Tinder Hookup – Thumping A Bong Girl From Kolkata

Candice: Are you free tomorrow?

Me: Depends on how well you suck?

Candice: :3

Me: Choked or cuddled?

Candice: You need to get me drunk.

Me: Tomorrow at 12. I will pick you up.

I had matched on Tinder with this 21-year bong in Kolkata and she seemed pretty fun. We spoke a little more about the things I will do to her and how it would hurt her. And the more we spoke, the more turned on she would get. I was sure she must have fingered herself that night to get it out of her system.

It was raining the next day. I saw her coming towards me. She must have been 5’4” or 5’5”, blue jeans and a blacktop. She was looking hot, had this grin on her face. I knew I had hit the jackpot.

We then drove to an Oyo, talked a bit about our lives but neither of us was interested in the small talk.

We got ourselves a room and as soon as we entered, she planted a kiss. And that bitch was a real good kisser. She really sucked well on my lower lip and went deep in my mouth in seconds.

We decided to smoke up before exploring each other more and she rolled a decent J too!

Our eyes met and I leaned in to kiss this sexy Kolkata girl. I held her by her waist and fondled with her boobs over her t-shirt.

Then I took my hands over her neck and played with her hair a bit. All this time, the hot bong girl kept getting wild in my mouth. I pulled her hair back and kissed her neck. She got all crazy and sat on me, pushed her tongue deep inside.

Then I took her t-shirt off and damn! She was sexy. I played with her navel, played with her boobs and then I slid off her bra. Bongs have those quintessential boobs and this Kolkata chick hit right on the mark.

I kneaded them good and pinched her nipples. She seemed to enjoy the pain. She started touching my dick and took it out.

She stroked it a bit, smiled at me and took it in her mouth. It was moist and hot and she took all of it really slow and came back slower. She gradually increased her pace, and she was good! I gagged her a bit and she held up really well.

I wanted the bong girl’s pussy now. I was super hard. So I took her jeans off and told her to bend over at the edge of the bed. I then slid her panties off. Her pussy was a beauty. She was perfectly shaved up and had a pink peach.

I played with her clit for a few minutes. Her juices were all over the place and her breathing slowed down a bit. She was responding well to my movements.

I kept my dick just over her pussy and waited for her. The Kolkata girl pushed back slowly and took my dick in. She must have been really horny by then. Well, I was too.

I held her by her ass and pushed all of my dick in one go and started thrusting. She arched her back and pushed her head up. I held her back by her hair and spanked her hard and went all crazy on her.

Then my hot tinder date wanted to ride me. So we got into cowboy. She held me by my knees and started riding me. Her boobs were bouncing all over the place and it was a pretty sight. She then leaned in for a kiss. She really did kiss well. Her ass was inviting and so I spanked her. I spanked her harder then and she got turned on even more.

Then I pushed her on the bed and started thumping her. This went on for a while. I fucked her for some more time. She said she would like to swallow and I obliged. XD

The bong started blowing me up and soon, I was about to cum. The next moment, I pushed my dick in her mouth and splashed right into her throat.

She didn’t swallow right away but collected everything in her mouth, showed me that she meant business and then she swallowed my cum. She then sucked my dick for every last drop of cum I had in me.

But I was not going to let her walk away after that. I turned her around and tied her hands with my belt. I told her to bend over and she obliged.

I started spanking her hard. I could soon see my hand impression on her ass.

She asked me to stop but I had already told her that it would hurt. She did well though. I stopped to kiss her clit and slid two of my fingers in her pussy and buried them up to their length. I plunged them in and out for a few minutes and she closed her eyes to revel in the sensations.

I pinched her tender nipple with my other hand and I could see her in pleasure. I increased my pace until young Kolkata girl was about to squirt. I inserted two more of my fingers and slowed my pace down. She arched her back now as she lost control of her senses.

The room was filled with her moans. I was trying to stretch her pussy more to make way for my thumb. All of my five fingers were inside her now. She was making a lot of noise so I had to stuff her panties in her mouth to shut her up.

She looked up to me with her hands tied and mouth stuffed, with lust in her eyes but terrified! She was at my mercy. She looked cute.

I pushed my fingers until the middle joints slid in. I felt her pussy expanding more. I let her breathe for a bit and pushed them in till my knuckles were inside her. She was not able to hold up more so I took my hand out and she immediately collapsed.

I was not done with her though. I was hard again. I told her to get on her hands and knees. She dragged her body as she was told and I entered her from behind. I fucked her hard and fast, holding on to her waist and pounding her from behind.

I pounded her wildly and unmercifully until I emptied all of my cum inside her. She dropped down to the bed and went off to sleep.

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