Steamy Sex With A Stranger

Tinder is a good place for women to attach a rocket launcher to their self-esteem. Every guy one time or many tried their luck here. I’m one such among many hopeless singles trying to drain their sexual energies watching porn or hoping to find the touch of a woman. And finally, this happened.

After swiping right for a painstaking amount of time, at last finally, I got someone’s attention. Somehow I managed to impress her successfully and made her meet me in person. So I met her at a bar near my place. I had to be at my best to impress this wonderful woman, who looks hot with her nerd glasses.

The most I liked in her was her hair, makes me sound weird somehow. She’s got good boobs with not so big ass. To sum up, she has got enough qualities to turn heads. She showed up in a lovely pink skirt. She has got thunderous thighs. We had a few drinks. I cracked some jokes and she made some.

Time flew by somehow given it is the first meeting between us. And people started to leave one after the other but drinks went down our throats. And finally, we had to leave the place, high in the spirit. The air felt cold that night. We started to walk on the road, blabbering gibberish and laughing out loudly.

The place was desolate except for some people who are sitting by the fire set up on the roads. We reached a place where trees are lined up on sides of the road. The air was even chillier. I held her hand and ran my fingers through hers. She looked at me and I bent forward and kissed on her lips.

We broke from the kiss and she didn’t say a word and took out her phone. She booked an Uber and I thought this is the end of the road. I had to drag my ass out of there. I was cursing myself. The cab arrived. She sat in the car and gestured what I was waiting for.

I shrugged my shoulders and then she suddenly pulled me into the car. I was relieved and happy at the same time. She was holding my hand all the way back. I could feel the heat throughout the journey. We managed to steal kisses a few times, nervousness mingled with excitement.

We left the car and I followed her. She opened the doors to her paradise or should I say my paradise. I sat in the hall and the flat was decent except for the things here and there. She went into her room. After a few minutes somehow the speakers started to play a sweet song and she walked out of her room.

Believe me, it was a hell of a dramatic entrance. She was wearing a black satin nightdress and her hair rolled into a bun. My insides started to defy gravity and the alcohol played its part. She came near me and bent down and kissed me. She sat on top of me and kissed me again with a sense of comfort now.

I could feel the heat in her breath. I grew confident and started to feel her body. She was a raging tigress and she grabbed my shirt and started unbuttoning it. She ran her hands on my chest and pinched my nipples while she kissed me. My cock grew restless and maybe she felt it.

She moved away and sat on her knees and unzipped my pants, threw them away. She looked at my cock which is rock hard. She grabbed it and a shiver ran through my body. She is a spirited animal. She spat on my cock and swallowed it all. She liked the red ball and she played with her tongue.

Biting sometimes and rubbing with her tongue and trying to take it deep down her throat. She choked on it and took it out. I was enjoying her lovely face with all the saliva drooling from her lips. I held her head as she pulled the skin on my cock and sucked the round knob. Her hands and mouth are quite the tools.

I felt every bit of that and grunted in pleasure. Groaned sometimes and moaning often. My balls got tighter ready to release. She kept on sucking, making sounds as she does it. Maybe the idea of my grunts and moans excited her even more and she sped it up.

I came on her face, she licked. She stood up and grabbed a towel and went into the kitchen to clean herself. I sat there exhausted but gathered myself somehow and went inside the kitchen. She was cleaning her face and I hugged her from behind. My hands were feeling her boobs. She turned around and I kissed her.

I asked her to sit on the kitchen top and then spread her legs. I removed her panty and pushed her a bit back. She had a wicked smile and she started to spread her legs more and I removed her dress. I sat on my knees and kissed her thighs and made my way slowly towards her love hole.

Her pussy was wet already and I kissed those soaked lips. I bit her inner thigh and finally pushed my tongue inside her cunt. She was going crazy and hissing. She held my hair and pushed my head into her body. I licked her clit and licked on the insides of her pussy lips.

She wrapped her legs around my head and egged me on with her moans. She started to move on her ass on my lips. I pressed her boobs and tongue fucked her pussy. She bent forward and held my head and made a huge grunt and laid on me. I moved away and she held my hand and took me into her bedroom.

We were sharing the same blanket. Our bodies were feeling each other’s sweat. We talked for a while and I kissed her deeply, played with her tongue a little. We kept doing it until we ran out of breath. I grabbed her and put it on top of me and put my fingers between her legs.

My cock regained its full might and her nipples were hard as stone. I whispered in her ear that she’s soaked and she kissed my neck. That’s when I pushed my finger inside her vagina. She hissed and said one more. I pressed my other finger into action. Space started to get limited.

She arched her back and hissed one more. I put one more finger in her. She grunted and held my hair. I felt he it was her limit and she smiled. We looked at each other for some time and I put all my three fingers at once and started feeling her pussy. They made their way slowly in and out of her pussy.

My fingers became sticky as I drilled her properly. I could feel her pussy walls engulfing my fingers. My cock grew hard again and it’s time my tool tasted her. I made her lie on her back and spread her legs. She held them in air and I sat and rubbed my cock on her pussy.

I slowly pushed it inside and halfway down I pulled it back. I wanted her to feel the full force this time and I pushed with all my might into her in one go. Her hand left her legs and held my body as she gasped. I could feel her nails pressed into my skin. I moved in and out holding her neck and pulling her up.

My cock hit her insides with full force as she held my ass and pushed it further. We soon came and that was one of the best orgasms I ever had. We then moved onto the couch to enjoy. And this time it was her chance to ride. She sat on top of me and made fluent motions as my cock went fully inside her.

She held my hands and placed it on her boobs. As we neared our climax again I tried to pull out my cock but she insisted on having it inside her. And I came inside her. I felt the hot gushes on my cock and she lay there on me.

In the morning when I woke up I was sleeping on her boobs and I woke her up. We had a shower together. I put on my clothes and kissed on her lips and left her flat. And that was the last time I ever saw her. It was one of the best nights I had. Thanks for reading. Ciao.

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