Lockdown Blessing For The Doctor

Dr. Vinay was a reputed doctor of his locality in Delhi, who owned a small one-story hospital too. This was during the time of the lockdown in India and many people were stuck in different places. But doctors were on regular duty and so was the case with Dr. Vinay.

Dr. Vinay was passionate about his work and earned the respect and the trust of his patients by working hard and honestly towards his responsibilities. But then we all know that men will be men. And so was the case with our Dr. Vinay. He had one weakness – young Indian married ladies excited him and he often fantasized about them.

Just a month before the lockdown, a newly married couple had shifted into the flat opposite his in the same apartment. The lady was perfect wife material.

Dr. Sahab checked her out on the very first day they moved in. The doctor was leaving for his routine daily walk early in the morning when he met the young couple. An introduction with them told him that the couple had just moved into Delhi from a small town in Rajasthan.

The husband exchanged pleasantries and gave him a smile and the doctor reciprocated. But the doctor’s eyes were focused on his young wife Sunita.

Rajat and Sunita had just been married about a month back. And Sunita looked like a new-married bride. She had thick, red mehndi on her fairy-like fair hands, and wore a saree which exposed half of her beautiful navel.

Dr. smiled at her as well but she didn’t respond as was expected. Dr. walked past them and stood waiting for the lift. Rajat was busy opening the gate and Dr. had a very good, lusty view of Sunita’s back as her blouse barely covered even half of her milky white back.

That morning Dr. had a very distracted walk. His penis was semi-erect imagining Sunita and her back. He felt lucky to have such an amazing young couple as his neighbor. His horny mind had already started imagining how good she would be in bed and how lucky Rajat was to enjoy her assets.

The days passed and Rajat and the doctor became friends. They used to go for a walk together.

As the Dr. was living alone, he was invited to have dinner at Rajat’s home, which he joyfully accepted. Slowly, even Sunita started talking to him as the ice melted.

Now the whole of India went into shock when the nationwide lockdown was announced. Sunita had reason to be even tenser. Just two days back, her husband had gone to their town to visit his parents and now had no chance to return back to Delhi till the lockdown is in effect.

Sunita was a typical small-town Indian girl. It was the first time that she had visited a big city like Delhi. She didn’t have the habit of mingling with strangers and talking to them.

The Dr. knew that Rajat was in his town and Sunita was trapped alone in the city. As the doctor had become good friends with Rajat, he received a call from him that evening. Rajat requested the Dr. to look after Sunita as she is new to the City. The Dr. was more than happy to oblige. He now had a golden opportunity in his bag.

A few days passed and Dr. made it a habit to have dinner daily at Sunita’s place. But he played his cards smartly. He didn’t make his intentions clear to her. He behaved as a caring friend to her and used to get her groceries and stuff. Slowly, Sunita started trusting him.

One day, she had a mild fever. She informed her husband, and he immediately informed the Dr. about it. Hearing this, Dr. wasted no time in paying her a visit with the ostensible reason of checking up on her.

This was his golden opportunity. He walked into her house, and with the excuse of checking her fever, for the first time he touched the soft, fair, buttery skin of the beauty. He had been lusting for the past month. Even though it was a scary situation of Corona, he got horny by touching her.

He made her lay on the bed and through his stethoscope, had a good feel of her chest and surrounding areas. He called up one of his known laboratory technician at home and said he wanted to get her tested for Corona.

Dr. knew that there are very fewer chances of Sunita contracting Corona as she was not showing any major symptoms of the disease. But he had other plans in mind.

The next day the report came and as expected, it was negative. But the Dr. informed the couple that it was positive. Rajat who was almost 500 km away from his wife was shocked by the news and had no clue what to do next.

Sunita was already terrified by the news. Her husband had no choice but asked the Dr. to do whatever was required. Seeing his friendly and helpful nature in the past month, Rajat had the confidence that the Dr. will get his wife cured. This was the opportunity Dr. was eagerly waiting for.

Rajat called Sunita and told her to do whatever the doctor tells her to do. She had no choice but to agree. Dr. told her that tonight itself we have to get your CT scan done, to know the intensity of the virus which has spread in your body. She agreed.

The doctor called up his laboratory friend again and told him that he will need the keys to his lab for the night. His friend understood what he was going to do, as both of them many times had called and fucked many call girls in that lab!

They went to the lab at night and Sunita was confused to see it empty. Vinay said that the working hours were over but as he has to check her, he specially asked his friend to open it for them. She was convinced with the answer. The doctor had a great strategy ahead to enjoy the beauty he was craving from the past month.

They went into the CT room and he asked her to lay down on the machine. She obliged. Vinay faked doing the test as she had no idea what a CT scan was. After the scan, he asked her to wait for 15-20 minutes so that he can examine the reports. This was all part of the drama that he had planned.

He walked out of the room and said, “Sunitaji, your reports are not clear because of the pallu, I suggest you remove it and we will scan again.”

