Being Close To Madhu, My Sexy Maid – Part 4

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I went to the living room and found Madhu preparing breakfast for both of us. We ate like animals after all the energy we had spent. After breakfast, I started watching TV and Madhu started with the chores. When she completed, she came on to the Sofa and sat by my side hugging me.

We had an extending sofa. So we extended it into a bed and watched a movie snuggling each other the entire time. We didn’t notice when we fell asleep in each other’s arms and only woke up post afternoon. She got worried and rushed to the kitchen to make lunch. But I got to her and suggested we go out for lunch.

She started getting ready for lunch and I suggested she not wear any undies or bra. And also told her to wear a t-shirt and shorts. She agreed but on one condition. I’d have to wear her panties. I couldn’t say no to such a proposition. We both got ready and headed out for lunch.

After lunch, we went to a movie but the hall was pretty empty. It was just us on our row. When the movie began we started playing with each other’s hands and I started caressing her belly and boobs. Soon there was a hot scene on the screen. She reached out for her pussy under the shorts she was wearing.

I stopped her hand and went down there myself. I started feeling her bush and made my way all the way down to her pussy. I pushed her labia apart and played with my index finger slowly increasing the pace. She tried to stay silent but when I pushed another finger down her pussy, she let out a gentle moan.

There were 2 girls sitting in the row ahead of us who both turned around and saw I was fingering her. Both of them gave a naughty smile to us. She almost climaxed when we got to the interval. I didn’t let her climax at that time and pulled out.

We went to get snacks and saw the girls who just kept smirking at me. I thought it was because of the age difference between Madhu and me. But I just didn’t care about that now. We went back in and I started fingering her while eating popcorn and nachos with the other hand.

When she was about to climax, I took a nacho and slid it in her pussy to collect her sauce to eat. And it was delicious. She was also enjoying it so I kept going until the nachos were over. She still hadn’t climaxed and we were out of cold drinks. So I went down on a knee and pulled her shorts down.

She sat there spreading while I made my way up her thighs. I started sucking and she began to moan. Now the girls had our attention but neither I nor Madhu was concerned about that. Madhu kept moaning lightly while I stuck my tongue up her pussy.

I was feeling her labia first and then started making my way to the walls. I sucked so hard she came onto me in mere seconds. I didn’t want to waste the drink so I drank it all and sucked her completely dry. After that, I went back to my seat and she bent down giving me a blowjob.

The girls in front saw that and turned back to see it all. One of them started fingering herself while watching me get the blowjob. When I was finished, Madhu sucked me dry and we continued with the movie. After that, we went back home without any detours as it was already 7 in the evening.

We had a lot of snacks at the movie so skipped dinner. We just sat on the sofa watching TV and caressing and snuggling each other. I got up early in the morning and went to the chemist to bring some hair removal cream for Madhu. As I got home, she had breakfast ready for us.

So we had that and I called her in the bathroom. She saw me holding the cream and I asked if she wants to do it. “Only if you do it,” is what she said and I got all smiles. She had hung her petticoat on her breasts so that it covered her breasts as well as her pussy.

I loosened the string and it came rushing down on the floor. I asked her to lay down on the floor and started with her legs below the knees and moved to her thighs. I teased her pussy a little and moved up to her stomach and arms. Then I waxed her back and got to her asshole.

I spread her butt cheeks as far as I could. I started waxing it while slowly fingering her asshole and she was moaning a little. I cleaned her asshole so smooth, a plane could land on it. Then I reached her pussy and her hairy bush. For the one last time, I snuck my face in.

Burying my nose and eyes in her golden bush while the smell of her orgasm soothed my mind. I licked her pussy a little and she moaned loudly. I started waxing around her pussy lips and went up when I decided to leave a landing strip. So I carefully spared some portion and waxed everything else clean.

Even her pussy lips were as clean as they come. I told her to just stay there while I went to get Cadbury Gems that I had brought from the medical shop. It’s an Indian candy-like MnM’s. I asked her if she’d like some to be put inside her vagina so that I could retrieve them with my tongue.

She got excited hearing this and instantly agreed. So I put 10 of those little bastards in her pussy and asked her to walk and jump a little so they’d move around a little. I was enjoying her bouncing boobs and the pussy lips as she was jumping.

While jumping, 2 of the Gems fell down so she had 8 in her when she got down. She spread her legs super wide and I got down to business. I first spread her labia super wide so as to open up her pussy as much as I could and she started moaning very loudly.

As I put my tongue on her lips, I could feel the inner labia, so soft and juicy. I instantly found 2 Gems and ate them. Slowly I started going deeper and deeper while her moaning kept getting louder. It was almost about 20 minutes. I still hadn’t found 2 of those while she had cummed 4 times already.

I already had my tongue up her pussy and I drank all her juices. Now I decided to find the rest with my hand. I inserted the index and middle finger inside her and she moaned loudly. I checked the bottom wall and then the left. The Gem on that one was completely melted because of her cumming.

So I moved my finger on the left wall with some force to get the complete Gem and she screamed at the top of her lungs. I got worried and asked if she was okay. She had tears in her eyes but she smiled and asked me to do it again. So I went in search of the last of the Gems and found it on the right wall.

By the time I would clean it off that wall, she cummed again so I drank that as well. She asked if I was done as she wanted to pee for so long and I asked her to pee on my mouth. I inserted my tongue in her pussy and she started her pee. She had a lot of force coming out as she had held it for so long.

I drank most of her pee and she came once again as my tongue was playing inside her pussy. She was moaning so loudly, I thought it’s a good thing we live alone.

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