Having Romantic Sex With My Bestfriend

So the story goes this way. I was a topper in my college and whenever Priya had any doubts she used to ask me, that is how our friendship started, and eventually, we started going out to watch movies, eat and enjoy.

All was good but my best friend Priya sometimes used to get physical like touch me or hold my hands whenever possible. Not sure if felt sexual back then but I did not like that initially. But after a few days, I started to feel sexual whenever she touched me. My heartbeat raised and I felt like kissing her whenever she held me.

One day we were roaming in the college campus and then she held my hand and we sat. That was when I could not control myself and just looked at her and my god, I did not realize until then how beautiful she was. But all I could see were her lips and I could not hold back. I immediately had an erection and she kind of noticed it.

We then slowly came close to each other and I kissed her on her lips, it was only a peck though. She immediately pushed me back as she was scared anyone would see us. Luckily, there weren’t any. She said that she wanted to go to the hostel, so did I and I felt very guilty about it.

That night, we were on a call and I brought the topic of what happened that day. She did not want to speak of it but I insisted and expressed how I felt every time she touched me.

I said how I was aroused towards her sexually and my best friend slowly started liking it. I tried asking her a lot of times to have sex with me after that and after so many trials, she accepted but asked me to keep it only as an experience and not love. She also told me she never watched a porn video in her entire life and doesn’t really know how to get along and I assured her not to worry about it. That weekend, we booked a room and went there.

My bestie slowly started walking towards me while I was sitting on a chair and I just cannot believe, her vagina was touching my penis and I immediately had an erection! We were still clothed though.

I could not hold back any longer and with one hand I held her hair and pulled her close and started kissing her. I don’t know for how long we kissed, our tongues touching one another, tasting each other, exchanging saliva, and with the other hand, I was pressing hard her breast.

Her lips were so soft I just could not pull back and she was enjoying that too. Later slowly, I started undressing her and removed her top and bra and I removed my shirt as well. I immediately started licking and eating her nipples and she was moaning loud which aroused me more.

I took her to the bed and we fell and rolled on each other, kissing, me sucking on her breasts, hugging one another. I then started squeezing her ass and damn she loved it a lot. I removed her pant and she was only in a panty and I undressed myself completely.

My penis was so hard and big, she was just surprised to see that. I was still kissing her and was licking on her nipples and then started licking her entire body.

In the process, I slowly kept one of my hands inside her panty and started fingering. She just went crazy when I did that, her entire body immediately got stimulated and she was moaning louder.

I fingered my best friend harder until she came. She just experienced heaven and was lying on the bed smiling and waiting for more. I then asked her to hold my penis and start stroking it as she never saw any adult video. That was when I started experiencing heaven.

I then asked her to put it in her mouth and she did without any hesitation. When she kept my penis in her mouth and licking it, the feeling I had was, wow! The best feeling ever.

She was licking my penis, sucking on it and she was doing it so hard and so long, and just when I was about to cum, I stopped her as I didn’t want to reach the climax soon.

We then kissed again and then I removed her panty as well to see the best thing in my life, her vagina. A little hairy it was, but I loved it and immediately started eating it. I was licking and sucking and eating it. She just moaned out in pleasure and pain.

We both held our hands while I was licking my best friend’s vagina and it felt so romantic. Then I rubbed my penis against her vagina for a while and we both were moaning in pleasure. Trust me, this was better than sex itself.

Then I suddenly inserted my penis in her with a condom on definitely. She was lying on the bed faced toward me and I was just fucking her and simultaneously fell on her, kissed her breasts and her lips, and kept on stroking inside her.

After a while, I asked her to sleep on her front body, and then I fell on her ass and started licking her ass. My best buddy loved it and I too loved it and this happened for a while with me squeezing her ass and licking it at the same time.

Then we both got up, we were sitting, facing each other, and started kissing again but this time, while we were kissing, she started stroking my penis and I fingered her vagina. That feeling was wow, we were just out of the world!

I was so out of my world and in the swing, I just cummed. She was surprised to see that and liked it too and I just fell on the bed, relaxed for a while and we started foreplay again and I was erect.

This time, I was like on the bed asked her to sit me and keep my penis inside her, and asked her to rub my penis inside her vagina while setting on me. God, that felt so amazing and then we did a missionary and she had her orgasm then and eventually I cummed again too.

We both then bathed together and had sex again that night in the hotel room.

Author’s note:

This was my first story, I hope you guys love it. I am Rohan, 21 from Hyderabad currently working in a software company. I am handsome, fair and have a good physique as I workout and play sports. Kindly share feedback, and girls or women interested in normal chat, sexting, hangout, hookup can mail me to [email protected]

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