Sweet Neighbour Aunty’s Wild Side!

Hey everyone, I am Ajay, 28 years old guy from Chennai. I am sharing a hot experience I had sometime back. This is my first attempt at writing erotica, so sit back/lie down and let it get hard/wet!

Shilpa aunty as I call her is the sweet Goddess of this story. A 40-year-old neighbor of mine and a close family friend was one of the sweetest ladies I knew. Someone whom I had no bad intentions about till that one fine day.

My mom had given me some sweets to give to my neighbour aunty Shilpa. So I had to go across to her house. I kept ringing the bell for a while but no one seemed to answer.

So I just thought I’d have a peek through the window, and that was when I had the shock of my life (a pleasant one!). There she was, the fair plump mature lady in a black saree lying down.

Her pallu was off, exposing her fair smooth cleavage and her tummy. Her saree and petticoat hiked up, exposing her fair thighs. And her hands were between her thighs, vigorously rubbing her pussy as she was holding her phone watching porn with her earphones on!

All of a sudden, the whole angelic impression of Shilpa aunty in my mind changed and she became this dirty devil (in a good way!).

The whole scene got etched in my mind and I froze there. Then reality hit when I heard her scream my name and cover herself up in a hurry! I had got caught!

My neighbour aunty hurriedly dressed herself up and opened the door to let me in. She made me sit on the sofa and locked the door. Sat opposite to me, looking down at the floor as she spoke.

Shilpa: How long have you been watching me?

Ajay: I am really sorry aunty. I rang the bell several times, no one answered, so I just took a peek.

Shilpa: So, you saw everything?

Ajay: Hmm.

Shilpa (her voice started to break): Please don’t tell anyone, Ajay. I feel so bad. Uncle is no longer interested in me, it’s been years since I had any physical fun. So, this is the only way I can relieve myself.

I could see that she was about to cry, so I went and sat next to her with my arms over her shoulder to console her.

Ajay: It’s okay aunty, it’s all natural. Everyone has these desires. Why would I tell anyone anything? Society will always judge an open-minded woman who wants to explore. Please don’t feel bad.

As I was talking, her head was almost on my chest with my arms around her.

I couldn’t bear the temptation of her smooth back exposed in the saree. I slowly lowered my hand and placed it on the married aunty’s soft hip. I didn’t get any negative reaction which emboldened me.

Slowly, I reached the front and squeezed her tummy a bit. She moaned out my name! And looked at me. That stare! Our eyes met and I knew that she wanted it too.

I kissed her sweet lips and she started to respond well. I said, “From now on, I will take care of your needs.”

She responded with a smile and we started kissing again, making out passionately.

I made her stand and pinned her to the wall kissing madly, devouring her sweet lips. I pulled off her pallu and took off my tees. I kissed her neck, cleavage, and licked all over her buttery soft fair tummy, licking her deep navel.

My horny neighbour aunty was moaning like hell while she held my head. I unwrapped her saree, now the sex Goddess was just in her petticoat and blouse. I turned her around and pulled down her petticoat without any warning. She got shocked. Her bare naked ass cheeks exposed in all its glory.

I admired the milf’s fat round ass and started spanking it hard. She had never been treated in such a way and was enjoying every bit of it. The room was filled with the thuds of her ass jiggling and her moans.

I couldn’t resist any further, I knelt down kissed, and bit her ass cheeks all over, then spread her ass cheeks and buried my face between, eating her ass and pussy. She was in the height of ecstasy. Her body was arching in pleasure and her ass wriggling over my face (Yes, I am an Ass guy as you suspected!).

I then turned her around. I knelt and kept one of her legs on my shoulder. I kissed her soft thick thighs as I went up to her pussy. I started to eat my neighbour aunty’s pussy as she stood.

Her body was shaking as she held my head and forced it into her pussy. Seeing her squirm in pleasure was my biggest pleasure too.

Then she got really wild, made me stand up, and started kissing me wildly. She pulled off her blouse and bra and made me suck her boobs. I loved tasting those sweet nipples as she moaned.

She pulled down my shorts and started to devour my thick cock. I felt like she was starving for it. I loved the way she took control. The way she looked at me while sucking it was pure bliss.

Then we moved to the bedroom and my neighbour aunty positioned herself in my favorite position – doggy style with her yummy ass held high up, highly irresistible!

I teased her a bit as I rubbed my hard cock over her pussy. She couldn’t bear it and screamed, “PLEASE FUCK ME, AJAY!” The words I never thought I’d hear from my sweet neighbor aunty. Needless to say, I obliged to her request and started fucking her mercilessly while spanking her chubby ass cheeks.

Her moaning kept me going on and on till finally, she wanted my cum in her mouth. So I took it out and she started sucking me till I sprayed my warm cum into her mouth. Her lips were dripping with my cum, I couldn’t resist I bent over and kissed her lips and made out. (Yea, I’m kinky!).

So, that was my first experience with a sweet angel who turned out to be a naughty little devil. 🙂

We had a few more meet-ups after that, but sadly she had to leave town as her hubby got a transfer.

I hope you enjoyed my little narration. Please feel free to send your comments to [email protected] I am bisexual, so would love to hear from both girls and guys. Your comments would encourage me to keep writing. 🙂

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