The Sexy Girl Next Door

Hey guys, how are you all doing? This is my first story, it’s a little bit longer than usual but I hope you’ll like it. A quick intro – I’m 23 from Delhi. It has been one year since I completed my engineering. I have an athletic build and stamina to satisfy ant women. I will not brag about dick length since all you girls know truth about Indian cock.

This story happened when I was preparing for ESE and other government exams. I never dreamed of working for a private firm after I did an internship in one. So, after college, I shifted to Hauz Khas and took a flat where the majority of students lived.

One evening, I was sipping coffee on my balcony when I saw this beautiful girl emerge on my neighbour’s flat balcony. I was mesmerized by her immediately.

She must have been of average height but with god gifted features, everything of the right size and at the right place. Isn’t that the definition of beautiful? And to complement those features, her skin was milky white and boobs big enough to water to any mouth.

She had shifted in that flat that very day. After some time, her mom and dad also came out on the balcony and I was able to easily overhear their conversation.

Dad: Are you sure you want to live alone in this apartment? You should have taken one of those girl’s hostel.

Girl: Yes dad, I am grown up now and I can easily take care of myself. And you know I prefer isolation when I am studying. And those hostel girls either spend a lot of time talking on phone or planning for their next shopping spree.

Dad: Ok, if you say so. But call me immediately if you face any problem here. I have friends nearby.

After this, my new neighbour girl hugged her parents and they left.

She stood on the balcony for 5 or more minutes. During that time, I was trying to steal a glance at her. She was wearing a black top with a batman logo and black jeans. Her top was tightly hugging her skin so I was able to easily see her sexy features.

At one point, she caught me looking at her. Our eyes locked and she immediately adjusted her top and went inside. I reprimanded myself for my lousy move on the very first day.

After that day, it was my routine to sit in my balcony and wait for her in the evening. I also kept on studying during that time so that I wouldn’t waste too much time because of her.

After one or two days, she started coming out on the balcony at the same time. We never spoke for a month or two. We just casually watched each other studying.

I was getting a feeling that she too was interested in me. But I thought I should wait another week to become sure about it. We both were playing hard to get after all.

One day, she came towards the partition dividing our balcony and called me. I was confused at first. Was she trying to talk to me? But who else was there?

Girl: Excuse me. Hi, I am Shreya, I need a help from you.

She extended her hand to me.

Me: Hi Shreya, I am Ravi. How can I help you?

I shook her hand, they were soft.

Shreya: I feel so stupid right now. I came here to prepare for the Bank PO exam and enrolled in one of the best coachings but I am having real trouble with maths part. You are an engineer, right? You must be good at maths. So please help me with the quant part if you can spare a little bit of time.

I was overjoyed after hearing this, but I controlled my emotions.

Me: How do you know I am an engineer?

Shreya: You always have those huge books with you and I can easily see ESE engraved on them.

I agreed to teach her and asked her to come the next day to my flat. The second day she came in the evening. She was wearing a blue top and a matching skirt. Her top was V-neck and it ended an inch above her belly button. Her skirt was till her knee.

We sat on the sofa and I started teaching her. My eyes kept on drifting towards her milky white legs. After some time, she kept her legs one over the other, which made her skirt move even higher. I knew my hot neighbour girl was doing this on purpose.

She asked me if I have any girlfriend. I told her I had one in college but we separated. She seemed happy about it.

She told me on her own that she had a boyfriend back home but they were not able to work long-distance relationship. (So, she was craving for sex like me, I thought with a smile).

I noticed Shreya was constantly adjusting her top pretending as if she was feeling hot. But it was making her cleavage getting deeper and deeper. At one point, I was able to see the black outline of her bra. I was also getting restless. A bulge in my pants was growing. She saw it. I saw her mischievously smiling.

This is it, I thought. If this girl can take initiative, then I sure can make her cry my name in pleasure!

I moved closer to her. Our eyes met, we both knew where this was going to end. She too came closer, our lips met and we started smooching. She was fully into it.

My one hand moved slowly towards her right breast and I started squeezing it. They were soft, softer than I had expected.

I put my other arm around her waist and pulled her closer to me. There no space was left between us. I tried to enter my tongue into her mouth and she opened it. What a moment! It was as if our body had become one. Our bodies were moving in synchronization, our heartbeat getting faster and our tongue dancing together like snakes.

I thought to agonize my hot neighbour more. I wanted her to beg for it. So I broke the kiss and started licking and kissing her neck and ears. She was getting wild like a cat.

