Solo Traveler’s Fun

As a traveler, I always got a chance to explore new places, new people, new culture, their food and beautiful sides of nature. But this trip was different, I got a chance to explore a new pussy.

I was traveling to Hampi from Mumbai. Hampi is the ruins of the Vijayanagar empire. It has a hidden side called the Hippie island. A lot of cafes and foreigners hang around here. I reached there by an overnight tiring bus journey. So I decided to rest for the first day.

I had booked a resort near a famous cafe. I freshened up, had a bath and came out to have breakfast at the cafe. This cafe had a sitting arrangement in Indian style. It was the month of December, the place was heavily crowded. As a result, we had to share the table.

The cafe was jammed with more foreigners and fewer Indians. Luckily, I got a place to settle. I order french toast, omelet and some coffee. I was waiting for my order and stalking international beauties around. Few minutes passed, A girl with a jhola entered the cafe. She was looking around for an empty place.

I had a little space to my right and she can fit in if I adjust a bit. When her eyes were roaming for the vacant place, I signaled her with a wave. She smiled back in confirmation and sat beside me.

We greeted, “Good morning.” Before I could start the conversation, the boy came to take the order. She asked him to wait for a second and she thanked me first for the seat. Later we exchange our basic information. Her name was Radhika.

She was traveling from the south, currently residing in Bangalore for a job. Her figure was well maintained. She will be working out regularly. Her dusky skin was the point of attraction in the cafe, full of foreigners. “34-30-34”, I guessed in my devil mind.

These stats were complimenting her 5.8inch height. And she was a solo backpacker too. This helped us to jell up quickly. We shared our past adventure details on the breakfast chat. We were so engrossed in discussions that others on the table must have thought we are together.

We paid for our bill and came out of the cafe. She was waving me goodbye. I interrupted asking for today’s plan. She was supposed to explore the hippie side of Island including the Sanapur lake, Anugandi village, and Anjenadri hill. She had rented a scooter and luckily asked me to join her.

I was glad by the opportunity and asked her to wait for 10 minutes. I went to my room took my camera in a small backpack and we headed to Sanapur lake. She was riding the bike and I was sitting behind, smelling the aroma of her black, thick and long hairs.

We reached the lake, took some snaps and did coracle ride. It was fun spending time with her. I checked the time on my watch. It was a quarter to two. I offered her to have lunch at my resort. She happily agreed. We came to the resort on her bike and had delicious south Indian thali.

Even in December, it was so hot that we decided to take rest in the room and start our journey in the evening. We promised each other that we won’t miss the sunset from Anjenadri hill. At first, she was hesitant to wait in my room. But I manipulated her mind and convinced her to stay back.

I bolted the door from inside and jumped on the bed. She was quietly sitting on the edge of the bed. I realized my mistake and apologized to her for the act. She smiled. We travelers, whenever we sit for discussion, we start with our travel diaries. In no time, she was lost in the conversation.

I was slowly progressing towards hers. Now she was also comfortably sitting leaning on the pillows. I tapped her thigh while telling a funny experience of mine. There were no signs of objection. We were laughing, pulling each other legs. She was now explaining her last trek to the Himalayas.

I sat closed near her showing some excitement on my face. I interrupted her and said, “Acha listen na!” She replied, “Han han tell me.” I placed my lips on her lips with the speed of light without letting her understand. And came back with the same speed waiting for her reaction.

There was silence in the room for the next 2 minutes. Then a smile flashed on her face. She asked surprisingly, “What just happened?” I replied, “The more important question is whether you like it or not!” Again a long pause and a soft reply, “I don’t know.”

I came close to her and immediately replied, “Then want to know?” She blinked her eyes in affirmation. I placed my hand on her chick and dragged her face close to mine. I took her lower lip in my lips and starred chewing it softly. She was not responding at first. I kept playing lips game and hugged her tight.

Then I started spotting her neckline with my lips. She was just feeling my lips without any reaction until I reached her earlobes. I chewed her ear and she let out a loud moan. I was successful in finding her weak link. I bit it now. She held me tight. Now she was responding like there is no tomorrow.

I came back to her rosy lips. They were jumping on each other. our tongues were exchanging saliva. I started roaming my hand on her back and slide it in her skirt stretching it’s elastic. I rolled my finger on top of her ass crack and she shivered. Her other weak point.

I started teasing her on her ass. She was breathing heavily. She broke the kiss and was trying to come to a natural breathing pace. I utilized this time to unbuttoned the gates of heaven. She was protecting her tits with a white lacy bra. It looked sparkling on her whitish skin.

I pressed them over the bra. I hugged her again, this time especially to reach her bra hooks. Her bra collapsed showing me her eternal beauty. She had big pinkish-brown nipples like a grown-up woman. A tent formed in my short looking at her globes. There were similar to football shape. And I love football.

I started feeling her boobs and gave a gentle press on it. I rolled my finger on her nipples, pinched them, then pushed her on the bed and slept on her to grab her nipple in my mouth. I was rigorous on her boobies. Pressing them hard and sucking her nipples, chewing and biting in between.

The room was filled with loud moans. I continued the foreplay with her boobs and started pulling her skirt down. In that effort, her panty was pulled off. And I was astonished by her hairy vagina. It was dripping with white sticky fluids. The fluid was soaking in her thick vaginal hair. It invited me to taste it.

The salty liquid sent a thundering excitement in my body. I licked her pussy with my tongue. She shivered, raised her spine and let out a moan. I kept licking it going deeper. She was dripping loads of juices. I started scrolling my body towards her face and placed my lips on her, allowing her to taste her juices.

It was an altogether new experience for her. She was in ecstasy. I rolled over and removed my t-shirt, shorts, and underwear in a go. My penis was erected and was ready to throb her pussy walls. I went into the missionary position and started rubbing my tool on her entrance.

She murmured in a low tone, “Condom.” I gave a cunning smile, removed a condom from the drawer. I asked her to help me wear it. This was the first time, she was touching my tool. She was amazed by its thickness. She whispered in my ear, “Fuck me hard, it’s been a long time. Make me your whore.”

Her dirty words encouraged me. I made her sleep and started penetrating her love hole. Her pussy was super tight. I had to make an extra effort to enter her. I started stroking her gently to enter her pussyhole. She was on extreme pain and pleasure at the same time.

With few strokes, my penis was halfway hidden in her pussy. She was moaning, screaming. I pulled out my dick a little and with all my power pushed it in her hole. She scratched her nails in my back and yelled, “Fuck me. Fuck me hard.”

My back and forth moments overpowered her moans and I increased pace gradually. She was moving her body like a snake. I was fucking her now with full force. My throbbing moment was creating a sound like ‘pachak pachak’. She had two orgasms by then. I was also reaching the climax.

I pulled out my dick, removed condom in hurry and sat on her boobs. I started stroking my penis with my hand and released a stream of hot cum on her face and neck. Few droplets were on her hair. A satisfying expression came to her face, she hugged me tightly and we slept naked.

When we woke up, we realized that we had missed the sunset. But who cares, the love was rising. She decided to spend that night in my room. We went out to have dinner. She was continuously looking at me with seductive eyes. I was sure, I won’t be allowed to sleep tonight.

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