Sex Adventure With A Neighbor Aunt

My sex adventure story began in 2020 March. I came to Hyderabad from Bangalore for 7 days but got stuck here due to lockdown. Myself, I am a guy with a beautiful smile and a hot beard. I love going to the gym, baking yummy food, and traveling and singing. But here I will tell you about my unexpected lockdown experience in Hyderabad.

My cousin and I used to pick groceries from Ratnadeep supermarket. While returning home, we got to the 12th floor, mistakenly we went to the 10th floor. There we saw a beautiful aunt of height 5’8” with a perfect body of 36-32-38.
She was asking her son Dhiraj to go downstairs to enquire about society water.

I opened up and helped her with the information. She smiled and thanked me. I came to know that they were new to the apartment. My mind kept thinking about her all day for the next 3-4 days. Of course, I went to the washroom and fantasized about the hot goddess, and hoping that my romantic fantasy turns to reality.

I got close to Dhiraj in this timespan by playing badminton and cycle with him in the cellar. Dhiraj asked me in the evening if I could join them at the supermarket. And you know the answer!

While buying groceries, Dhiraj brought one condom packet from the store and asked me about the purpose of condoms. I managed by saying that they are tablets for some men and cleverly shifted the topic to something else. Ramya and I exchanged a few weird smiles.

While leaving, Dhiraj asked for my number and saved it on his mom’s phone. He gave a missed call to save their number. After reaching home, I got a text saying sorry for the weird conversation in the mart. I replied that he will understand when he grows up with a winking smiley.

She thanked me so much as her husband won’t accompany her for shopping and stuff. We started texting sometimes, and shared interests and hobbies. She used to grow plants on the terrace, so she spent early morning hours and evening time on the terrace. I got to know this from Dhiraj.

As it is lockdown time, my body is not getting enough exercise. The next morning, I chose to go on the terrace to do a workout at 5.30 and complete it by 6. I thought Ramya would come by now. I went to check and could hear her footsteps.

I thought of impressing her, so I was doing a headstand without a shirt, and she came and saw it. She was surprised to see me and complimented my discipline and how well I am maintaining myself.

After going down, I sent a photo of myself with just a towel to her number and kept the phone aside. She said that she is a married woman and I shouldn’t send stuff like that. I covered it up by saying that it was sent by mistake. Don’t know if she had thought bad about me. So haven’t texted much, and didn’t go up.

After 2 days, I got a message from her saying where ‘Salman Khan’ is. I told her I was a bit busy, and she said that she will also join work out from the next day. The next morning, I was ogling from top to bottom as she wore a t-shirt and tracks.

While doing an exercise, I was trying to explain her postures and was trying to correct them. She liked it, and we became closer in 3-4 days. We used to text and share work out videos, food diet things. Guys, imagine how perfect a tall girl looks in tracks.

While working out the next day, she bends down. I was looking at her ass and kept staring, and my hard-on could be visible. She noticed my hard-on. I don’t know what to do. It was a bit weird for both.

I told her I will go to the washroom and come. She said she also will go down to the washroom. So we entered the lift. She was trying to tie her shoe by bending down. She lost her balance and took support with my legs, and there she felt my dick sensation on her shoulder. We stood silent till we left.

In the evening, we spoke, and she teased me that someone is getting naughty. I got the courage and said it is difficult to control when such a hot girl is nearby. She told if I was free, I could join her for a cup of coffee. I rang the doorbell, and she was in the kitchen.

She was making coffee, I went to help her. And she bent while she is searching for sugar. I don’t know where I got the courage, but I hugged her from behind and felt her ass. She turned around and slapped me. And the next moment, the doorbell rang.

I thought it could be her husband, and I don’t know what to do. I am in double shock. When she opened it, it is Dhiraj. I waved bye and took leave from that place. At night I got a sorry message from her. I said it was my mistake. We haven’t spoken much but just morning and night wishes for the next 4 days.

I was scared if she will share this stuff with anyone, as I don’t know what is running in her head. On the fifth day night at 10pm, she texted me to work out at 5 am. I was hesitant to go. I didn’t keep an alarm. The next day morning, she called me at 5.10 and asked me to come up.

She is so hot that day, I kept looking at her transparent white t-shirt. I could sense moonlight reflecting on her cleavage, and I could see her nipples are erect. Maybe she is not wearing a bra.

I was again immersed in staring, then she asked that we are going to do exercise today. I came to consciousness and was trying to explain a position. While explaining, she suddenly grabbed my penis and told me that she wants to exercise with it.

I held her from behind within no time, and I started kissing her lips and kept sucking them deeply. We kept exchanging saliva, and she was grabbing my dick so hard. I kept moving my fingers in her hair and then on her spine and finally reached my favorite spot. You guessed it right!

I bent down on my legs and slowly started removing her leggings. Slowly small drops of rain were drizzling. It was so cold in the morning, and with drops, it is getting uncontrollable. She was shivering. I started feeling her ass with my fingers and kept kissing it and moving my fingers on her ass crack.

Fuck! It feels warm and hot in the early morning cold. She kept moving her hands on my hair and pushing my head deep. I started licking it slowly, and that smell in the ass is drawing me crazy! I made her ride my mouth. Wow, that smell of her cum and looking into her eyes while she is riding my mouth.

She started screaming out loud. I lifted her and made her sit on the table where she kept her plant pots. I spread her legs and started licking her clit so much. I don’t wanna waste even one drop of cum. She was getting crazy with every touch of mine.

I started removing her shirt and sucking her boobs one by one while massaging. They are like big oranges. I couldn’t take them completely in my mouth. She said, “Let me serve you now.” She is a pro in it. Every gulp into the throat would bring us cum multiple times.

I couldn’t control it anymore and cum in her mouth. She gave me a punch on my abs. Taking a load of salty cum is difficult, as you all know. She spat it on her boobs. I massaged her boobs with my cum, and I fucked her boobs. In 10 minutes, my dick got hard and into a good form.

We both sat on the mat, and by then, she is wet again. I gently entered my hard 6.5” dick into her magical pussy. Even after childbirth and at that age, her pussy is so tight. I started slowly and then held her hair from the back and kept riding like a horse.

I kept biting her ears, and I bent forward to give lovebite on her neck and kept moving fingers on her spine and ass. That coldness is making us both shiver in the nude. We both enjoyed our warm bodies by fucking so wildly. And then I pounded hard in a missionary position.

While doing it, I kept rubbing her clit. She has a husky voice, and every moan is making me crazy. After crazy outdoor morning sex for 40 minutes, I cum again on her ass. After that, I licked her ass for some more time. Then I helped her while she is wearing clothes and we kept kissing very passionately.

Trust me, guys, morning sex is the best adventure and worshipping that magical ass. Still, it feels like a dream. I am fulfilling my dream 3-4 days a week of enjoying sex with the sexy neighbor aunt.

My name is Anand. If any girl, married or unmarried woman are looking for emotional and sexual happiness, you can ping me on [email protected]. Guys, don’t ask for personal details. Privacy is respected. You will get your day to spend with a lovely and hot girl.

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