Wild Sex With A Committed Girl From Tinder

Hi all, I am posting after a very long time as I had no luck. And I don’t want to write fantasies here. This is a story about a girl whom I matched on Tinder a few days ago. She was 3 years younger than me and I still don’t know her name. Without wasting any time, let’s jump to the story.

Actually, this happened just a week ago. I was casually swiping on Tinder when I came across a girl named “Someone”. But she had uploaded a sexy pic without the face. I super-liked her and to my luck, I got matched with her after a few minutes.

We started casually and I came to know that she was not from my city and had just come here for some official work. She was staying at a hotel and was getting bored.

Me: So, let me guess. You are single, right?

She: What made you say that?

Me: Well, you are at a hotel and bored. That means you have no one to talk to. Anyway, it was just a guess!!

She: Hmm, well, it is complicated!

And that was where our story took a turn. I came to know that this Tinder girl’s boyfriend was a nerd and was a bit confused between his studies and his girlfriend (such a jerk!). He had told her that he needed time to think and until then, he can’t meet her. I also came to know that she was not a virgin. But the last time she and her boyfriend had sex was in January 2020.

So, I started flirting with her and said that I would not have let her get bored if I was in her room. She was a bit horny too and reciprocated well. Slowly, our chat drifted to sex chat. Soon, I was fingering her pussy in chat and sucking on her tits!

Me: You know I can come to your room..and continue making out in real!!

She: Haha. You know what, I too want that but let’s continue here for some time more.

We continued and suddenly, she stopped messaging. I thought she just wanted to have virtual fun and that was the end of it. But I did not want to quit this soon. So, I messaged her my number and said that in case I was not on Tinder, she could message me on this number.

In the evening, I received a message and there she was. She said sorry for dozing off and also said that I was too good in chat.

She: By the way, were you serious about coming here?

Me: Of course, I can even come now.

She: Really? But what if you didn’t like me?

Me: Well, looks don’t matter much, but the connection does. I guess I have had such a connection after a long time.

She: Really. Me too!

Then she told me her hotel details but asked me to book another room so that she can come to my room.

Fast forward, I reached the hotel, booked a room and told her my room number. She told me to keep the door open as she didn’t want anyone to notice her waiting outside a room. I did exactly that and after 10 minutes, she came.

About her, she was average in looks but a hell of a figure in a very hot outfit! She was in a black top and blue shorts that were ended well before her knees. As soon as she entered the room, she locked the door.

She: Let’s not waste any time (and she pounced on me and started kissing me).

Well, I took a few seconds to register all this as I was not prepared for this sudden “attack”. She had by then pushed me to the bed and was over me. My hands were on her ass, squeezing them from her shorts. It was a feeling I didn’t have for the past 2 years.

My hands were soon under her shorts and panty and were rubbing her butt-crack which was making her moan loud. After a few minutes, I forced myself on her and came on top of her.

We were actually on the edge of the bed. I slowly went down and removed her shorts and panty in one go. A typical Indian but nicely shaved pussy and oozing love juices like hell! I kissed it and started sucking it. This got her mad. She locked my neck with her legs and pressed my head towards her pussy.

I kept on sucking her for a few more minutes until she was “literally begging” me to fuck her.

So, I got up and took off my pants and my jockey. I could see hunger and lust in her eyes as she saw me taking off my jockey. As soon as she saw my hard cock, she jumped and started kissing and licking it. It was not exactly a blowjob.

After some time, I put on the condom on my dick and came on her. I was in a mood to rub my cock on her pussy but the wild Indian girl was in no mood to play. She wanted it inside her and as soon as I came on her, she grabbed my cock and took it inside her and asked me to “ride her”.

Now, I never mess with a woman who is so horny. So, I obeyed her and started fucking this horny girl from Tinder.

“Faster..Faster baby.. Deeper..yeaah babyy” she was moaning loudly as I fucked her. After fucking her in that position for 2 minutes, I lifted her legs and placed a pillow under her butts so that I could go deeper inside her.

“Aaaaah…aaaaaahhh!!” She moaned as I started fucking her in that position. She was literally crying in pleasure. I could feel her pussy (which was tight) becoming loose (experienced guys must be knowing this feeling). I fucked her in that position for a few minutes before cumming.

After our first session, we both were exhausted and panting heavily. After a few seconds, we both saw each other and started kissing madly, exploring each other’s mouths with our tongues.

Then we had one more round in which she was on top of me and I was sucking on her tits.

After that, we went for dinner. We ate a lot of food because we needed energy for the long night that was waiting for us. After dinner, we cuddled for sometime and soon got charged up for another round. We had 3 more rounds that night making it to a total of 6 rounds.

I left the hotel next morning. We both knew it was just a one time thing as she did not want to leave her boyfriend. I also understood that and promised to never contact her again.

So, this was my story after a long time. I really hope to write more true stories here. Also, please forgive me if I failed to turn you on. Please feel free to give feedback (positive/negative) on [email protected]

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