My Hot And Sexy Neighbor, Priya

Ok, guys, let me tell you about Priya. She is a housewife with a great physique and a sexy body. Her family consists of her husband who looks like a waste product and her two daughters. Priya’s elder daughter is also a sexy babe.  I’ll tell the experience which I had with Priya’s daughter in later stories.

Priya is a mature woman, her age is around 45. She doesn’t look like a mother of 2 adult babes. He’s structural description is shape 36-26-36. Her skin color is light brown. As you all know I’m a physique oriented man. I used to go jogging in the morning. Even Priya used to come for jogging at the same time.

People you have to see her while jogging. God, that jiggling boobs is a wonder.

Ok, guys let’s come to the story. This incident happened last summer. Her children and her husband had gone to native. She was alone in the house. She was a good friend of my mom. She used to visit my house to chit chat with my mom for some time pass.

One day my mom had gone to my aunt’s house in the next town. I was all alone in the house and was masturbating thinking about Priya in my bedroom. The doorbell rang. I settled everything and went to see who had come. Gosh, it was Priya. I opened the door.

She just said hi and I greeted her. Actually, she was surprised to see me. She asked where’s my mom. I said she’s gone to my aunt’s house. She had brought some sweets to give it to my mom. She was looking so gorgeous. In my mind, there were so many thoughts running about fucking her.

We sat on the sofa and started to chat regarding silly area issues. Meantime I was measuring her structure with my eyes. She noticed that and felt a little uncomfortable. Then she was about to leave. Suddenly I went to the door and locked it and blocked her way.

She saw me in a surprising look and asked, “Raj, what are you doing? Why are you blocking my way? Move aside I need to go.” I didn’t utter a word. I directly hugged her and kissed her on her lips. She started to resist with her full force. I was stronger than her. So I didn’t leave her.

I held her tight and lip locked her for 5 minutes. Then I let her free. She started to yell at me. I got angry and dragged her to my bedroom, held her to the wall and kissed her again. I started to undress her. At this time to my surprise, she didn’t resist.

She also started to respond to the kiss. I undressed her fully and pushed her on my bed. Now she was in full mood and was moaning. “Raj, come on. Do whatever you want. Please fuck me, don’t tease me. Please do something. I’m all yours.”

I was watching her and enjoying the feel. I undressed fully and pounced on her. I started to kiss all her body. Meanwhile, I was pressing her massive boobs. It was like a dream come true for me. Now I directly went to the G-spot and started to tongue fuck her.

I did it for nearly 10 minutes. In the meantime, she was moaning heavily. Now I told her to give me a blowjob. She did it like a pro. I was in cloud 9 during that time. Then I literally mouth fucked her. Now I took her to the missionary position. Without any further delay, I directly entered my shaft into the pussy.

She was in shock with the size and force inserted. As she has not been fucked since her 2nd child was born, her pussy was fully tight. She was in full pain. I could see it in her face. I was enjoying it, then I started the to and fro motion and slowly increased the speed.

Meantime she was moaning loudly. “Yes, fuck me. Fuck me, you fucker.” I loved the expression on her face. The whole room was filled with our fucking sound. I really loved the sounds. I fucked her in that position around half an hour. Then I took her in the doggy style and started to fuck her.

Meantime, I was spanking her ass. I love her ass a lot, and the spanking sound too. She started to moaning again.  After 25 minutes of fucking in that position, I filled her pussy with my juice and laid next to her. By this time she had already cummed thrice.

She told me, “Raj, this was the best sex ever. I was waiting for this day to come. Thanks, Raj, you showed me the woman in me.” After some time, in the middle of the night, my shaft regained its power. I went inside the kitchen got some pastries from the fridge.

Priya took it and applied it to my penis and started to give blowjob. Then I applied the pastries on her pussy, boobs and her face. And I started to lick her whole body. Meantime I was finger fucking her ass hole for the next session. Then we slept.

I woke up around 4:30 in the morning. She was in my arms sleeping like an angel. I regained my power and inserted my shaft into her asshole in full force. She literally screamed in pain and started crying. She was saying, “Raj, please stop. I’m a virgin there. Don’t fuck me there. It’s paining please.”

I fucked her asshole for 15 minutes in full swing and cum in her asshole. She was sobbing because of pain. Then I kissed her. After that, we had one more round by 7 am. Then she left for her house. She was in too much pain as she could not walk because of the session we had.

After this session, we had sex many more sessions, in my house, in her house, etc. I will tell you people about that in later stories.

Guys this is my story on XIS. Please feel free to give your valuable feedback. Any girls or aunties who want to have some masala in life, contact me [email protected]

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