My Awesome Friend, Pri

Hello people! I’m Jay, 25, from Hyderabad. This is a story that happened when I was doing my masters in a college between me and A friend. If anyone wants to say anything about my writing please feel free to write to [email protected].

Especially women can feel free and comfortable to contact me. I’m a no harm person. Any sort of conversation will just stay between us and there won’t be any problems from my side. So please feel free and secured with me. As I’m new to the acts of writing, you might feel my writing is a bit lengthy. But trust me it is very interesting.

I had a friend called Pri. She was also 24. She had a very good body. Her assets we’re so perfect and especially I loved her ass and lips. I’m sure they are a turn on for any guys. I always felt she was a treat for any guy. We were very close. She was a very very good looking girl with very good behavior.

I always had a soft corner for her because she was a girl who wanted to be free like every other girl. But her parents were very strict. I always told her that there will be a day very soon that you will have the freedom to do whatever you want to. She has looks which makes any guy go flat.

She has a perfect physique that makes any guy crazy about it. One day we were texting during the night and she was very dull. I understood that something is wrong in her house and asked her what happened. She opened up for the first time and told me that her parents want her to get married.

But she doesn’t want to get married now. I was consoling her and giving her reasons to tell her parents that she isn’t ready. Finally, it worked and they agreed to her. The next day we met at college and she was so happy. She all of a sudden came and hugged me and said, “Thank you.”

I was shocked. Every guy in the class was looking as if they are going to eat me. Later after we went we started texting

Me: Don’t do such acts in front of everyone. They will curse me.
Pri: Who will curse you and why will they?
Me: Every guy wants you. Don’t you know that?
Pri: Don’t joke, I’m a very average girl.

Me: What are you talking? You are the college beauty.
Pri: Do you really think I’m that beautiful?
Me: Of course, you are very very beautiful. Don’t act as if you don’t know. You are a dream girl for every guy in our college.

Pri: Really? You think the same too?
Me: If you want my frank, the answer is yes!
Pri: Then why didn’t you tell me?
Me: I didn’t want to make you feel uncomfortable. I know that you don’t have such feelings towards me.

Pri: You dumbo! Even I like you.
Me: Are you serious??
Pri: Yes! I’m very serious.
Me: You don’t really know how I feel. I feel so happy listening to it.

Pri: Oh! I want to kiss you.
Me: I want to for a long time. But think once if you really want to. Because I don’t want you to regret it later and feel bad.

Pri: Till now I was confused but after you asked this question. I fixed my mind that I will and don’t worry I’m very happy to do it. Let’s do it tomorrow after college. Get your car.

Me: Done. I’m waiting for the night to end.
Pri: Ok. Good Night.
Me: Good Night.

I thought of it for some time and then slept. The day has arrived. She was winking at me all day during college and teasing me with her looks. In the last period, she sent a text on my phone saying, “Are you ready, hero?” I replied saying that I’m always ready.

She came sat in my car and I was fully excited. I took my car to a lonely place and then was looking at her. We went near and started kissing. We were kissing each other like we are dying tomorrow. In the meantime, while I pushed the seat behind and took her into my lap.

We were kissing like we were mad. Slowly I put my hands on her boobs over the clothes and started pressing them slowly. She was licking my neck and she giving light moans. I understood that she was enjoying and proceeded. I opened the zip of her kurti and put my hand inside.

I was feeling her boobs and pressing them hard. She was moaning heavily when I was playing with her nipple with my hands. I was not stopping and started sucking her like a baby. Later started circling around her nipples with my tongue.

And then all of a sudden she put her hand on my thigh and slowly it reached my cock. She was feeling it on my trouser and I helped her by opening the zip and took my cock outside. She started stroking it slowly. And now my hands went into her pants.

I was moving my fingers near her pussy. With the wetness, I could understand that she is loving the act. I continued playing with her small tiny hairs. It was making a scene. My hand at her pussy and her hand on my cock. This continued for 15 minutes or so.

And during this, her phone rang. It was her mother asking her to come home. She suddenly went back and said drop me home. I should go home it’s getting late. Again it will be a problem. I wanted her to give me a blowjob and told the same to her.

She said why are you in a hurry. Aren’t we meeting tomorrow? I started driving and dropped her near her house. While I was dropping she all a sudden said you are just awesome and left. Later after we went home we did sex chat. in the next story, I will explain it in a detailed message to the message.

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