A Perfect Marriage And A Friend In Need

It’s been three years since Silmiya and I got married. Even though it was an arranged marriage, honestly for us, it was love at first sight. Silmiya is pretty with great features, golden brown in complexion and slim to a medium body type with round boobs and a fat bum.

She wears the traditional Muslim outfit at home like Kameez or modest tops. When she goes out she usually wears abayas. For those who don’t know what an abaya is, it is a long robe that Arab women wear.

Our life together has been wonderful so far. I am more than thankful to God for it. Sex with Silmiya is extraordinary, only if I could put it out in words. She absolutely loves when I talk dirty to her and she cums real quick. So I really don’t worry about lasting longer than her orgasms. But I swear, it is exemplary!

I am crazy about Silmiya’s ass cause whatever she dresses. Her ass always bulges out like nothing in this world would matter than those. I manage to dry hump her butt whenever I get the chance. When she is cooking in the kitchen or when she does the bed or even when she does her make up.

We have had sex many times when we get ready to go out. I find this woman in front of the mirror fixing her mascara. That ass is irresistible. A few months ago we had attended a marriage function of a friend. Some of my friends are still bachelors and some are married.

Our wives were chatting with each other in distance and we men were talking at the other end. After some time, I got a message from my wife asking if we could leave. Well, I promise her it won’t take long so I had to leave. My friend Azam was begging if I could stay a bit longer.

The last time we met was when we were in college. I told him that my wife wants to leave and I would definitely see him again. When we were about to leave, Azam walked over to our car and said goodbye. I introduced my wife to him and he complimented Silmiya on her looks. Not in a weird way.

Later that night when Silmiya and I were having sex, I started on my dirty talks as usual. I mentioned how guys must have been lurking on her ass bulging out of her abaya. As she was moaning she bit her lips and groaned. “Yes, your friend Azam was eating my ass with his eyes.”

It was so hot that I started fucking her harder and screamed into her ears, “Did he stare at my baby’s ass? Did that bastard enjoy what he saw?” Her responses drove me crazy and I pumped the life out of her that night. We both laid exhausted in bed. I told Silmiya not to mind my friend for staring at her.

“You really looked so pretty today and it is totally acceptable that he stared,” I said.

“It would have been acceptable if he had stared at my face.” She remarked, “How do you know that he…”

“Stared at my ass?” She questioned. “I saw him in the car mirror when I was about to get in the car. Babe, his eyes were down there when I bent to get into the car.” She smiled. “Can you complain?” I hugged her. “This ass is too perfect not to stare.”

It slowly became a habit for us to talk about the people who stared at Silmiya when we went out and especially of those who looked at her bum. The sex had become more lit since then. Anal is not permitted in our religion, but when I do her doggy.

I’d always mention about those who’d die to fuck her ass. She got more aroused than ever when I did that.

Weeks later I got a call from Azam and he asked if we could meet sometime. We met the same day after work at a coffee shop nearby. It really felt like we caught up everything after college. Azam lived in the UK and still unmarried. He said his family is looking for a girl and none caught his heart.

He told me to look for one too, preferably one like Silmiya. I was a little embarrassed but he was least bothered. He went on and on about how his spouse should look and often he mentioned Silmiya.

“I want my wife to look absolutely gorgeous in her abayas, like modest, fancy and sexy all at the same time. Lucky for you man! Let me tell you a secret, I want that ass on her. Don’t tell this to your wife.” We both laughed.

I actually told these to Silmiya when we were having sex. “He actually talked to you about my ass?” She asked. “Well, not directly. But I am pretty sure he said that he wants your ass on his wife.”

Azam called me again on a weekend and asked what my plans were. I had no idea of going out that day. So I casually invited him over evening tea. That was a friendly gesture, nothing else. That evening we both sat in the garden and he talked on and on about his life in the UK.

My wife walked into the garden with tea and other snacks. She was wearing a long gown and her hijab. She humbly said hello to Azam and began to walk back into the house. I couldn’t help but notice Azam staring at her ass as she walked. I kept quiet and decided to ignore. He managed to look at her and her ass several times before he left.

Again, as usual, a lot of good sex. But only this time, it went far. “Do you think he thinks of you and touches himself?” I asked.

“I don’t know.”

“Come on, don’t you think he pictures your ass when he does that?”

“Probably,” she said.

“Does that turn you on?” She kept mum. “Tell me, does it turn you on to know that another guy strokes his dick as he pictures you?” I fucked her faster. “Yes,” she moaned.

“Does it? Do you want it?” I breathed. “Yes,” she moaned again. ‘You love it when they stare at you but don’t you?’ I pushed in deeper. “Yes, baby, yes,”

“Do you want to try his dick in your ass?”

“Oh my God, yes,” she screamed.

After a few days, Azam called again and asked if I wanted to go to a concert in the neighboring town. I told him I couldn’t leave my wife alone. He insisted that we could take Silmiya with us. It was true that Silmiya and I don’t go out much. So I thought it was a good idea.

On a Saturday evening, we all drove to the city in the south with Azam. I in the front and Silmiya at the back. The place was pretty crowded and there were no seats. We managed to get to the front row and the concert had already begun. I was holding Silmiya by her hand and started to enjoy the music.

In a few minutes, Silmiya asked if we could go home. I told it just started and we can go a bit later. After a while, Azam bought us fizzy drinks. Again moments later, Silmiya asked we could leave. I told her to let’s go in another 10 minutes.

The concert was live and she did not compel me to go home for the next half an hour at least. We decided to go home and I kept on ranting about the concert all the way home. Silmiya and Azam kept unusually quiet. That night when we went to bed, I noticed she was upset and in deep thoughts.