She moved and sat on my lap facing opposite to me and was trying to kiss me. Her hands went down and then I realized she was trying to remove my t-shirt. I helped her and at the same moment, I removed her top too (she helped).

Her boobs looked caged to me in that bra. I looked at them for a moment taking mental images and then unhooked her bra by moving my hands behind her back. Those two perfect melons sprang up as if all this time they were waiting to get free.

My neighbour girl’s pink nipples had become hard. I started squeezing them with both hands while she was kissing me. She started biting her lips in pleasure.

Next, I moved my lips towards her right melon and tried to put all of it in my mouth. A moan escaped Shreya’s lips, “Aaaaahh.. Aaahhhh uuuummmm.. Aaaaahhhhhhhhhh..” I was sucking her boobs like a baby, changing boobs after every minute. Shreya’s hands were in my hair. She was pressing my head towards her boobs.

Then I started biting her nipples to tease her. It was making her wild. Her nails had made several scratches on my back by then.

After this, she stood and sat on the floor and pulled down my lower and underwear in one go. My full-length tool sprang to life in front of her face and pink lips.

First, she licked the tip of it, and then slowly started taking it whole in her mouth. She knew how to give a good blowjob. She also licked my balls for a minute and then went back to my cock. She was now licking it like an ice cream slowly as if enjoying its flavor.

Shreya blew my dick for 5 minutes. To tease me, she would lick the tip of my cock often which was most sensitive. By then, my cock had reached its maximum length and to avoid reaching the climax, I had to stop her and take her place on the floor and made her sit on the sofa.

I removed her skirt. She was wearing a lacy panty. (so she had come prepared, I thought).

Slowly, I pulled down my sexy neighbour girl’s panty while kissing every inch of skin that was passing by. I made her spread her legs. Juices were oozing from her love hole. I started licking it and she immediately put her hand in my hair and tried to bury my face deep inside.

Shreya was not able to keep her voices down. Her moans were getting longer and louder.

“Aaaaaaaahhhhh.. Please deeeeeeppperrrr Raviiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii… Aaaaaah.. Mummmyyyyy.. Aaaaaahhhhh.. Aaaaaaaaa.. Uuuummm..”

I also started rubbing the upper part of her pussy with my thumb to make her more restless. And on doing so, she started crying out of joy.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.. Aaaahhhhhh… Lick me, Raviiiiiiii… Lick me… Morrrrrrreeeeee.. Oooooooooo.. sssoooooooo gooooooooood..'”

Shreya reached climax and had an orgasm on my face. I licked all of it. It was the reward for my hard work. She was happy that I went down on her.

We both were nude fully now. I carried her in my arm and went to the bedroom.

I put her down on the bed and kissed her. I took out a condom from my bedside drawer and wore it on my dick. Then I went on top of her, spread her legs and entered her. Shreya was tight but not like a virgin.

She clasped her hand behind my back and I started pumping her. We both were now making noises but her moans were making me fuck her harder. She was begging for it.

“Oooooo… Raaaviiiiiiii harder… babyyyyyyy… faster… faster… faster… Yes… Yes… Aaaahhhhhh… Uuuuummmmm..”

We fucked like that for 5 minutes and then we changed position. Shreya jumped on top of me and guided my dick into her by her hand. She started moving up and down at a much faster pace. This girl is a wild animal in bed, I thought.

With every downward moment, a moan would escape her mouth. Once in a while, she would bend down to kiss me on my lips and then back to riding me.

After 10 minutes, I made my slutty neighbor bent on all fours and entered her from behind. My hand went on her boobs to hold the grip of her and I started fucking her in doggie style. This way, I was able to move in and out of her faster.

She was reciprocating every thrust by moving her hips towards me. She would call my name in a sexy tone that made me go in with more force.

After 10 minutes, we both were reaching climax. She told me she was about to come and I increased my pace. Soon, we came together.

Shreya collapsed and I collapsed on top of her. I kept on kissing her ears and cheeks even though I was exhausted.

After 5 minutes, we both woke up and went straight to take a shower together. There we again had another fucking session. She even swallowed my cum.

We are fuck buddies now, but nothing more than that. It’s a good thing. Now, we both can focus better since no more time gets lost thinking about sex when we can do it in 30 minutes.

If any girl or women want a friend, I am here for you. My email id is: [email protected]

Sometimes friendship is all we need, someone who is willing to listen to us and our needs. All I am saying is that if you are lonely, then mail me. And we can complete each other.

Feel free to contact me. And don’t forget to tell me how my story was.

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