How I Fucked A Stranger In Her House

One day I was at an ATM to withdraw money. The machine was not dispensing cash. So I came out and a woman was standing outside and asked me if the machine was proper. She had tried already but still to confirm she asked. I said there is no cash in the machine.

We had to go 2 km to find another ATM. She asked if I’m going there. I said yes. And she asked me to take her too. I wholeheartedly helped her and took her there. On the way to the ATM, she inquired about me. I asked her about herself. She said she was 36 years old, married.

Her husband works in Oman and her daughter is in 4th class. And they live near my place. We reached there and withdrew money from the ATM. I asked shall I drop her back to her place. She thought for a moment. I said if not I’ll leave then. She stopped me.

She said she needs to go to the beauty parlor and has some shopping to do in a nearby shop. Even I had some work. So I said if she wants I’ll drop her to the parlor and go. She agreed and sat on my bike and we left. Her parlor was near my office I dropped. I informed that I work in the nearby building.

She invited me home for tea. I said I’ll come on the weekend if she was ok. She said ok and asked me to join her for lunch on Sunday. I said ok and gave her my card. I asked her to call me if she needs any help and left from there. I forgot the scene as I was busy with my work.

In the evening I got a text from an unknown number. I did not recognize at first then I realized and replied. We had a normal conversation that day about my hometown and our family. She had a very beautiful family. The next day also we started talking on call. And this continued for two days.

It was Saturday night. She reminded me about the lunch the next day. I said I’ll join her and asked her what her daughter likes. I wanted to take something to both mom and daughter. But she said her daughter had gone to her granny’s place for the weekend.

My evil mind started thinking something naughty the whole night. But in the morning I thought she is not such a kind of woman. I should not try anything silly with her as that lunch was just a kind of thanks for helping her. So I decided to be a good friend and got ready in formals to leave at noon.

I reached in 5 minutes as it was nearby. It was a nice villa with a beautiful garden and 2 terror dogs. I called her as there were 2 Rottweilers. She came out and received me with a formal hug. And I did not expect that. I took a Grover Zampa La Reserve wine for her. She had said it was her favorite during our chat.

She was overwhelmed with joy after seeing the gift I gave her. She said the lunch was ready. She will freshen up and will be back in 5 minutes and went in. I was looking at her house it was a beautifully furnished and interworked house. I was looking at the photos in the hall.

She called me. I turned back and stood stunned seeing her in a sleeveless yellow sari. She was stunning and hot in that dress. My naughty mind started talking to me again. I controlled. But I was looking at her. She came to me and waved in front of my face.

I then realized that she was calling me all this time. I smiled at her. Meanwhile, she burst out laughing at me. I felt embarrassed and said sorry. She asked me not to ask sorry and I praised her beauty. She blushed on my comment and was behaving completely different that day.

She took the wine which I brought and said she will not give me a single drop of it to me. She gave me a beer from her fridge. We sat facing each other on the table and started having the drink. I could see her cleavage. It was very hard for me to control. She noticed me and said to be comfortable.

I did not want to stare at her boobs. So I started some conversation about her daughter, her studies and suggested her to go out for a job as she was always alone at home. She said she wanted to go but her in-laws and husband did not like the idea of her working.

But she was happy looking after the garden, the dogs. She spends time with her daughter once she is back from school. I asked if she missed her husband. She said she misses him so badly. He visited them 2 years back and will not be here for one more year.

She started telling all the things which she handles alone. How people try to hit a chance on her. And they see her like a slut. She had even heard people talking in front of her. I felt bad when she said that and cursed myself for thinking bad about her. I changed the topic as her face turned red.

I told her that she can call me any time in case such issues happen in the future. She said to leave it as it is impossible to make them understand. I started thinking about how cruel our society is. Even I am one of the cruel minded among them and felt ashamed of myself.

I wanted to leave but something made me sit and make it proper. I thought of confessing my bad thoughts and make it clear that it won’t happen again. But something unexpected happened. She said I know even you had some idea when you were staring at my cleavage. I kept my head down ashamed.

