Exciting Story Of Husband Pimping His Wife

My wife Champa is a very good housewife. She cooks a variety of tasty dishes every day. She does gardening in the backyard of our house. I am very happy with her and even happier to be pimping her.

I fuck her almost every night, provided she is there with me in my bed. But sometimes, she may not be with me. She provides sex service to selected high-profile customers as her part-time job. Of course, it is not necessary for her. But it does spice up her sex life and fulfills her unfulfilled hidden desires.

It is a habit she started during her college days and continued after our marriage without any objection. She has a tie-up with two escort agencies who arrange her hi-fi customers. One is Anand, and another is Akshay.

They scrutinize the customer well and call her for the service if they are satisfied with the customers’ health. Anand has contacts with many guys like Engineers, Doctors, Lawyers, rich businessmen, etc.

Akshay is in touch with 5-star hotels. Akshay is arranging hi-profile girls to hi-profile guys staying in star hotels. Both these agents take care to ensure that the guy is safe. So they charge a good commission for themselves. Their share may also go up to 60% in some cases but not less than 30% in any case.

Champa does not mind this because she is escorting for fun and not for money. She is in search of variety. Despite two agencies, she gets hardly 7 or 8 cases per month on average. Thus, Champa sleeps with her customers on about 7 or 8 nights a month.

She is available to me for the rest of the days, about 22 or 23 nights. I fuck her almost every night she is with me. She is submissive to her customers but dominates me at home.

My normal fucking session is for a little more than one hour. About 10 minutes blow job, 10 minutes pussy licking, 20 minutes foreplay like boob pressing, kissing, spanking, etc. Then about 10 minutes doggy style, 10 minutes she riding on me and finally pussy fucking ending with ejaculation.

With customers, also she does all these and something more as per the fantasies of the customer. She says she wants to see that the customer is fully satisfied. Most of the customers go for anal fucking also. Customers should feel that she is worth the money.

One day she was at home. We went to bed at 10 pm. Our foreplays started. By 10.30 pm, we both were naked. I was lying on her in 69 position. My penis was inside her mouth, and my tongue was inside her vagina. She was hot and aroused too much. She told me to fuck in pussy.

I removed my penis from her mouth and fixed it into the vagina hole. I gave just 4 or 5 shots slowly when her mobile started ringing. As I continued with few more slow shots in her vagina, she received the call from Anand.

Anand: Madam, you are urgently required. Please come immediately.

Champa: Where should I come?

Anand: I am sending the location. Tell Vinay Sir to drive you to this location. I am waiting here near the customer’s house.

Champa: Okay. Let me get ready. It will take half an hour to get ready.

Anand: Madam, be quick. Now the time is 11 o’clock. You must get here before 12 o’clock. Don’t delay. Tell Vinay Sir to take the car out from the shed.

Champa: Okay. I will try to get there before 12 o’clock.

Anand: Champa madam, blue color saree.

Champa told me to get ready to drive and went to the bathroom. She took a quick bath. She always wants to offer a fresh and good-smelling body to the customer.

She wore a dark blue g-string, matching bra, thin white semi-transparent petticoat, blue semi-transparent sleeveless blouse, and matching saree. Her cleavage was well exposed.

I wore my normal underwear, Jeans, and a T-shirt. I took the car key and brought the car out from the shed. The queen came out from the house. She was looking like a newly married bride. She sat in the front seat, and I drove the car.

I was driving, guided by the location map. The road was free. So I could drive fast and reach the destination but was late by 10 minutes. Anand was waiting there. Champa got down from the car. Anand was angry because we were late.

Anand: (In a rough voice) Champa, what is this? You are late. Don’t you know that you must reach on time? Otherwise, the customer will be unhappy.

Champa: Sorry, Anand. There was very little time, and distance is more.

Anand: You Shut up, bitch. Don’t give excuses. A prostitute should never be late when the customer is waiting. If the customer is angry, he may reject you.

Champa: Sorry, Anand.

Anand called the customer through mobile.

Anand: (In polite voice) Sir, she has come. Please come, Sir.

Customer: How is she? Is she good?

Anand: Sir, you come and see Sir. You will definitely like this lady. She is not like Vatsala.

Customer: Better than Vatsala?

