With My Intern Friend, Smriti – Part 1 (Sex In The Hospital)

Dear readers, Rahul, here again, with an interesting experience to share with you about having sex in the hospital. I am 30 years old and now in Kerala. I travel across India because of the nature of my job. This story is about me and my friend Smriti (name changed), whom I met during my college internship days.

This story happened when I was doing my PG. I was around 24 years old then. I got an internship for 2 months in a famous MNC in Greater Noida. It was not a regular one. We were only 5 interns during that time.

On the first day at the office, all interns got a briefing from HR, and we were sent to our respective departments. That day during lunch, all interns got introduced to each other, and I talked with Smriti also.

She was a slim girl, sexy wheatish complexion, long hair, and around 165 cms tall. She always had an innocent cute smile on her face and was very friendly. She was very slim. Her figure was 30A-28-32 with a little protruding ass compared to her lean figure.

That day evening, while walking back to the hostel, I saw Smriti walking a little bit ahead of me. I walked a little faster to reach her and said ‘Hi’ to her. Then we came to know that we are staying in opposite buildings. We both were happy that we had a companion for the to and fro commute to the office.

That day, we shared contact and started chatting in WhatsApp and became good friends. So daily, we walked 20 minutes to and fro to the office and back to the hostel. These moments we talked a lot and got closer as we didn’t have any other friends. She belonged to Lucknow.

After a week of chatting, we came to know that we both were single and started a little bit of flirting and teasing over messages. Then when we met in real life, we had some sparks when our eyes met. We started talking openly about our physique and all.

She told me that my well built manly look and big biceps will make any girl feel a crush towards me. I, too, praised her cute smile, slim figure, and long hair. I tried to be more open with her. I said, “Maybe a little bit curvier on the top will make you sexier.”

For which she replied, “You don’t know, I have the perfect size for a girl. But boys like aunty type big, big boobs na.” I replied, “Not all.” Soon we were like boyfriend-girlfriend, connected all the time either through chat or call. But we knew we can’t have a relationship.

We started giving good night kiss over calls. One day our office got over around 3 pm, and we made a plan to visit some places nearby. We chose to go to the park. We reached the park in an auto. Once we entered, we noticed that there were couples on every corner and were smooching and making out.

We had a walk in the park holding hands. Whenever we see some couples making out, we press our hands tightly, and we look at each other and blush. We planned to have ice cream. We thought of sharing one ice cream as we were not hungry at all. We took one cone ice cream and sat on a bench.

We kept our bags aside and sat close by. Actually, it was the first time we sat that close. I put my hands across her shoulder so that we can sit close and share the ice cream. My fingers brushed on her arms as she was wearing a sleeveless kurti. Initially, we started licking cone ice cream turn by turn.

Later we licked the cone together. In that act, our tongues were close and gave a little lick on her tongue tip with the ice cream. She was blushing like anything. We had many more tongue touches while finishing the ice cream, and we were getting excited.

I asked her, “Shall we kiss?” and she said ok. Our eyes were full of love, lust, and care. Our faces came closer, and we had our first smooch. We had a deep chewing smooch and my fingers pressing her arms. It was so deep and tasty, mixing with the flavor of the chocolate ice cream.

Whatever ice cream left on our mouth and lips, we shared during that single long smooch. We broke the smooch as it was not safe to go further in an open place. We decided to go back to the hostel. While in the auto-rickshaw, also we sat very close.

I was holding and caressing her fingers till we reached the hostel. She messaged me after some time that she is feeling very shy and am a good kisser. Our chats were more of kissing and hugging from then on and over calls. Also, we gave more kisses than before.

The weekend came. We planned to visit a nearby mall in the evening and also that park for some more kissing sessions. Saturday morning, I woke up late and had breakfast from a nearby shop. In 1 hour, I had a severe stomach ache and vomited also.

I took an auto to a nearby small hospital. The doctor checked and told me that it may be food poison and gave me an injection. He asked me to get admitted to the hospital for a day for observation. I was in the casualty department, and post-injection, I had a deep sleep for an hour.

By then, time was around 12 pm, and I woke up fresh. I consulted with the doctor again, and he asked me better to stay there for a day. Suddenly an idea struck me. I asked if I haven’t taken clothes and am alone, can I ask my cousin sister to take clothes and join me. He said, ok.

I called Smriti and told her that incident. She was first angry for not calling her to accompany me to the hospital. Later she cooled down. Then she said that she will tell her hostel that she is going to her cousin’s home for the weekend in Delhi. She will be back the next day.

