Sex With A Married Friend

This is a story about sex with a married friend. Some of my stories go as far back as almost nine years. The first story in the order of chronology is when I was working my first job. I’m from a small city in Tamil Nadu but had quite an established IT corridor even in the early 2000s.

She was a colleague of mine, and even though we were in different teams, we managed to get along well. There was untold electricity between us, and we never got around to acknowledge it. She used to hitch rides with me after shift.

Since we worked the night shift, I did the gentlemanly thing and dropped her off safely every time. Never once did I try to take advantage. Although I’m pretty sure she would have obliged since I could feel the connection between us.

Then came our annual party. I did the usual stuff, arrived, ate, chit-chatted, and left promptly. But after I got home, I heard from my other friends that she was flirting profusely with another new joinee. And that they had quite the time. I figured she was tired of waiting for me to make a move and has moved on.

Days went by. Then months, I learned that she married the guy, the newbie. I wasn’t invited, but it was understandable. Then after several months, I saw her in a department store with her husband. I didn’t say anything because she didn’t look like she wanted me to say anything.

We looked straight into each other’s eyes. I walked away after shopping. A couple of days later, she called me. I wasn’t surprised, but I didn’t expect it either. So I just asked the usual questions. She told me she was pregnant, and I congratulated her. So that was that.

It wasn’t until several years later that things became interesting. Now she had two children, and we were in touch on and off. Until she called me out of the blue once again. She had just joined some new company, actually going back to work after being a homemaker since marriage.

We exchanged pleasantries. She asked for some professional help that I readily offered. Then we had been in touch via WhatsApp constantly, where she opened up about her personal life. She said her husband was a pathetic drunk. She had lost all confidence and privacy since the day she got married.

She further said that she had always had a crush on me and wished that she wasn’t hasty in getting married. I told her that I was happy that she shared it with me. I, too, had felt the same for her since our days as colleagues. One thing led to another, and we decided to meet in person.

I was waiting for her in a mall near her house the next day, and she arrived on time. I realize I haven’t described her as yet. She was short, busty, and had the perfect caramel skin with a face that always felt too cute. She was still the same except for a little chubbiness owing to her motherhood.

She walked to where I was waiting and got in the car. I was a little reserved at first because I haven’t seen her in a long time. But we got to talking, and we both realized that we still had the same chemistry between us, and we hit it off. Before we knew it, we were making out right there, in the mall parking lot.

She smelled heavenly, with a whiff of that new mommy smell. It was driving me crazy. I started moving my hands on her body and touched her mature breasts fluff with milk. It was quite literally heavy to hold. I was squeezing it gently and rubbing her nipples.

She whispered in a high hoarse voice that she would start lactating if I kept doing what I was doing. I didn’t even think twice. I increased my grip on her boobs. I pulled them out of her bra and then her top and squeezed them hard. She swiftly pulled my face to her breasts.

I started suckling on her nipples. She started to lactate slowly at first, then forcefully. I was gulping down her milk, and I asked her, “Has your husband tasted this?” She replied no. He hasn’t touched her since the baby was born, which was 2 years ago.

She was high on lust, and I pushed my hands into her pants. She parted her legs apart and allowed me access. I finger fucked her for a while until she was squirming and splashed herself on my fingers. She then asked me what I would like for her to do. I didn’t say anything.

Then she said, “Don’t be shy. I don’t mind giving you a blowjob. It’s what guys want, right?” I was speechless, then just nodded yes and quickly lowered my pants and undies to my ankles. I didn’t even have to say anything. She had already started blowing my mind and my cock.

She could’ve had a nicer technique, but I wasn’t complaining. Soon I was on edge, and she stopped. I was almost there, and it was such a disappointment. She asked, “Happy?” I said, “What? No, I didn’t come.”

She said, “Yeah, but nobody would do that for you. Have you come in their mouth. But did I do it well? Did you like it?” I hid my disappointment and said, “Yes, I liked it.” Then it was time for her to leave. I drove her home. She kept talking all through the drive.

She told me she liked me so much. If she could choose now, she would choose to be with me and much more. Then we met a couple of days later. This time it was in a hospital parking lot. I figured it was safer than a mall parking lot. We went at each other again. This time I was more confident and took control.