I asked what was bothering her. She said “Nothing.” To cheer her up, I kissed her and asked her about the concert. “Didn’t you like the concert?” I questioned.

“I could have.”

“What’s wrong?”

She did not speak. “He touched me,” she said.


“You were so busy watching the concert and he was taking advantage of me.” She said harshly.

“Baby, I am so sorry. I will have a word with him tomorrow.” I tried to calm her self. “No, leave it. What’s been done is done.” She said, “Okay. Let it go?”

“Alright.” But I couldn’t. “Where did he touch?” I asked. She did not speak. But it was exciting for me. “Babe,” I continued. “Where did he touch? Tell me.” She hesitantly said, “My back.”

“Oh my,” I gasped, “What? Your ass?’ I asked again.


“And then?”

“And then what? That’s it.” She ended it. I got on top of her. I started kissing her lips and her face. I held her hips and massaged her breasts. She was getting hot as well. “I asked if we could go home, but you wouldn’t,” she said.

“Baby, I didn’t know he was touching you,” I said.

“He wasn’t just touching.”

Then she continued telling me how he stood behind her and pressed his dick into her ass over her abaya. And then how he placed his dick smartly over her hand and made her feel it. When she took her hand away, he got behind her again and dry humped her ass until he came.

She told me how she felt his hard penis on her ass crack almost as if he was fucking her. “Did you like it, baby?” I asked as I fucked her. “Yeah,” she groaned. She also told me how he held her hips as he humped her butt and how she co-operated.

I ejaculated inside her when she told me how he managed to wipe his cum all over her ass on her abaya. I hadn’t heard from Azam for days. But the fun continued at home. I talked about that incident several times when I fucked my wife. It had become my favorite thing to talk dirty about. Silmiya absolutely adored when I did that.

Days later Azam had texted me that he is leaving back to the UK. I guess he was feeling guilty even to even talk to me. He probably would have thought I was mad at him for what he did to my wife. Or he assumed that Silmiya never uttered a word. Either way, texting was his defense.

I called Silmiya and gave her the news. And asked if we should throw him a send-off dinner for the old time’s sake. She said it was up to me. So kinkily I texted him inviting him over to dinner. He did call me right away. I was helping my wife with food preparation in the kitchen when the doorbell rang.

It was him. Silmiya suggested that I go talk to him in the living until she makes the table. We talked and watched football in the living, but nothing weird or none brought the concert thing up. Silmiya served us tea and Azam might have acted a little uncomfortable.

But he was alright after Silmiya spoke to him all calm and nice. She is a wonderful person you see. She wore a long white gown that day with a yellow shawl around her head if I haven’t forgotten. She looked her best honestly. Azam stared at her several times and thought I did not notice.

Well, I pretended as if I didn’t. I cheered for Manchester for no reason, he should have guessed. The dinner was served and it was all good. We sat back on the couch and had our last chat before he left. Silmiya sat on the handrest next to me.

I had cheekily placed my arm on her thigh while Azam was facing us from the right opposite. I knew he was noticing my hand on her thigh. So I purposely kept massaging her there as we spoke.

“You know, I even told Ahmed, you are so much prettier than the women I have seen,” he remarked.

“Thank you,” Silmiya blushed.

“I remember him saying something. What was that Azam?” I smiled. “What?” he asked. “About having Silmiya’s ass on your woman.” I reminded. “Oh my,” he nodded in embarrassment. Silmiya nudged me in shame too. “Well, that was so unintentional. But true, I’d die for such an ass on my wife.” We all laughed.

“You are gifted with such, sister,” he said. “Well, I am the one who is gifted,” I gestured. “Stop it you two!” Silmiya shook me. “Why would I? Wouldn’t I be proud to say that my gorgeous wife has the perfect ass in the world?” I pulled her on to me and kissed her lips.

We both might have kissed for a minute right in front of Azam and none of that were pre-planed. Silmiya was a little shy performing there. But I suppose she was feeling secure that I was there. I pinned her down and played with her boobs. All that, knowing Azam was watching.

I grabbed one end of her skirt and pulled it straight up. Pulled my sweatpants down to my thigh, adjusted my dick in between her thighs, pushing aside her panty. On the side I noticed, Azam was shocked and excited at the same time, pressing his bulge over his jeans.

Maybe because of Azam’s presence, Silmiya had her orgasm within five minutes. I continued fucking her for a good ten minutes. I filled her womb with my cum and got up exhausted. Silmiya laid there like a princess, eyes closed, panting heavily, skirt lifted up to her waist and shawl all scrambled behind her head.

I gestured my head to Azam, God knows if I actually wanted that. He waited no more. With one jump, he was on top of Silmiya, his pants were at his knee. Silmiya was probably not expecting that. Well, she gasped her eyes wide open and looked at me in utter shock.

I looked at her with a grin behind the sofa rest and assured her it was alright. Azam kissed Silmiya all over her face. Silmiya did not acknowledge his kisses neither did she deny. He pinched her ass-cheeks from under and almost whispered into her ears.

“Oh I so badly want this ass,” he kept pondering my wife. I could hear my wife’s moans softly. He turned Silmiya around on her all fours and entered her from behind. Slapped her ass and squeezed them. “Enjoy your dessert, my friend,” I thought.

Well, it was just that one time. Azam got married to a girl from his town, pretty but not as pretty as Silmiya. He is alright there. Silmiya and I are as thick as thieves. Happy, content and perfectly fit couple with memories to talk about, every night.

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