Fucked My Hot & Sexy Reader Saira – Part 4

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I dropped Saira in the cab and left for my place. I reached home and took out my mobile. A long WhatsApp message was waiting for me. It was from Saira

“Hi, sweety. I hope you have reached home safely. I reached home. Mom was a little suspicious, but somehow I managed her. Thanks a lot for the wonderful memories. I never thought you’d be so good. You took every fantasy of mine on a serious note and fulfilled it.”

“I have a few more fantasies, but for that, you need to wait for some time. After a week, my whole family shall go out to attend a family wedding for three days. I have three fantasies specifically for each day. You don’t have to arrange for anything.”

“I shall keep the things ready for you. I need your lovely meaty cock to satisfy my fantasies. I am sure you won’t say No to me. I will catch you later, babe. Take care. Bye”

After reading the message, I started counting the time remaining for her parents to leave. It was around 168 odd hours. I had a sleepless night.

Days were passing slow. We would drop a ‘Good morning, Hi, Hello, Good night’ sort of message till that time. Both of us were not finding enough time.

My mind would be mostly occupied with the thoughts. What are her other fantasies? And why does she need a day to complete her fantasy? Will she be calling me at her place for three days? I was getting restless about it.

I have already informed my boss that I shall be on leave for three days in the upcoming week. He sanctioned it without much interference. I was waiting anxiously to meet Saira for action.

My dick comes into life when I think about the previous day’s action from hotel to empty apartment. Everything was still fresh. On the 5th night, I got a message from her

“Hi babe, how are you? I hope you still remember me. I want to give you an exciting plot for writing this time. My parents are going tomorrow. I shall meet you at Victoria memorial.”

“From there, we shall go to the place where I have a fantasy to fulfill. If possible, take leave for the next three days. I am going to drain your balls empty a lot more times. Good night babe.”

I blushed silently. Finally, the day arrived. I texted her back.

“Hi sweetie, I have been waiting for this day for since long. I promise I won’t disappoint you. Good night. Do you mind telling me your fantasy for tomorrow? ”

She replied in a jiffy. “Nope, babe. It’s a secret and a surprise for you. Trust me. You’ll love it. Good night sweetie. Take proper sleep, coz for next three days you’ll barely get any sleep.”

I was excited as hell now. I texted my senior about my leaves and went to sleep. I wanted to be an active performer for the next three days. I informed about a short trip with my office colleagues for three days at home and left to meet Saira.

We met outside the Victoria memorial. She was looking stunning. A white top and blue denim pairs were suiting her aura. Her hairs were left open, and the sunshine was kissing every length of her hair. Her smile was making her look gorgeous. I was in all praise of her beauty.

“Hey Mister, Are you going to drool over me, or shall we leave? I want you to keep this expression for later.”

“Yeah. I am sorry. You’re looking so pretty that I was amazed at your beauty. Let’s leave.”

We took a cab, and she gave a piece of paper to the driver and asked him to take it there. I was a bit confused.

“At least now you could tell me where are we going?”

“Chill, babe. We are going to a place which you have never tried to date, for sure. Trust me. It’s safe and good.”

I calmed down, but still, my mind was unrest. She held my hand and smiled at me. It was comfortable. The driver drove for around 45 minutes, and we have crossed city limits. We took a highway, and the car was running at full speed.

Soon, we reached her destination. It was a three-story apartment. I didn’t find anything surprising about it.

“Here we are. It’s my ancestral place. I mostly come here for partying or for my work. It’s calm. And the best part is, No one recognizes me here.”

“Wait, it’s your ancestral house, and no one recognizes you. How’s that possible?”

“My parents lived here for a short while. Then we moved to the city. Hardly anyone here remembers my dad’s name. They know that I keep coming to check this place. That’s it”

“Do you think it’s safe? I mean, we could have taken a hotel? ”

“Come here. I’ll tell you why I chose this place over any hotel.”

She held my hand and took me into the apartment. We were walking inside the pavement of the apartment.

“You know, babe, I always had a wish to fuck my guy at this place. It holds a very special touch for me. I trust you like anything. I wanted to spend the best time of my life with you over here, at least once. I am sorry, I am a little emotional, but I hope you won’t mind getting you here.”

“Babe, it’s your fantasy, and I am happy that you trust me with it. I am happy to do anything for your happiness.”

“Okay, marry me then,” She said with a sheepish smile.

I was a little taken aback. But I wasn’t hesitant about it. I would wish to marry Saira on any given day. I held her hand.

“Let’s marry today.”

“Lol. I am not going to marry you like this. Come to my house, greet my parents, take their permission and take me with you, forever.”

She was still holding my hand.

“Will your parents agree? I mean, we belong to… ”

I prefer not to say anything ahead.

“Chuck, it, babe. Let’s not think so far. We have three days to enjoy ourselves. Let’s get in.”

We went to floor 1. It was a rather old-fashioned flat. The switchboards, the sofa, the dining table were antiques. Maybe her grandparents used to stay there.

“It was where my grandparents used to live until they died. So my first-day choice is fuck me in this flat. Anywhere, anytime, I am all yours.”

“Okay. You have chosen the place. May I blend it as per my wish? ”

“Sure, babe. The place is as per my choice, and sex is as per your choice.”