She told me that she will reach the hospital in 30 minutes. I got my room, a small room with basic amenities in a small hospital. I checked with a nurse, and she said that no medicines prescribed. So take rest and drink a lot of water.

I told them that my cousin sister will be coming to accompany me to the hospital. “Please let her in as I am going to sleep.” They also handed me an in-patient dress, which was loose pajamas and a top. Before I changed, I casually took stairs down to the ground floor.

I just went to the medical store opposite the hospital and bought 2 packets of condoms, toothpaste, 2 brushes, and reached back to my room. I got fresh in the washroom, cleaned myself well. I changed into the in-patient dress and settled on the bed, watching TV.

In 5 minutes, there was a knock on the door. There came Smriti in a pink salwar suit, with a backpack and some fruits. She was looking like an angel, with very minimal makeup and a cute smile. The smile cheered me up. She came in, and I bolted the door. She kept the bag and fruit basket on the table.

She came near me, caressed my head, and asked how I was feeling. I said I am perfectly fine now and hugged her casually. I felt so scared. I slowly hugged more tightly. She broke the hug and told me that I was not well, don’t be naughty. I assured her that I am perfect and asked her to hug me more.

Then she came into my arms again. This time I hugged her with full love, care, and lust. Slowly, we both came into the mood. Our bodies pressed against each other, and our breathing got heavy. I slowly kissed her forehead. She closed her eyes, and I then kissed her eyes.

Slowly, our lips met, and we had a long smooch enjoying each bit of our lips, mouth, and tongue. My fingers started gliding all around her shoulders, above her dress, outlining her bra straps and towards her hips. I pulled her more towards me. My erect dick started poking her over my loose pajamas.

I pressed and squeezed her tight ass and smooched her wildly. We broke the kiss and gasped for air. In the meanwhile, I sat on the edge of the bed and pulled her towards me. I clasped my legs across her body, and she was standing in between my legs.

I kept my hands on her hips and slowly started raising her top and removed her top. Wow, she was wearing a purple shade bra. Her small boobs were well contained in the bra and kissed her boobs over her bra. My fingers were roaming on her navel and hips.

Then I slowly untied her kameez, and she stepped out of it. Now she was just wearing her purple bra and an off-white floral panty. I stood up, pressed her ass, and slowly took her in my arms. With my fitness, I could easily lift her, and she hugged me lying in my arms.

I slowly made her lie on the bed. I removed my top, and just with my pajamas, I went on top of her in the bed. I spread her legs and laid on top of her between her legs. I untied her long hair and smelled its fragrance, running my face across her hair and face.

Slowly, I started smooching, then biting her ear lobes, kissing her neck, beauty bones. I reached her cleavage. I slowly unclasped her bra hook, kissed across her bra straps. I made her hands arch backward and kissed her armpits in between and removed her thin strap purple bra.

Now her boobs were in front of me. It was not as tiny as I imagined, it was half an orange size. So cute, and small areolas with dark brown small nipples. I circled her boobs with my tongue tip and teased her by circling around her tits. Waves of lust started hitting her, and she started getting hornier.

Then slowly, I started sucking her left nipples. Small erect dark brown tits, in my lips. I sucked both her boobs and squeezed her tits so wildly, saying, “Let the milk flow.” Her boobs were shining with my saliva. I slowly moved downwards and played with her navel.

I then kissed on her hips, on her pussy over her floral panty on her thighs, legs till the toes. I made her lie on her stomach. I started kissing her back toe, thighs and kissed her ass over her panty. I slowly kissed and licked her backside till her neck. Again I came down and gave a bite on her asscheeks over her panty.

I lowered her panty straps from hips and gave a bite on her ass. I made her lie on her back again and came to her pussy. I smelled her pussy over her panty and could sense it was also wet. I removed her panty and saw her clean-shaven pussy. I licked the outer pussy with my tongue tip.

I spread her legs wide apart and pressed her pussy lips. I slowly started pulling out her clits. With the thumb, I pressed her clitoris. I started licking her pussy like a flower, licking each and every petal of her pussy. I started licking her deep inside her pussy.

She started pressing my head more towards her pussy. She got multiple orgasms with my licking. She was a little tired, and I lied beside her with my pajamas only, and she was fully naked.

How we had sex in the hospital, I will write in the next part. Please let me know your feedback and comments. Reach me at [email protected]

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