Seduced and fucked my friend’s conservative mom – Part 2

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Hello, everyone. This is the continuation of the previous story. I am Harish from Andhra Pradesh, age 25. My best friend’s mom is 40, and her height is 5.8 inches looks like Pavithra Lokesh (a Telugu actress). She is fair with 38-34-36 sizes perfect figure of that age. She always wears a sari.

On that day, I hugged and kissed her on the lips while resisting. I even licked her navel area, which is my favorite. Unfortunately, my friend and his dad came home and interrupted us that day. Otherwise, I would have fucked her on that day itself.

I continued visiting her house very frequently. But, my friend is used to being at home. I noticed her actions when I was around her, which were normal. She also made eye contact, sometimes watching me with love.

I was confused by her looks. I doubted myself that will she accept to touch her again or not. But, I never had a chance to touch her. One day, I called my friend on the phone to go out to eat something in the evening.

His mother took the call, and I got tense talking to her. This doesn’t mean I didn’t talk to her when I was at her home. I did, but I don’t know why I am tense to talk to her on the phone. The conversation went like this.

Me: Hello, Prakash.

Friend’s mom: Hello Harish, Prakash just went out on some work. He forgot to take his phone.

Me: Oh. It’s okay, aunty. I just called him to go out.

Friend’s mom: Okay. I think he will be late. I will tell him about your call when he comes home.

Me: Okay, aunty. (I remained silent.)

We didn’t cut the call. I again talked to break the silence.

Me: Aunty!

Friend’s mom: Hmm. (She was hesitant to talk more)

Me: I want to tell you something.

Friend’s Mom: What?

Me: I am sorry for what has happened on that day. (She didn’t speak anything)

Me: Please, aunty, forgive me for what I have done.

Friend’s mom: I didn’t expect this from you. I thought you were like my son. But you behaved in the wrong way.

Me: Sorry, aunty. Do you know why I behaved like that on that day?

Friend’s Mom: Why?

Me: I love you so much, aunty. But, honestly, I didn’t expect myself to do that way.

Me: On that day, you looked so beautiful in that cream-colored sari. I was unable to control and stared at you all the time when we went to the temple.

Me: But, it all started when you were talking phone and coming to us where we are sitting. I saw your navel. That was my all-time desire, aunty, to watch your belly. I am sure you also noticed me watching you.

Friend’s Mom: Yes, I covered it immediately, and if you see my belly, is that the way to behave?

Me: No, aunty, I did a mistake. But, I couldn’t control my feelings, aunty. You never showed your navel to anybody. But, why did you do that on that day?

Friend’s mom: (She was silent)

Me: Leave that, aunty. I want you to forget all this and behave with me as usual.

Friend’s mom: I am already behaving as usual with you. Haven’t you noticed?

Me: Yes, aunty, but please forget all these things.

Almost 15 minutes have passed. We are talking intensely, forgetting about the time and that too, on my friend’s mobile. To make the conversation lighter, I started talking casually.

Me: What are you doing, aunty?

Friend’s Mom: Nothing. Feeling light headache, need to make some tea.

Me: Aunty, Prakash’s phone will be on the auto-call recording. Our conversation will be recorded on the phone.

Friend’s Mom: Really? What to do now.

Me: How much time does it take for him to return?

Friend’s mom: He went to some relative’s house. He will take another 2 hours, I think.

Me: Okay then, I will come and delete (She doesn’t know how to use the smartphone fully).

Friend’s mom: Okay.

I made my way to her home. Again devil in me is awaking as she is alone in the home. I was continuously chanting to myself that I should be in control. When I entered her home, she was in the kitchen making tea.

I went directly to the kitchen. The phone is beside her on the kitchen slab. I took and deleted the conversation we had till now. Now, I was inches away from her. Her waist is tempting me to touch. But, I was controlling my feelings.

I just went out of the kitchen to regain myself and came back. She is not talking to me. I said, “Sorry, aunty. Will you not talk to me?” No response from her. I tried to turn her face towards me with my left hand from behind.

She has thrown my hand and not turned. I was close to her, standing right behind her.

