New City New Friends- The Journey

The first thing that comes to mind when you move from a small town to a big city is, “Yaha mujhe kaun janta hai?” (No one knows me here). The same thing came to Kiara’s mind when she saw a couple of young guys staring at her while she was adjusting her luggage in the lower seat of Manali-Delhi Rajdhani.

Kiara is a from Dharamshala, Himachal. Fair as milk, 5 feet 5 and a figure that would make you go weak in the knees and hard in your pants. Her breasts were a handful in size. But you would want to suck them if you saw them. She had a lean waist that would make her ass pop.

She wore a white salwar kameez as it would be comfortable in her journey. Traveling to Delhi for the first time she was excited to go to the capital. She had seen a lot of Hollywood movies. How a small-town girl meets the man of her dreams and falls in love. They live happily ever after.

She could not wait to explore Delhi and all it has to offer. Kiara waved her parents goodbye as the train left the station. Now her attention shifted to the two boys in the side berth. Both of them had boarded from Manali and looked like students. Kiara thought, “Maybe they were also going to Delhi.”

But she was too preoccupied with her thoughts to think about the boys for long. Time passed and lunch was served. one of the boys started a conversation.
Boy 1: Do you mind checking if the power switch is working?
Kiara checked and replied, “Yes.”

The guy handed the charger and the phone. He touched Kiara’s hand purposely and introduced himself, “Hi, I’m Rohan and this is my friend Akash.” Kiara waved. Strangely Akash seemed less interested in Kiara than Rohan. She and Rohan continued talking about their school, where they lived and where they were going.

The usual stuff but Akash kept looking at the trees outside. Kiara noticed his beard and his jawline. He was wearing a white shirt and black jeans with white spotless sneakers. She was mildly attracted to him. Time passed and Kiara dozed off a bit.

When she woke up she saw that Rohan was lying on the top berth and was busy on his phone. She got up to go to the washroom. As she exited the compartment she heard a voice, ” Yaar hot to hai but baat kaise karu?” It was Akash. He was talking to someone. Kiara stopped.

There was a girl on the other side of the phone. She was telling him to just act normal and talk like he does to a guy. Stop acting like a douche and don’t ignore her. Kiara knew the conversation was about her. Immediately she started picturing Akash and started rating him. He was a solid 7.

Kiara took 3 steps forward and Akash saw her. He smiled and started whispering. Kiara pulled her hair back and washed her face. As she turned she saw Akash starting at her star-struck. She was looking like a goddess. Water dripping down her face and chest, hair pulled back.

She was glistening in the light. Seeing her in this Avatar Akash could not stop, he pulled her by her waist till not even air could pass between them. Kiara gasped and held Akash’s shirt. Her heart was racing at a thousand beats. Never before had she felt the passionate touch of a man.

They both were staring in each other’s eyes, everything else just faded. Akash slowly slid his hand on Kiara’s hips and gave them a slight squeeze. Kiara’s breathing changed. He then looked at her juicy baby lips and just by looking at them he bit his lower lip. He could not wait any longer and leaned in.

Their lips touched and they started kissing. The next moment Akash held her face with his palms and slid his tongue inside her mouth. The kiss started to get passionate and soon they were trying to rip each other’s clothes. Akash was squeezing her ass with one hand and the other was on her face.

Kiara had opened his shirt and dragged him to the toilet. She locked the door and turned. She opened her hair and her hair falling down made Akash go crazy. He ripped her white kameez from her shoulders and started kissing her all over. Slowly he began going downhill.

As soon as he opened the knot, the salwar fell down. He was still kissing Kiara’s neck and she was too aroused to do anything. He slid his hand inside her panties and started one continuous round motion with his fingers. Kiara started moaning and she lost her balance.

Akash picked her up and placed her on the washbasin only after sliding her panties down. Next, the kameez came off and Akash could not believe that he was in the toilet with a naked girl like her. Fair and tight would describe her perfectly, her neck her breasts, her thighs, everything was just perfect.

He spread her legs and man. Her pussy lips were shining. He spread them with one hand and thrust his face in. Kiara was moaning but everything was muffled by the train. She was ruffling and pulling his hair and constricting every muscle of her legs. She could not believe this emotion.

It was all very new to her. But not for the face between her legs who was going non stop over the clit and lips like a hungry hyena over a dead carcass. After 2-3 minutes Kiara let a loud moan and a shiver. Then everything was very quiet. Akash was kissing her neck waiting for her to come back to her senses.

10 seconds and she again started pulling his hair. At that very moment, a strong push from Akash’s hip put Kiara through an immense amount of pain and pleasure at the same time. She knew that her virginity was no longer hers. As Akash started moving his hips front and back, Kiara’s pain and pleasure increased tenfold.

Akash was grabbing and caressing her ass in a continuous fluid motion. Slowly the motion was not just back and forth but round and Kiara’s eyes turned white. She started kissing Akash violently. After 15 minutes of intense fuck, Akash came in her pussy.

Taking out his cock Kiara saw it for the first time, 6-inches long and was dripping in the fluid. Akash held Kiara’s head and brought her down from the sink. He wanted her to suck his dick but Kiara shook her head. Akash did not ask twice and Kiara noticed that. She felt good. Her first time was very thrilling.

Both dressed up and got out. Luckily there was no one standing outside. They both went to their seats. On the way, Akash would pinch or slap her ass and waist and Kiara was enjoying it. She sat on his berth and crossed her legs. Akash also sat down and gave her a sly smile, she drew the curtains.

That’s my first story guys, it was purely fictional comment your thoughts. Email suggestions for the next part. [email protected]