Anand: Yes, Sir. Come and see Sir. If you don’t like her, no problem, Sir. You can reject, and then I will call Shanti within half an hour

The guy came. He was a handsome guy with good height. He was wearing a pair of half pants and a T-shirt. He saw Champa from top to bottom. His face was saying that she is good. He told Anand.

Guy: She looks good. Is she good in bed also or like Vatsala?

Anand: I had arranged this lady for more than a dozen customers. Everyone was satisfied with her.

Guy: Okay. Let me try this lady now. What is her rate?

Anand: Sir, for a short period of up to 2 hours, 10K. For full night 25K.

Guy: What about anal sex?

Anand: In a 2-hour session, no anal. Blowjob and pussy fucking only. In the full night session, anal is also included.

Guy: I will now book for 2 hours. If I like her, I will extend to a full night.

Anand: Okay, Sir. I will ask her husband to wait here for 2 hours.

Guy: I am observing her face. She looks like a decent lady from a good family, not like a prostitute.

Anand: Correct, Sir. She is an educated lady from a good family. Her husband is a Chartered Accountant. She is not doing this for money. She is doing this for fulfilling her lust.

Anand called me. I got down from the car and went near them. Anand introduced me to the guy.

Anand: Sir, he is Vinay, a CA. Champa’s husband. A man with a free mind. You can happily fuck his wife, no problem, Sir.

The guy looked at my face for my reaction.

Me: No problem. You use her just like your own wife.

Guy: You look to be a cuckold. I will use your wife like my bitch. Hahaha.

Me: Yes, fine. She will be your bitch or whore. Fuck her like a real whore.

Guy: Mister, she is a real whore. No doubt. You wait here. I will take her inside and fuck her like a wild bull. Tomorrow you ask her how my shots were.

He took her with him to his house. She walked with him holding his hand in hand. Yes, this Indian housewife turned into his slut. You can use any word – whore or bitch or slut or prostitute. What happened next inside the house is left to your imagination.

Anand: Sir, you wait for 2 hours. If she comes out, you can take her home.

Me: Sure.

Anand: I have to visit a nearby place. I will be back here within an hour.

Me: Then let me also go with you. What will I do here alone?

Anand: Okay, no problem.

I drove him in my car to the place he wanted to visit. He called Geeta madam. When I stopped the car in front of her house, Geeta came out. Anand gave 5000 rupees to her.

Geetha: Only 5000?

Anand: Yes. As agreed, I took 10000 from him. Your share is 5000.

Geetha: You said yesterday’s guy would give 12K.

Anand: Yes. He bargained and gave only 10K.

We returned to the place where my wife was fucking with the guy. Soon after we reached there, Anand’s phone rang. It was from the guy.

Guy: Anand, I finished the first-round game. Fantastic. This lady is excellent. You introduced the best whore today. I want to extend for a full night.

Anand: Okay, Sir. Please carry on. I will tell Vinay to go home and come tomorrow morning to pick her.

I returned home. The next morning I got a call from Champa at about 8 am. I went to that place and picked her. The guy also came with her.

Guy: Sir, I am safely returning your wife to you.

Me: Thanks.

Guy: Your wife is a sex goddess. I enjoyed myself a lot with her. I pounded her in all possible ways. Ask her for details, if you want.

Me: I am happy if you are satisfied.

Guy: I have a request. Please send her to me next weekend for three days. I want to take her to an outside place and fuck her. I want to share her with my friends also. Okay?

Me: No problem. Once you hire her, she will be at your disposal. You can use her as you want. I will not interfere.

Guy: Good. So she will be a real whore for my friends and me. I will make her a true whore.

Me: Sure.

I drove back home, and the whore was sitting to my left. She narrated some details of her games with the guy. He had fucked her several times. She had six orgasms. His cum had gone in all her holes. Ass fucking was not easy because his tool was very thick and big. The last round was early morning at 7 am.

After reaching home, she went to the bathroom, took a shower bath, and then went to sleep. I went to the bathroom and checked her previous night’s clothes.

Her g-string had a thick layer of that guy’s semen. I smelled it. It was the perfect smell of semen. I noticed his semen on the string also, which had oozed out from her ass hole after the anal fucking.

I put all clothes in the washing machine, washed them and put them for drying. I do this work always because I know that she is tired.

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My next story will be part 2 of this story, where I will narrate every detail of her next weekend program with the same guy and his friends. Also, I will talk about her experiences with hotel guests arranged by Akshay.

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