Me: I love you, aunty. I always wanted to show my love to you. I know you are not the kind of lady who accepts another man. Do you know how happy I was when I touched you last time? I didn’t fall asleep that night.

Now also, I am controlling my hand not to touch you. See how beautiful your waist is? Not only you who thought of me as a son, but I also felt you like my mother. But, I want to drink milk from my beautiful mother’s breasts.

She suddenly turned around and held my neck with both her hands pressing it lightly.

Friend’s mom: How dare you talk about my body parts? Is this the language you speak to your friend’s mom? (She is shouting)

Me: (I held her waist on both sides) Yes, I will speak like this with my friend’s mom. Because I love her.

Our eyes are filled with lust and love.

Friend’s mom: You love her? Am I of your age to love?

Me: (Pressing her bare waist with my hands and pulling towards me) No. But, age doesn’t matter to love someone.

I pulled her towards me and hugged her tightly. She also hugged me. I started kissing her neck. She is trying to relieve herself from my grip. But her resistance is not as strong as on that day.

I moved my right hand on her bare waist and moved upwards to her left breast. I gripped her left breast with my right palm. It was an awesome feeling. Her breast is so smooth and not too saggy.

I moved my head to her breast to suck on her blouse. She held my head and resisted me to do so. I gave a strong bite on her left nipple, to which she moaned. I tried to remove her blouse’s lower hook. But I was not successful.

I looked into her eyes and asked her, “Please, aunty, only one time. Let me see your breast.” She is not accepting to open her blouse hook. After struggling for 10 minutes, I opened her lower two hooks and made her boob out.

I put my mouth on her left nipple and pressed with my right hand. My other hand is holding her not to let her go away. She released a seductive moan by closing her eyes when I sucked her nipple.

She started pleading with me, “Harish, please leave me. This is wrong”. Now I removed her right breast also from the blouse. One after another, I was continuously sucking both the boobs. She is resisting a bit and moaning with her eyes closed.

I kneeled in front of her and started sucking her belly. To my surprise, today also, she is tying her sari below her navel. When I was busy sucking her belly, both my hands were on her nipples crushing between the fingers.

Before coming to her home, I made myself not to touch her. Now I realize what I am doing. I was such horny that I wanted to fuck this hot lady to the core at any cost. I left her after licking the navel to go and lock the main door for the next session.

She immediately ran to her bedroom, closing the door. I slowly went and locked the main door. At that moment, I knew I was going to fulfill the dream of my life. I went to the bedroom. It was closed but not locked.

When I entered the bedroom, she was behind the door. I closed the door and went near her. She had tears in her eyes. She asked me to leave her and go away. I again touched her on her breasts. She kept the breasts inside the blouse but not hooked.

I pressed her breasts again and sucked her nipples while my hands were busy exploring her navel. She is continuously pleading with me to leave her. But, I was in no mood to do so. Now I moved her and pushed her to the bed.

I was immediately on top of her kissing her neck and pressing her breasts. Now her resistance got decreased. I place my hand at her feet, holding her sari and petticoat to raise. She increased her resistance, and she was like, at any cost, she would not allow me to enter her pussy.

Friend’s mom: Please, Harish, we can’t do this. This is a sin. Sleeping with a woman who is elder than you is not correct. I beg you. Please leave me.

Me: Aunty, only one time. This is my dream. Allow me for this time. I will never force you to gain.

Friend’s mom: No, Harish, please understand. You already crossed the limits. You said, seeing my belly was your dream. I gave you beyond that. You have touched all my upper body. I cannot allow you to do the intercourse.

She is not speaking any vulgar words. But she is resisting to the fullest. She is not even allowing me to get in between her legs. My hand is still holding the bottom end of the sari and petticoat.

Me: Aunty, I request you, for God’s sake. Please allow me to fuck your pussy and make my desire fulfill.

Friend’s mom: What have you said on the phone just an hour before?

Me: Leave that, aunty. I lost control over me seeing your waist and breast.

Friend’s mom: You promised me that you don’t touch me ever again.

Me: Aunty, leave everything. Please, aunty. (I was begging her for pussy).

Meanwhile, I have removed my shorts and underwear and became bottom naked. My dick is protruding towards her pussy. It is erect and struggling to get into her love hole.

