designer panties, etc. I am also very fond of doing make up and I usually look quite hot once I am all decked up.

I spent my childhood growing up in a hilly town in northeast India and I am a Bengali beauty. I am sure you have a fair idea of how Bengali girls can be and what makes them most attractive.

While I used to stay there, a boy who was a few years elder to me, stayed near my house and I used to call him ‘dada’ (elder brother).

After completing my 12th, I came to Mumbai, completed my graduation and started working in an FMCG company.

Neither me, nor dada were in touch with each other for years. But last year, I got in touch with him on Facebook where we had a general conversation and stuff like that. During this, I learned that he visits Mumbai often for work and stays for a month or more each time during his visit.

Since we knew each other from childhood, there was nothing to be afraid of and I told him to stay at my place next time onwards. That way, both of us will have company.

A few days later, he told me that he was coming to Mumbai and will be here for 2 months for work. I happily agreed to host him. He insisted that we share the household expenses and only if I agree to it, then he will stay. I agreed to it.

He came on a Saturday afternoon and reached my place. I was very happy to meet him after a long time.

We chatted for a long time about old times, after which he freshened up and we went out and came back home after dinner.

During the entire evening, I didn’t realize that there was only 1 double-bed in my house and the sofa was too small for him to sleep. I was a bit apprehensive thinking how will I arrange a bed.

After we came back, dada suggested that he will sleep on the floor in the sitting room but I didn’t like the idea because only the bedroom had an AC. So I told him that both of us can sleep in the double-bed and I feel safe with him. He agreed after insisting and during the entire thing, there was nothing sexual about it.

I have a habit of roaming around in the house without a bra and sleeping without any undergarments. Most of the girls will understand the comfort of being without a bra. But now, with dada around, I couldn’t roam around freely. He was here for 2 months and that long a time period, well I didn’t know what to do.

So I went to change, but I didn’t take off my undergarments. I wore a cotton printed nighty and went to the bedroom.

The next day was Sunday, so we stayed awake till late, chatting while lying down in the bed with a dim light on.

After some time, he slept. But I was still awake as I was not used to sleeping in tight undergarments. So, I was feeling uncomfortable.

I got up from the bed and went to the bathroom and removed my undergarments, came back and slept peacefully.

The next morning when I woke up, I saw dada was still sleeping. So I went back to the bathroom, wore my bra and panty and then went to the kitchen to make tea for both of us.

After making tea, I woke up dada. We had tea, took bath and had breakfast. We planned to go out and spend the day.

The entire day, we roamed around like a couple. After spending the day, we came back home in the evening, watched some Netflix and ordered dinner from outside as I was tired, and wanted to crash.

After dinner, both of us crashed. I had office on Monday morning and dada had a meeting in the evening. So he was free the entire morning. He told me that he will get up late and I shouldn’t disturb him in the morning.

Before going to bed, I decided that sleeping in bra will be difficult. So I went to the bathroom, removed my bra but didn’t remove my panty as it was a cotton one and not so uncomfortable. I wore a cotton nighty which was a bit dark in color so that nothing much was visible. Then I went to bed and slept.

Monday morning, I woke up. Dada was still sleeping, so I didn’t disturb him and left for office. Both of us came back home in the evening, I cooked dinner and after dinner, we went to bed. I was again without a bra and wearing a cotton nighty.

I was feeling a bit horny as I hadn’t fingered myself for the past 2 days and with dada around, I didn’t want to do it as I am a bit loud while fingering!

I like being tickled on my body slowly by rubbing fingers and so with a lot of courage, I asked dada if he can tickle my back. He agreed and I lied on my stomach. Dada slowly started running his fingers on my back and he started outlining the back where bra strap gets tied. He realized that I wasn’t wearing a bra.

Then he slowly started going down till my waist and then coming up, rubbing my hands and shoulders as I was wearing a sleeveless nighty.

After tickling for some time, his fingers were tracing the outline of my panty on the waist. He wanted to go down. So he asked me if he can go down and I replied in positive.

Then he started tracing the outline of my panty and also my butt crack. I shivered before getting wet. We stopped after that and went off to sleep.

The next morning, I woke up and saw dada was still sleeping. So I went for a shower and came out of the bathroom wearing a towel. Dada was still sleeping.

I crept towards the almirah, but I had to bend to take out my clothes. I felt that dada could clearly see my butts if he was awake, but he was sleeping. So I took my clothes and went to the bathroom, wore them and left for office.

Will something happen that night? To know, please read the next episode or email me [email protected]

Second Part: Mumbai Girl And Neighborhood Dada – Part 2

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