The New Student, Priya

Hey, ladies, I am Varun. Varun Khanna from Delhi. I am here to make you wet from my experience. To make you feel the lost pleasure of life, that you all are deprived of. I treat women like a flower, just like a flower needs constant care, I will make you feel like this here.  Feel free to contact me through my emails.

I will solve your queries within no time. A little bit intro of mine. I am 21 years old, studying B Tech from a reputed college. I can’t really disclose it cause I want privacy in my life. I am 6ft high with an athletic body with high cheekbones and beard that gives me a raw look.

Let’s move to the story quickly as maybe I am making you bored with my bio. My first sexual experience. I was 19 years old that time, just reached a level of being called an adult. My hormones were raging like fire. All that masturbation was not working at all.

I needed someone to curb my heat and then came Priya. Yes, the 19-year-old mature girl with those melons someone could die for. Her thighs and ass were thunderous and formed a perfect hourglass body. It could be seen in all her dresses. She was a transfer student from a reputed college.

See girls who were my classmate were not much open-minded. I totally respect there mindset cause the locality wasn’t that much posh. But Priya? Nope, that girl was fire. Everybody was talking about her. My friends had already told me the story of masturbation imagining her naked.

I too imagined her nake many times before bed. I imagined her uplifting boobs her flat stomach and those hips and ass. And had cummed more than ever while imagining her jerking my manhood. I have an average-sized penis. I am not gonna lie like everybody else here. I feel secure in revealing the truth.

I was just thinking about talking to her. As my English is much better than the rest of the class I got the opportunity soon. She was sitting in the canteen alone as no one dared to talk to her. Her boobs were like resting on the table ready to be eaten.

She was wearing these extra short skirt which was showing her smooth milky thighs. No one was talking to her, not even boys. They already thought that she must be having a boyfriend. But I knew she wanted to talk and feel welcomed. So, I started a conversation.

Me – Hi Priya.
Priya looked at me with a smile as if she was expecting me.
Priya – Hi.
Me – You waiting for somebody?

Priya – No, I have no friends here.
Me – Hehe sorry.
Priya – You are Varun, right?
Me – Yes you recognized?
Priya – Yes you are in section B.

This is what I would call an intro that led to our 3-month friendship. Yes, friendship. No, it was complicated. I became her friends with benefits. But not her boyfriend cause she wasn’t a relationship type. One day we decided to watch a movie, which she had already chosen.

I picked her up outside our lane. She came running as were getting late for the movie. She looked like pure bliss. Just like a busty Instagram model. She was wearing this tight green lustrous top, which was totally hugging her huge melons. The tight black damaged jeans which were torn at her thighs.

I felt a boner, as she was running her boobs were going up and down and dick was only going up. If at that moment she would have given me consent to fuck her. I would have done that no matter I would be at the jail for breaking public decency.

My dick was hard, and it was getting uncomfortable in tight I decided not to look at her. She sat behind my bike and we started talking about random stuff. Her boobs were pressing on my back and that feeling was awesome. I felt goosebumps on my neck. Which she too noticed and asked me about that.

What the hell? Like she doesn’t know. At one speed breaker, I braked a little later and with that movement, her breast pressed against my back with pressure. She said, “Kya kar rahe ho?” ( What you doing) Innocently. I said sorry. Then she said, “Don’t say sorry.”

We reached the theater. And she gave me the tickets. I was astonished to see that it was the screening of ‘Ragini MMS 2’. It was rescreening in that mall. She looked shyly towards me. I was turned on by seeing Sunny Leonne on the poster. I was uncomfortable, only my tight skinny jeans were saving me.

We were now in the hall which was mostly vacant. And I can see some couples here and there. I felt secured at least I could enjoy a little more maybe she will kiss me today. We started watching the movie. As the movies continued and so did the horniness I looked at Priya.

She was biting her lips, her pink lips looked moist. I knew she had planned all this. I looked at her eyes and she looked at me. I felt like she had set herself free. She had approved me to do anything with her to calm her heat down. I put my hand on her thighs to which she just smiled.

Then at an instant, I jumped to kiss her. We were sucking each other, like an animal a hungry animal. I was out of control and started pressing those huge tits. It felt awesome, we were making that slurping noises. No one was noticing it as everyone was busy into one another.

I was ferociously rubbing her boobs and wanted to eat her. She was moaning and that had turned me into a monster. She kept on saying, “Oh Varun! Please, yes.” My dick was hard and it was hurting inside. I opened my zip from one hand and after several attempts, it was out in open.

Priya detached her lips from mine. She looked at me with those hungry sexual predator eyes. She said, “You want this, right?” mimicking in a child’s voice. She quickly slid her top from one side of her elbow and showed me one those jugs. I was mesmerized, lost. What did just happen?

I sucked those black tits like crazy. There was a demon in me at that moment. I sucked, bite those nipples like crazy. Priya took a hold on my penis and was jerking it off with her right hand. While I was flickering her nipples from my tongue. She was moaning.

She shouted as I bit it too strongly. She was now down on me, her eyes were pleading to suck my dick. I said go on and she did. At the same time, the bathroom sex scene in ‘Ragini MMS 2’ was also coming. As she took my manhood in her mouth, Sunny Leonne was also kissing in the shower.

Priya’s mouth was full of saliva. She was doing it like a trained professional, flicking the tongue and taking it all to her throat. I was feeling this mind-numbing pleasure. Something I was deprived of so long. Now this beautiful lady is fulfilling it.

Priya was constantly making noises like moaning. Then I felt the moment in which there was no going back. I looked at her eyes while she was sucking my dick. She looked beautiful more than ever. “Priya,” I shouted but it was too late. I cummed in her mouth.

She was a little taken aback but she controlled and spilled some of it outside her mouth drank a little. We were finished but not our future sex stories. [email protected]. Feel free to contact.

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