Got Lucky With My College Friend – Part 2

This is the second part of the story where I get some action with my friend Aparna from college. Be sure to read the first part to know how she ended up in my place.

Got Lucky With My College Friend

I left the room for her to change and went to the kitchen to get my coffee. Aparna was on the phone with her parents when I got back. Sitting crossed-legged on the bed she looked cute as ever. My jersey hadn’t produced the effect I’d hoped for since it was just about perfect for her.

Her nipples that weren’t erect when I came started showing a bit when she noticed I was in the room too. She made a sign not to speak with her finger. But I could feel that the mood was slowly dying down. I had to do something about it if I wanted any action.

Finally, she hung up and asked why I’m having coffee so late (it had become around 7 pm now) I replied that I had things to do at night, with a wink. We both went to the hall and made ourselves comfortable on the sofa. She sat with both her legs folded to the right on the sofa.

Didn’t look purposeful but now more than half her thighs were showing. Those smooth milky thighs. What a sight it was! She must have noticed me looking. But she didn’t make any move to pull down the shorts. I ordered dinner and asked her if she wanted some wine.

As I expected, she refused and joked if she got drunk then we would end up doing ‘dirty’ things. I told we could do a ‘dirty’ thing even without getting drunk too.

“Oh,” she replied, “Kore chedydit indannu thonunnu” (Seems you’ve done a lot of it). “Guilty as charged,” I told her.

She asked me if I had brought Deena (the only ex of mine Aparna knew about) over back in the college days. I told her how I and she would spend our weekends here doing ‘dirty’ things all day. “All day?” yea, all day I said.

We had a no-clothes-on rule too I added. She laughed. Her nipples were poking through again. I also had a slight bulge and the fact I was not wearing anything under my shorts definitely didn’t help. I was pretty sure she noticed it too.

Me: “You want to try?”

Aparna: “Try what?”

Me: “The no clothes rule?”

Aparna: “Enthaa intrest thuni ooran!” (You want to see me nude, don’t you?)

Me: “Doesn’t help you’re so pretty.”

Aparna: “You’re joking right?”

Me: “I’m dead serious.”

Aparna: “Keep wishing!”

Me: (cracked a cheesy Malayalam dialogue) “Ithokke alle oru resam.” (Ain’t these the fun things?)

Aparna: “Aarku resam?” (Fun for whom)

Me: “Both of us. For you especially.”

She laughed. At this point, I understood that she was pretty cool and really wanted to get it on as well. But was playing that ‘tough to get girl’ card. So I decided to be bolder and told her that it’ll be our dirty little secret.

She told me that she wasn’t ready to lose her virginity right now. So what’s the point of all these games. “You don’t know?” I sat facing her now “You don’t have to have sex to have fun,” I said. The doorbell rang at that moment.

Dinner came. We sat opposite each other at the table. I kept on tickling her by tracing my toes on her smooth legs. I told her that her nipples look like they’re about to pop out through her dress.

Aparna: “You like it?”

Me: “When they’re in my mouth.”

Aparna: “You can have them for dessert then.”

We both ate as fast as we could. She offered to do the dishes while I lay on my couch checking her Instagram. I was watching her Bharatanatyam solos thinking how it’d be if she was naked. Then she suddenly grabbed my phone put it on the coffee table and got on top of me.

I never expected her to make the first move. Aparna came in for a kiss but I moved my face away. “Thought I was going to get some dessert first?” I asked. She playfully slapped me and we started making out intensely.

I adjusted myself to support her weight better and my hands moved down on her body. I put my left hands into her top and started rubbing her back. My right hand went towards her shorts with her bum as the target. I stopped at the elastic and tickled her with my fingers.

“Agathek itto” (Put it inside) She said. I could bet she was as wet as how hard my cock was. I put my hand inside and started squeezing her ass. Every time I pressed she would tighten her buttock muscles. They felt so good I wanted to bite them.

I ran my hands further down in between her ass. She clenched when I ran my finger over her asshole. I didn’t stop and continued on till it reached her pussy. My guess was right. She was really wet. I gave her a rub to get some of her juices on my fingers. Aparna moaned.

“Ennadha idh?” (What’s this?) I asked breaking away from our smooch and showing her my fingers. She could only smile. “Entha idh?” (What’s this?) She asked grabbing my erect cock. “Roomilek poyallo?” (Shall we go to the room?) She added.