She was confused and didn’t know what to do. But she had no option other than to agree with the doctor’s instructions as she cannot even call her husband as the doctor had told her to leave the phone at home as it was not allowed near the CT scan machine.

She stood with her head bowed and removed her saree from her glorious body. For the first time, the doctor could see her exposed. He got an erection just thinking about it.

But he kept his composure as he knew he had to trap her more to enjoy her. So he pretended in front of her as if it was a routine job and politely asked her to lay down again on the machine. This time with the intention to touch her, he deliberately held her by her stomach and asked her to move a little upwards.

He couldn’t control his hands which squeezed her navel a little. Sunita just ignored it. He again did the same process and again asked her to wait. He came back after 15 minutes and told her the same excuse.

This time, he said to her that her blouse was the issue. Now, Sunita was concerned to remove that from her body. But the doctor played the Corona card and the fear of disease made her do that.

With every button, she was removing her blouse. The doctor was getting impatient to grab the pair of beautiful 34 sized boobs. But as they say, “sabar ka fal meetha hota hai.” So, the doctor followed his mind not his dick.

Sunita removed her blouse and was now standing in her red petticoat and white-colored brassier in front of the doctor who was lusting for her body. She moved towards the machine but he interrupted.

Doctor: You have to remove the petticoat as well, as full-body will get scanned.

And as he thought, she didn’t have many options but to follow the doctor’s instructions. Vinay was amazed to see that the bra and panty were of the same color, pattern, and texture, and they were fancy looking with a net covering the nipples and the crotch.

This time, he touched more than just her stomach. He rolled his hands over her thighs and pressed her boobs slightly. But got back to his senses and did the test again. He made her sit just in her undergarments.

She was desperately trying to cover her body with her hands, but those were just not enough. And our doctor was enjoying the view. He again came back and said that the remaining clothes have to be removed as well. She was shocked and her jaw dropped, but she had no option. She did as he told her to.

Her nipples were popping hard and her cunt was in very nice shape. It was covered slightly on top by the pubic hairs which added to her beauty. Vinay went mad seeing her nude and Sunita could now clearly see his erection.

The doctor simply said that it was just the reaction of the human body, and told her to lay down on the machine. He went inside and brought a bottle of liquid and told her that it was a lotion which he had to apply on her body to protect her from harmful X-rays. She was not in her senses due to fear and the situation she was in, and just followed the Vinay’ words.

He very calmly started applying it on her legs. Very smoothly, he applied it all over below her knees and then to her thighs. He spent a good amount of time rubbing them inside out and many times, he deliberately touched her chilling pussy. She gave back small moans controlling her temptations.

He asked her to turn around. Her ass was one of the kinds which are perfect. He rubbed that too very nicely. Her perfect shaped back got his attention and he gave it a good massage too. She was aroused but her feeling of loyalty was stopping her from reacting.

Vinau turned her again and directly went for her boobs. By his massaging style, she understood that he wasn’t just applying the lotion but was enjoying her body. Sunita’s hot body was reacting to the doctor ‘s hard work but her mind was resisting it. He kept squeezing her boobs and nipples. This made them hard and pink.

Her eyes were closed and her moan sounds were getting heavier and louder. Vinay used this opportunity, as he held her tightly in his grip and kissed her lips very hard. She still kept her eyes closed, as he again started playing with her boobs and slid his finger down to her pussy.

Her cunt was already jumping to the temptation and he simply made it hotter by fingering it. Her body wanted to move but he held her tight. He kept fingering and kissing various parts of her body and she finally had a very strong orgasm.

Her breathing was very heavy, her boobs were moving up and down in spasms and the doctor had a proud smile on his face. He now had Sunita under his control. He didn’t fuck her there.

He gave back her dress, and they both went back home as they quietly walked out from there. Sunita didn’t utter a single word. But that night, Sunita walked into the house of the doctor instead of her own house. He directly took her to the room and resumed the job from where had left at the lab.

She without any instructions undressed. This time even the doctor removed his clothes. He again started from the bottom and kissed every inch of her white, milky body. She was now moaning openly and loudly at every kiss she was getting.

He was pressing her hands, her navel, her thighs, her boobs everything and he was getting a hard-on. And with every touch, she was forgetting her husband Rajat, who was worried about his wife being tested positive for Corona.

The doctor was very good at sex and knew exactly how to satisfy a woman to the maximum. Sunita had multiple orgasms that night, and maybe it was the first time she had so many orgasms in a single night.

Then Vinay tried many positions with her and ate her as if he was hungry for a month. She didn’t say anything, but her body said she will love getting pounded by the doctor again.

The lockdown went very well for the doctor as he lived with Sunita during the whole time of the lockdown. He didn’t have to visit her for his meals. The whole delicious meal used to come to him. Rajat was forgotten for the time being.

The horny doctor’s affair with his hot neighbour continued during the lockdown and even after Rajat came back, they both had many sessions together. Who said Lockdown does not have benefits?

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