“I want to do roleplays with you. In this flat, I want to be your masseur who is here to give some good time. Does it sound cool to you?”

“It’s amazing. I would love it. Who doesn’t like a free massage?” She winked at me.

“It’s not going to be free. I shall charge you for that,” I pulled her towards me.

“Anything you charge, I am happy to pay,” Saira said.

“Okay, so ma’am, your appointment is booked with one of our massage specialists Neeraj. Kindly make yourself comfortable till I come with all necessary things,” I said.

“Sure, Neeraj,” She walked to the room.

I went to the drawing-room to see the necessary things. I got a few and took them to the room.

“Ma’am, there is a towel, and we have palm oil for massage. I hope it’s fine with you.”

“Yup, it’s fine with me.”

She took the towel and closed the door. After five minutes, I knocked on her room.

“May I come in, Ma’am?

” Sure, Neeraj. By the way, you may call me Saira.”

“Oh, such a sweet name.”

“Thank you.”

Saira wrapped the towel slightly above her breasts. A slight view of her cleavage was enough to harden my cock.

“Please lie on the bed Saira on your belly.”

Saira lay on her belly. Her back was facing me. She tied her hair in a bun, and her neck was visible. I took little oil in my hand and started massaging her feet.

I was rubbing her feet gently and applying acupressure on the points. I was rubbing her thighs gently. Her silky smooth legs were feeling good.

“Is the pressure fine, Saira? ” I enquired.

“It’s lovely. I guess that’s why they call you a massage expert,” She winked at me.

I was going smooth on her legs. Her legs were glistening with the touch of the palm oil. I pushed the towel upside, and her soft ass cheeks were in my view.
I took some oil and started massaging in between her legs. I touched her G-spot, and I felt wetness around it.

I kept massaging her legs for a while till she was uncontrollably wet. Her breathing got heavier, and she dug her face in the bed to lower her moans. I slowly asked, “Ma’am, do you need any extra services?”

She looked at me and asked, “What extra services do you provide, and what are the charges?”

“Complete naked and pussy licking till orgasm will cost you Rs. 1500/-. Boobs suck going to be free of charge,” I said.

“How much for whole day sex?” she asked.

“It’s going to be hefty. I usually charge 5k per round. So you may calculate roughly,” I winked at her.

She got up and took my hands, and put them on her boobs. “Then charge me as much you want. I need sex for the whole day. Cancel all your appointments and come to my pussy.”

Our lips met, and we were sucking each other madly. Our lips refused to part ways. I was sucking her lower lip vigorously. Her muffled moans were making me hornier.

I pressed her soft juicy boobs and pinched her light pink nipples. I put my mouth on her left boob and started sucking it harder. I bit her boobs wildly.
“Easy, babe, I am all yours. They are here for you for the next three days.”

“And what about the past 5 days? It’s your punishment, babe.” I bit a little harder this time. Her boobs were turned into red cherry with my aggression.
She felt back on the bed, and I came on top of her.

I was kissing her neck, ears, lips, and moving down. I sucked her boobs and bit them again. I kissed her flat tummy and kissed her navel. I licked her navel ring for a while before digging my nose into her pussy.

The smell was afresh, and the cunt was wet. I started eating out her pussy. Her moans turned a bit louder.

“Aah Neeraj. You made me so wet. I can’t wait anymore. Fuck me harder now.”

“Not before you suck me hard,” I put my cock on her face and made her suck it. I deep-throated her till my dick was wet with her saliva and my pre-cum. I pulled out my dick from her mouth and spread her legs. I pushed my cock slowly inside her and started thrusting.

Initially, I was slow and rhythmic. Soon I went wild and started fucking her with all my might. The bed was making enough sound, but we knew no one could hear us. I got her on all four and fucked her cunt hard. I was slapping her ass cheeks hard.

She was moaning wildly and crying out my name. Her ass cheeks were swollen and red by now. My dick was still going hard in her pussy. Then, I took her to the TV cabinet in the room and started fucking her wildly. She kept her hands behind to take support from the cabinet.

My hands held her legs and made deep thrusts in her pussy. We looked at each other and locked our lips. We were kissing and fucking madly. I took her on the bed again and made her ride my cock. Her boobs were bouncing wildly. I held them in my hands and pressed them hard.

I was giving strokes to match Saira’s hip movement, and soon I got her. I was penetrating deep in her pussy, and her cunt was flowing wildly. She came with a loud moan. I gave her time to enjoy her sweet orgasm.

She looked at me and kissed my lips wildly. Then, she put my head on her left nipple and made me suck them hard. I flipped her while my dick was inside her and started thrusting her in missionary. I was about to cum.

I came deep inside her juicy valley. I stayed upon her till my last drop was lost in her juicy cunt. I pulled and fell beside her. We both were trying to catch our breath.

“So, Mr. Massage expert, ready for one more round?”

“Anytime for you, Ma’am,” and I started kissing her madly.

We both knew that we needed a proper diet and rest to go all day long. After some smooching and cuddling, we ordered food and cleaned the room. Our food arrived in some time.

We had our food and fucked the entire day. We lost the count of numbers we fucked and came. After the marathon sex, we both slept by holding each other into the arm. Stay tuned to know what happened on Day 2.

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