I now increased my effort, and I raised her sari with much struggling. I was in between her legs. I kept my left-hand middle finger in her pussy. Guys, after the belly licking, all this is a bonus for me. I did not even believe that I was doing this.

When I entered my finger in her pussy, she made a huge moan by raising her hip and pushing me with her legs. Pussy is wet and releasing its juices because of all the foreplay we did. I started stroking her fast to make her hornier.

Then I folded both hands on her chest and held it with my left hand. I used my knees to divide her legs. Finally, I placed my erected dick at the pussy entrance. I watched her expression.

She bent her head backward and closed her eyes like expecting my entry to her pussy at any time. At last, I entered my dick completely in the pussy in a single stroke. I will never forget the soft, seductive moan she made at that moment.

Her resistance was faded away. I held her both hands and fucking her vigorously at a faster pace. Her boobs are jumping here and there with every stroke. The room is filled with lovemaking sounds.

To be honest with you, her pussy is not tight. I hardly feel the sides of her pussy on my dick. I was making larger strokes, to which she released her hands and started to moan loudly. I thought, may her moans were audible to a neighboring house.

But I ignored that and concentrated on fucking my best friend’s mom after a great battle. I caught her both boobs with my hands as they were jumping with every stroke. I asked her why her pussy was not tight. She was busy moaning and feeling every stroke of mine.

I again asked why her pussy was not tight. Is uncle is fucking every day? She is moaning as I didn’t stop my fucking strokes. Again, tell me, will uncle fuck you every day? She said, “No.” I asked, “Then why the pussy is not tight?” She made no reply.

I like talking to the woman under me while fucking. I again asked her, “Do you ever give your pussy to a man other than your husband?” She remained moaning. It has been 10 minutes since I was fucking her. I still have no sensation of cumming.

I again asked the same question. She replied with moaning by saying it’s four. I was shocked to hear. The conservative south Indian lady whom I thought a perfect wife and mother for her family these days is the woman who slept with four members other than her husband?

This made me hornier and increased my strokes. I think she had an orgasm as she is moaning in a trembling way by shaking her legs. I was also close to cumming. Now she looked into my eyes with all the love and lust.

We looked into each other eyes and fucking with consistent speed. I asked her, “Shall I cum inside?” She replied with yes. I had a complete view of her body now.

Her boobs are bouncing in to and fro motion, her belly is being crushed under her thighs, her waistline is still making me bite, and her pussy is recently shaved and oozing its juices.

Now, I bent towards her kissing her neck. I was about to come. I said, “Aunty, I am cumming”. She held my hair by pressing it into her neck. This is the love I expected from her. I finally released huge loads of cum in her pussy.

Mission accomplished. I remained in that pose, keeping my dick still inside her. I raised my head and looked into her eyes.

Me: Thank you, aunty. Thank you so much. I love you, and I want to make this love with you for a very long time. But you never understood my intentions. Finally, I made it. Thank you so much, aunty.

Friend’s mom: I love you too (She kissed me on my lips). Will you leave now, or still anything in balance? (with a kinky smile).

My dick got limp and came out from her. I lay beside her, gasping for more air. She immediately covered all her body and ran out of the room. After two minutes, I wore my shorts and opened the door to see her. She is adjusting her blouse and sari.

She asked me to go inside. I returned to the room and waited for her. She went to the washroom to clean and came back after five minutes. By now, I am sleeping on the bed, making myself relaxed.

Friend’s mom: Harish, leave now. Your friend and uncle might come anytime.

I went to her and stood in front of her placing my right hand on her bare waist. I don’t know why I am that fond of the navel area. I hugged her and thanked her once again for the opportunity by kissing her on the cheek.

Friend’s Mom: It’s okay. You go now. We can talk later.

I don’t want to leave her. But, as the situation demanded, I kissed her navel and left her home. While I was also going, she came out and watched me go with a sad face. This is the love she gives if she owns me.

Guys, head bath after the intense fuck will take you to the lighter clouds. I had my bath and slept peacefully that night.

Our relation is not an end. We have gone to deeper insights into love. In the next story, I will narrate the further fucks and reveal the four guys who fucked her before. You can send your comments to [email protected] See you.

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