Sexual Chronicles Of Joytsana – Part 1

Hi, a quick introduction to myself. I am Amit, 23 years old with a well-built body. Now, coming to the story.

Last year I took a leave from my job to study for a higher degree as it was impossible for me to maintain my flat rent without a job. So I went back to my parents’ house. My parents live in an apartment so I went back there to focus on my studies.

One day while I was alone in my house, the doorbell rang and there stood a lady with the most beautiful body that I have ever seen. I just kept looking at her and forgot everything else. Then she asked if my mom was home. I told her that she had gone out to the nearby market but she can come inside and wait.

She said ok and came inside. We had a little talk and said she hadn’t seen me before but knew about me through my mother. She told me that she worked in a bank. Soon my mother arrived and I went back to my room.

This beautiful lady use to come to my house often so we had small chats but nothing much was going on. Now before we dive deeper into the story, let me describe this “lady to you. Her name was Joytsana. She was around 30 years old but had a beautifully maintained body with curves at the right places.

Coming back to the story, I came to know through my mother that Joytsana was divorced just three months after her marriage and she had gone through quite a stress because of that. Meanwhile, I and she became friends on Facebook and started chatting.

Initially, I felt awkward chatting with an elderly lady. She was also a little hesitant at first but within a few weeks, she became quite open with me and discussed everything with me like what happened at her job, family problems, etc.

So, after a month of me living in my parents’ house, my mom went to see my brother and father who lived in Banglore. So now, I was all alone in the house.

One day Joytsana came as usual to meet my mom but I told her that she had gone out of town and will be back after a month. She looked stressed so I invited her in as we have had become close friends. She came in.

On talking, she told me that her ex-husband was going to remarry and was teasing her that his new wife was prettier than Joytsana and that Joytsana will never get married or have sex.

On hearing the word ‘sex’, my inner sexual urge rang and I thought that this was a perfect time to fulfill my fantasy!

I told her that I am there for her and would do anything to make her happy as she was the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. On hearing this, she hugged me. I hugged her back and while hugging, she whispered in my ears that she had a favor to ask.

I told her she can ask anything she wants. Then she hesitantly said to me that she hadn’t had sex in a while and maybe I can help! On hearing this, I knew I got the green signal but I wanted to make her more desperate so I asked if I can do whatever I want? In response, she ripped my shirt off and started kissing me!!

I quickly put my hands on her back and tore her kurti away. We continued to kiss passionately for some time on the sofa and then I pushed her to the floor, onto the carpet and ripped her kurti from the front too. I started sucking the elderly divorced Indian woman’s boobs and kissing her in between.

Joytsana’s moaning was making me go crazy that after sucking her nipples hard and making them red, I moved down towards her pussy. I kissed her pussy from above her lowers and then ripped her lowers apart exposing her pussy. And boy, it was beautiful and fully shaved.

I started licking Joytsana’s pussy. Her moaning started to get heavier. She was quiet but I could tell she was enjoying it.

Then she pulled me up and kissed me and shouted at me to fuck her hard. I put my rock hard dick inside her pussy. And boy, it was tight. As I entered her more, I felt like I was in heaven.

I started slowly but she started pushing my ass in with her hands. So I started to ram her like a mad dog and she was reciprocating my every move with her body. I was holding and kissing her boobs while fucking her pussy. After a while, she started breathing even heavier and cummed on my dick inside her pussy.

Then I pulled my out of her pussy and started ramming her boobs with my dick. Soon I cummed and my cum landed on her face. After a minute, I kissed her and collapsed on her.

We both were trying to process what just happened. Joytsana then got up almost naked with her kurti still attached to her neck and torn badly everywhere else. Her lowers were torn too at her pussy area.

We both were drenched in our sweat and stood there looking at each other. Finally, she spoke and asked me for some clothes. I gave her some of my mother’s clothes. She said, “Thank god we live in the same building.”

She kissed me and said thank you and left.

A few days passed and I didn’t hear from her. So I sent her a message on Facebook (hell, I fucked her but didn’t have her phone number).

I got a reply a few hours later. She said that she was sorry about everything and asked me not to tell what happened to anybody else.

I told her that she didn’t need to worry and I can keep a secret. She then said that she didn’t know what happened to her, it was like she was out of control of her body.

She again said sorry and left the chat but our escapades didn’t end here. The rest I will tell you in other stories about how we fucked on the terrace and how I convinced her for anal and what happened when my mom returned, etc.

Stay tuned. 😉

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