Sexy Love Making With Classmate

I am Vinod and from Mangalore. I am aged 35. I wish to write the sexy love making which I had 15 years back when I was in graduation. Those were college days. I had no dream that I would have sex with a girl studying in my class.

Anupama (name changed) was very friendly with me. She was also very pretty, cute. She had big breasts which could attract almost any man’s attention. She was plump but not overweight. She was fair and had a tempting ass.

I am wheatish complexioned, and slim. We used to talk a lot during our free time. In the beginning, I had no sexual thoughts about her. But I was attracted certainly.

One day, my hand accidentally touched her breast, and she did not say anything. It was as if she might have liked it. This accidental touch made me sleepless. I felt like touching her again and again. Courage was needed for this. Most importantly, I would like to find out what was there in her mind.

The next day, I apologized to her for touching her. I said it was not on purpose. She said there was no need to apologize, and she also said I could touch her if I wanted to.

Then I slowly touched her breast gently, and the feeling was wonderful. We were seated on the last bench, and other students were in front. Even if they saw, they would not care.

After this, I touched her many times. We also kissed each other. The thoughts of sex entered my mind. I had never had sex before. I told her about my desire. She said she was willing if I could find a good location.

I thought of a good place. There were so many places where we could be romantic, just touching each other here and there. But for full sex, we needed some isolated place, and there was one such place.

It was a little far from my house. It was a truly isolated place where nobody would go. I had been there alone many times, and I never saw a single soul there.

I spoke about it to her, and she agreed. Revision holidays were fast approaching. We decided to go there on a certain Friday afternoon. I was very impatient. I was waiting like anything.

Finally, the great day arrived. We met at the main city bus stand, and from there, we caught the bus which took us to the place. We got down, and from there, we had to walk for nearly half an hour. When we reached the isolated place, it was nearly three in the afternoon.

I could not believe this was real. I felt I was dreaming. But when I pinched myself, I did feel the pain. The place was well and truly isolated and lonely. It was the perfect place for a couple to have sex, undisturbed by anybody.

There was not a soul around. We could hear the songs of birds. The breeze was very cool. It was somewhat like a hill. From the top, we could see the river and the bridge.

Anupama was wearing a blue t-shirt and jeans pant. She had big breasts which were too tempting to resist. She looked very sexy in this dress.

First of all, I removed all my clothes, and I was fully naked. I kissed her on the lips again and again. We kissed passionately on the lips and cheeks. The hot sensation is difficult to describe.

I could feel the excitement all over my body. Then I slowly started undressing her. I did it very slowly, and she liked it. First, I touched her breasts and stomach from the top of her dress itself. Slowly, I removed her t-shirt.

She was wearing a white bra. I asked her why she needed a bra. She would look far more beautiful without a bra. She said she was wearing a bra only to tease me.

Very slowly, I removed her bra also. Now she was topless. Very soon, the jeans pant and her red panties were also removed. Now she was standing fully naked, in all her glory. She looked like a goddess, absolutely stunning, and there are no words to describe her beauty.

I slowly touched her shoulders and then her naked back. Then I kissed her nude back repeatedly, and I felt a strange sensation in me. I touched her stomach and kept my hand there for a long time. Then my hand went upwards, and I started teasing her.

I ran my fingers on her chest region in between the breasts. She was getting excited. She told me to touch and press her boobs. I have touched her boobs many times, but only over the dress. This was the first time I would be touching her nude breasts.

She was getting impatient. I could hear her sigh and moan. I brought my hand very close to her boobs as if to grab them several times, but I took back my hands. She knew I was teasing her.

Then finally, I grabbed her nude breasts with my hands and pressed and squeezed them. This was most exciting to me. Touching and pressing breasts was the most exciting thing in romance.

I gently pressed her boobs like massaging them. Then I sucked her right breast while pressing the left one. I sucked and licked the soft skin. Then I sucked her left breast while pressing the left one. I did this for many minutes, for a long time.

I touched her bum. Her bum was also cute and highly tempting. I touched and pressed both sides of her bum again and again. I also kissed the bum, and I could hear her letting out soft sighs.

She had pubic hairs on her private spot. I had brought a blanket from home. I spread the blanket on the ground. She started to lie down on it. She spread her legs wide, and now I could see her pussy and the hair all around it.

This was the first time I saw a naked pussy, and it was truly cute and highly tempting. I touched Anupama’s naked pussy and fingered it for some time. Then I licked and sucked it. I kissed it continuously.

Both of us did not want it to stop, but time was running out. We had to go before it was dark. Then I fucked her. At first, I fucked her softly. But she said to make it a bit rough.

Then I fucked her hard for a long time. But I was careful I should not spill the sperms inside her pussy. Otherwise, she may get pregnant. I spilled all the sperm on the ground.

This is my first sexual experience, sex to remember for a lifetime. After this, I have had sex with the same girl in different places. They are also memorable experiences.

Those who want to comment can do so to my email [email protected]. If you did not like any part of the story and could find any mistakes, please feel free to mention them.

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