Story of a sex starved widow

Hello, friends. Again, I come back with a new true story. This is the best place to share my sex stories without any hesitation.

Again, I am introducing myself. My name is Raj from Bhubaneswar, and due to corona, I lost my job. I am currently working as an escort in Bhubaneswar, Konark, and Puri.

Before narrating the story, I will clarify one doubt. In my previous story, a reader asked that married people cannot be escorts. In India, many married people do not want to disclose their details but provide escort services.

This incident happened in June 2021. I received an e-mail from a reader of ISS. Her name was Varsha, aged about her late 30s, Bengali. In our city, maximum people are from outside.

Varsha worked in a reputed bank as a branch manager. Her husband died due to this corona in the first phase. She lived with her in-laws in a flat. After the death of her husband, her life was fully spoiled.

She always wanted someone with whom she could share everything. She had many friends, but no one had time to spend with her due to their busy schedule.

Varsha lived a considerable aggressive, passionate sexual life before marriage and after marriage. She always wanted a secret anonymous friend to share all her desires. And she finally came across me.

She was willing for physical satisfaction, but she was hesitant to express the same. Therefore I also did not give interest in her. After exchanging some mail, she asked for my contact number, and I gave it to her.

After my previous story, I got a few responses on Hangouts. Due to talking daily chats over mobile, we were familiar with each other. Every day we had a normal conversation. She called me 5-6 times for the face-to-face conversation. I went as per her location, and both had spent some time together.

When I met her for the first time, she was in a kurti. Her body color was not so fair, slim and good height. One night she shared some personal issues and shared about her life after the death of her husband. She searched for a second marriage, but she had not got anyone until then.

She was starving due to sexual desire, and her sexual desire was increased day by day. Sometimes she made fingering, but that was not sufficient for her desire.

One day her in-laws went to their relative’s house for 2 days leaving behind Varsha.

Varsha – Hi, can you drop me at my house?

Me – Yes, no problem. But it will take 30 minutes.

Varsha – When will you come?

Me – I think about 7 pm.

Varsha – When you come, call me. I will leave my office.

I called her at the right time, at 7.00 pm. She came, and we went on my bike to Mayfair Sq. We had some food there and spent some time together.

Varsha – Today, my family is not here. I am alone, and it is difficult for me to sleep alone. If you don’t mind, can you stay late at night?

Me – Sure, no problem.

I informed my house that it might be delayed due to some work. Both went to her flat and spent some time there. I was in the living room. She went to her bedroom to change her dress. Her bedroom was on the front side. Her bedroom was open, and I could see her activities due to the reflection of the mirror.

First, she undressed except a black bra and black panty. Varsha had a slim figure, but her breast size was somehow large. She also knew that I was looking at her through the mirror. After that, she unhooked her bra and opened her panty.

After seeing all these things, my cock was standing and searching to come out from the small room. She went to the bathroom. On the boobs, the nipples were small, the faces of the nipples were upward. The boobs were somehow big, and there was no hair in her pussy.

After a few minutes, she came out of the bathroom. She wore a red color sports bra and panty and a white color top and black color jeans. On top, her boobs showed as normal. She told me to go for dinner somewhere, and at that time it was 9.30 pm.

Both went to Swosti premium in her car, and she booked a room for dinner. She had feared to go to any restaurant with me if anyone would see. Varsha could not enjoy her life alone except to go shopping.

After reaching the room, she ordered dinner and told the hotel staff to deliver the food as soon as possible. In the said room, we both were alone. She locked the door.

Varsha – How am I looking in this dress?

Me – Hot and sexy, but…

Varsha – But means?

Me – Due to your white top, your inners are visible. Your boobs size is normal.

Varsha – Do you feel awkward?
Me – No, still…

Varsha – Still what? What do you want to tell me directly? Do not think anything awkward. You also know why we are here.

Me – Your figure is very attractive and fuckable.

She was in bed, and I was in a chair. She came and put her lip on mine and started to kiss. Both fell on the bed, and she was riding on me with a wild smooch. She was starving for one year and whispered to me, “You can make me your wife today.:

Our kiss was deep and passionate, and mouths were dying for each other’s lips. Our breaths were getting heavier. I held her tight and pressed her towards me, rolling my hands on her ass with a slight squeeze. While she was biting my lower lip, her hand ran over my cock and was slowly squeezing over my pant.

After 5 minutes of smooch, she opened my shirt and started to kiss all over my chest and licked my nipples for 10 minutes. After her turn, I threw her on the bed and rode on her. I held her head and put my tongue in her mouth and started to play deeply with her tongue, and bit her upper lip.

While I was busy with her tongue, she opened my zip and squeezed my cock over my inners. After that, I started to lick her neck and cleavage. I put my hand in her t-shirt slowly and started to squeeze her two melons over her bra. Without any delay, I undressed her t-shirt and started licking her cleavage deeply and bit.

She undressed me fully with such excitement. She was in jeans and a bra with excitement. She held cock and started to suck for a while. After that, I opened her bra and jeans and licked from neck to upper part of pussy. Her nipple was very small.

I tried to drink her milk and licked her for a long time. I played with her nipple and made her excited more and more. While both were nude, the hotel staff knocked on the door. It was very difficult to control ourselves. Varsha went to the bathroom.

I opened the door after wearing my dress. The staff person came with dinner items, and after he served the food, he went. When he went, I locked the door and went into the bathroom. We were started to kiss again and came to the bed. She undressed me and put my cock in her mouth, and started to suck deeply.

After that, I rode over her, put my hand in her panty, and found that her pussy was wet. One hand rubbed her wet pussy and sucked her boobs in my mouth. After such long foreplay, she wanted my dick, but I did not give her. She whispered that she had never enjoyed such type of fun earlier.

I undressed her panty, put my two fingers on, and started to fuck. After a few minutes, she started to moan slowly. While she was moaning slowly, I inserted my cock and started to fuck slowly. The inner part of her pussy was very hot, which encouraged me to fuck her deeply.

First, I fucked her in a missionary position for a while. After that, she rode on me, but that position was not comfortable for us. Then she took the doggy position. I rubbed my cock with her pussy slowly. When I applied some force, my cock was easily inserted.

While I fucked her, I held her two boobs and squeezed them smoothly. My mouth was busy with the backside of her neck. She was well aware of the sex position, and she changed the position which one she wanted.

After some time, her first cum was discharged, and she wanted more, for which I fucked till my cum was discharged. When my cum was discharged, her second cum was also discharged.

After this session, we took a bath together, and after that, we took our dinner together.

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