I sat up on the couch, my cock making a tent in my shorts now and told her to strip. Obediently my puppy pulled up her top from the bottom. One by one the features of her torso came to view.

First her navel, then the most exquisite pair of boobs I’ve ever seen. Her mango shaped breasts were perfectly sculpted, the areolas were small and dark brown contrasting with her fair body. The nipples too, of the same color, erect and looked ready to pop.

When she had her hands lifted to pull off the top I stood up and stopped her. At this point, she had both her hands lifted. The top was halfway off her body in a way that her face was inside and the top bound both her hands together.

“Enthaa?” (What now?) She asked.

“Shh!” I silenced her and made her hold her hands up.

I grabbed her love handles, bent down and started planting a series of kisses from her cleavage running down through the gap between her breasts to her belly button. I stopped there and put my tongue into her belly button in a series of circles.

Aparna wiggled and asked me not to tickle her. Like I would listen. I stood up and got the top off her. We started making out again more intensely. She took my right hand and put it on her right boob. I started kneading that piece of meat while my left hand went into her shorts from behind.

Once again my fingers made their way through her ass crack, passed her asshole and gave a press on her wet pussy. Her moans increased when I began rubbing it and she put her hands on my shoulder and she instinctively pushed down on my fingers in an attempt to get them inside her pussy.

I broke away from our smooch and moved down to her neck. Interchanging between licking and kissing her neck I brought my hand out of her shots. My fingers were covered with her fluids. I brought them to her mouth and she licked it dry.

I almost cummed in my shorts when she sucked her own juices from my fingers. It was that sexy!

She tried to pull down my shorts but I stopped her. “Not yet,” I said and made her sit on the couch. I took off her shorts and gently split her legs to see where I’d be putting my rod. Her pussy glistened with her juices I had rubbed all over.

I started from her left knee and kissed and nibbled on her fleshy thighs. I made my way towards her crotch. I could feel her breathing getting faster every time I came close to her pussy. But I always stopped at her labia.

Aparna, my orthodox Mallu classmate (or so I thought). Here she was stark naked and wet ready to be fucked by me. All night. I couldn’t resist tasting her now glistening pussy any longer. Holding both her thighs with my hands I moved closer to her crotch and gave her a long lick.

From the bottom of her pussy all the way to her clit. She let out a deep breath with a moan when I finally licked her. I placed both her hands on my head and focused fully on licking her wet pussy now. Her musky scent was so irresistible.

I repeated the bottom to top licks for about one or two minutes. I could feel Aparna tightening her grip on my hair. I knew she was going to cum. I stopped and looked up. She didn’t understand why I stopped.

“Not so fast,” I smiled, “We still have the whole night ahead of us.”

Naked Aparna got up from the couch and took her phone. She rang up her parents and told them she wouldn’t be coming home for the weekend. she will be staying in Kochi itself. If I looked in the mirror at that moment, I could see the happiest man on earth.

I moved in for a smooch at the moment she hung up. Aparna turned away immediately. I understood that she didn’t want to taste herself on my lips. (I had licked her just moments ago). At that, I ran my index finger on her pussy to get some juice on it and brought it to her mouth.

She was hesitant at first but she took my finger in and sucked on it. “Like how you taste?” I asked. She nodded. I removed my finger and rubbed her pussy again till she reached the brink of orgasm. I stopped and laughed.

I led her to my bedroom. My boner was killing me but I choose to ignore it and pleasure her. I laid her on the bed and switched on the lights. Aparna covered her pussy coyly. What a sight it was! “Neeyum orunne?” (Can you get naked too) she said.

“Nope” I replied, “Time aayit illa” (Not yet)

She had her eyes on the big bulge my boner was making on my shots. I lied down on top of her and positioned my boner to poke her pussy. I started kissing her neck while I gently humped her crotch

To be continued.

This is the second part of my first ever sex story and many more are left to come. Hope you all enjoyed this one. Tune in for the next part and don’t miss all that action.

Thank you for all the emails. I appreciate your support. Feel free to hit me up on my email ID or hangouts ([email protected]) for any suggestions or reviews or to know what happened next. I’ll be more than happy to comply.

Thank you once again, guys. Cheers!

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