Into The Bed With My College Friend

Hey XIS readers! My name is Rushil (20 years old) this story is a year old when I freshly entered college. Telling a bit about myself, I am 5’11 feet tall a bit slim and fair with a 6.5″ man tool that can satisfy your needs.

Coming to the story. I live in Indore and luckily I got a college in the same city. It was the first day of college so I was a bit nervous. I sat on the third bench and in front of me. there she was. She had a bit dark complexion with 32D, firm boobs. Her ass was something to die for. We didn’t see each other that day.

But as time passed we became close friends, I don’t know how other authors take a girl to bed so easily. But I had to put an enormous amount of effort into doing that.

One day we were chatting on Instagram when the topic suddenly shifted to her ex-boyfriend. He ditched her for some bitch she said and I was consoling her. Then she asked me if I had any girlfriend before. I replied no cause I was an introvert.

The conversation went like:

She: Why so? Any girl would love to have a boyfriend like you.

Me: Never found that girl. These days all girls are committed to some fuckboy.

She: That’s true. Have you ever kissed?

Me: No. You?

She: Once.

Me: Oh, okay, how was it?

She: It feels like heaven when someone sucks your lips.

Me: I don’t see myself trying that soon.

She: We can kiss.

Me: What?

She: Yeah! You’re my good friend. Itna to kar sakte hai, na?

Me: I would love to try that but it’s my first time. I don’t know if I’ll be good.

She: Don’t worry come to my home tomorrow morning. My parents are out.

It was hard for me to realize this is happening to me in real life! I went to her home as planned. As soon as I rang the doorbell she came in a t-shirt which could barely hide her melons and shorts.

Gosh! They were all exposing the lines of her waist and ass. She pulled me in and we started kissing. In the beginning, it wasn’t that natural but slowly it started taking place. I grabbed her boobs while kissing. She looked at me with an awestruck glance and started kissing again.

When we finished she placed a hand on my thigh and asked, “Bas itna hi?” I just stared at her as she undid my jeans and took my cock out. It was hard covered with pre-cum. She said, “Delicious,” and started blowing it. Guys that feeling when you’re being sucked can’t be described in words.

I was moaning hard as she was licking it passionately. It went on for 15 minutes when I pressed her boob and took off her t-shirt. She wasn’t wearing any bra and those dark nipples were hard. I couldn’t resist myself from licking them. She was moaning loud which made me hornier.

While sucking I slid one hand in her shorts and started fingering her. And she was in the 7th cloud. I took off her shorts and my remaining clothes and we were totally naked. Then I started licking her juicy pussy until she came. I drank all the cum and cleaned her with my tongue.

She was a bit tired so we took a break for a while and were cuddling. My throbbing rod was being rubbed against her ass. And she was loving that feeling. That’s when she turned around and started kissing me again. Suddenly she pushed me away and sat in the doggy style.

She asked me, “Ready for the second round?” I gladly pushed my cock against her pussy and started to insert it. But it was very tight. She was crying in pain and asked me to take it out. But I thrust it in and my cock was inside her. Tears were coming out of her eyes. But slowly I started fucking her.

She was crying but then slowly the pain vanished. The sounds of her crying turned into passionate moans. She was moaning loudly as we were enjoying each other’s company. “Fuck me like your bitch. Yeah, daddy.” She was shouting these words.

It made my cock harder and we were fucking like horses! Sounds of ‘fap, fap’ were so loud. It was a feeling unexplainable. We then came to the missionary position when I was fucking her while kissing her lips. I could see our sweat and body juices mixing. We were both enjoyed to the fullest.

She then shouted, “I’m coming.” That’s when I took out my cock and started to mouth fuck her. She cum and she spilled all her juices on my face. Then it was her turn she took my cock in her mouth. She sucked me until I came in her mouth. It was the biggest load I had ever cummed.

The next thing I remember is that she hugged me hard and we slept naked for a few hours. When we woke up she took me to the washroom where she was hugging me. Then she whispered in my ear, “Wanna take my ass?” I was ready for another round.

She took my cock in her mouth again until it became hard. Then she spread her ass cheeks to reveal that tight little ass hole. I licked it for a good 10 minutes when she became horny again. Then we came to the bedroom again and she sat there with her legs wide open.

I put my cock in the opening and then tried to insert it in. It was very hard to do cause her ass was very tight. We applied some lube and then I inserted it half-way in there. She was begging me to take it out but I started fucking her slowly. With time she started enjoying it and was fingering her pussy simultaneously.

We both came together. We were really tired so we decided to order some food and slept for the whole night.

I hope you enjoyed the story. Please leave your feedback to [email protected]. Also, any girl/lady who wants to have some good time in Indore can contact me.

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