I went for her boobs again and drank her milk, then fed her the same from my mouth. First, it was like a sloppy kiss. Then I made deliberate drool from afar. She ate it up. She was quickly learning my game. Then I got out of the car, the lot was filled with cars and very few people were there.

I walked over to the passenger side, opened the door. I told her to lie on her stomach and stretch her legs onto the driver’s seat. She did as I told, then opened my pants, lowered it a little, and pulled my cock out. We were parked in such a way that there was a wall behind us.

The cars on either side and a treeline a few feet in front of the car. I grabbed hold of her hair and started pushing my cock in her mouth. She was so turned on by the thrill of public sex she was wilder than the day before. I still had a grip on her hair.

After a while, I started fucking her mouth in rhythm. First slowly, then faster and faster and faster. The ‘glug glug’ sounds from her mouth were prominent. I noticed that she was moving her hips in unison with my facefuck, on top of the gear. I was close to cumming and told her so. She didn’t say anything.

I didn’t ask a second time. I just rammed right into her throat and held on until my balls emptied. She gagged a little but had no choice but to swallow to make room for more cum pouring in. I finally let her up after I was sure I was bottomed out.

She said she hadn’t had that kind of lust and passion in a long time. She orgasmed by just rubbing herself on the gear and just sheer lust. It made me hot again, and I attacked her boobs again, and drenched in her milk was her bra. I didn’t mind and just latched onto her nipples.

She went wild again, and, a little while later, I dropped her back. This went on for a while, and one day she invited me to her house. Her husband was away on a bikers trip, and she was only with her kids and mom-in-law.

It was a one-story building and on the ground floor lived her mom-in-law, and the first floor was hers. She had 2 daughters, the elder one was in school, and the other was in a creche nearby. She took me upstairs directly through the back.

She was in a saree. I like women in sarees. It’s the sexiest attire a woman could wear, in my opinion. I unraveled her saree, and she was just in her blouse and petticoat. It was quite a sight. She was sweating, maybe because she was nervous that she was cheating on her husband in his own house.

Her blouse was wet in her arms and back, so was her hip, shining in her sweat. I couldn’t control myself anymore. I grabbed her, brought her close to me, and just hugged her. Her intoxicating aroma was killing me. I buried my nose in her shoulders. Then I moved to her breasts, then her underarms.

I savored her smell as long as I could. Then unwrapped her from her blouse and petticoat. She was just in her bra as she wasn’t wearing any panties. I lifted her arms and could see that it was wet but cleanly shaved in anticipation. I buried my nose under her arms.

When I could whiff no more, I started licking the sweat from her armpits, then her neck to her cleavage and her hip. Omg, that was a lusty ride, and I almost just came without even touching myself, just out of pure lust. She was a Christian and hence just a ring, no mangalsutra.

So there wasn’t any jewelry on her. But she was shining in sweat, and it in itself made me mad for her. She took me to her bed and made me sit, then obediently removed my pants and undies and got on her knees herself. Now in all this time, we never kissed.

I didn’t feed her my cock yet and instead told her to open her mouth and gave her a dribble from my mouth. She eagerly ate it up. Then I stuffed her mouth with my cock. I gagged her up till her throat and started fucking her face again. I somehow couldn’t bring myself to fuck her.

Maybe it was guilt, or maybe it was the feeling that she deserved my cock only in her mouth. She was committing adultery and bringing me into it. But she didn’t mind that either and was happy with just the cock in her mouth. I fucked her face vigorously.

When I was about to come, I told her. She took it out and jerked my cum all over her face and breasts. Omg, that was a sight to die for. She then got up, picked up a pillow, wiped herself off my cum, and placed it back. Then she took a t-shirt from the cupboard and proceeded to wipe my cock with it.

I stopped her and told her to clean it with her mouth, which she obliged. Then she wiped her slobber on the t-shirt, which she then placed back. I left shortly after and didn’t hear from her for a while. Later I learned that her husband snooped through her WhatsApp and placed her under lock and key.

But a few days later, she sent me a pic from her husband’s WhatsApp in which he was sleeping, wearing the same t-shirt, and lying on the same pillow.

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