She laughed again. But I was embarrassed. I said I was sorry and stood up to leave. She then convinced me and made me comfortable with her talk. I forgot about it. And we were now in the hall sitting on the couch having a drink and watching movies.

We were sitting close to each other. Our bodies were brushing. But we did not care as the alcohol started playing. She slid her right hand in my left hand and rested her head over my shoulder. And I could sense that. She was missing her husband a lot.

I consoled her and took my hand out from hers to pour her another glass of wine. While removing my hand I brushed her boobs and her pallu fell. She did not care to put it back. I told her to cover. But she ignored and said, “It’s ok. You have already seen it. It’s too hot. So let it be as it is.”

She took the glass from my hand and started sipping the wine. She was already tipsy and going into another world. I was so confused about what to do next. So, I took another beer and sat next to her and started sipping it. My dick was getting hard. I could sense even she was getting into a different mood.

I was both guilty and horny at the same time but horny won the battle. And I was looking at her big boobs while having a beer. She suddenly asked me are you virgin I said I was not. She asked with whom did I lose it was it, my girlfriend.

I said I don’t have a girlfriend and told her about my previous encounters. She was getting hot listening to my stories. She came closer to me. I put my hand over her shoulder. She was again resting her head over my shoulder. We were behaving like a couple who is meeting after a long time.

She had kept her hand on my thighs. She could easily feel my hard-on. I kissed her forehead. And she asked are you sure we should be doing this. I said we won’t do it. But the situation might lead us there. I started rubbing her shoulder gently. She was rubbing my hard dick over the pant.

She said this will be between us. I replied yes. By kissing her we turned wild in a moment and started kissing wildly. I was pressing her boobs which were a handful. She was pressing my dick over my pants. We almost kissed for 10 minutes like there is no tomorrow. We kissed each other.

She was licking and sucking my tongue. I could feel how desperate she was. I removed her blouse. It was not a hooked type. It was tied at back. I removed it with my teeth and was kissing her back. I gave small bites on her back and shoulders. I turned her and started licking her boobs over her bra.

I tore her bra and removed her sari. Now she was just in her panty. I admired her beauty. She closed her face in shy. I slowly rubbed her pussy over her panty. She left out a small moan and removed my dress and made me nude in a second. She went on her knee and started kissing my dick head.

She was licking it and teasing me without taking it in. I pushed my dick in her mouth. But she did not take and started teasing me with her tongue for some time. And finally took it in and gave an awesome blowjob for 10 minutes. I was about to cum. She wanted it in her mouth. I loaded her mouth with my cum.

She drank till the last drop like a thirsty animal. She went to clean. I followed her to the washroom. But she closed the door and made me wait for some time. She was teasing me a lot. I was waiting on the bed. She came out and ran to the hall I tried to catch her. But she missed my hands.

She was running in her panty. And I was trying to catch her in my birth suit. It was so amazing to see her boobs bouncing while running. I was hard seeing those bouncing boobs and stood over the couch in the hall. She stood near the kitchen door. I showed her my dick and started teasing her now.

She came to me and was about to hold my dick. This time I ran into the bedroom and slept on the bed. She stripped her panty and sat on the edge of the bed. I pulled her over me and started sucking her boobs. Those nipples got so hard I was biting it. And she was in both pain and pleasure.

I slowly came down licking her belly button. I reached her wet bushy pussy and started licking it. I was eating her pussy like anything. She was too pleased as it was two years since her pussy got a man’s touch. She climaxed in 5 minutes but I did not leave her. I was continuously licking her pussy.

I know women like it a lot to get licked down there which most of the men don’t like. But I’m best at licking pussy. And I’ve got many praises for it. I licked her thighs and her whole body was wet by my saliva. I made her climax 4 times by licking. She was good at squirting.

She was sitting on my face and was tiered squirting for 4 times and fell to my left and held my dick. I was hard and wanted to enter her. But gave her time to take some breath. After 2 minutes I stood up and separated her legs. I started rubbing my dick over her pussy and was teasing her.

She was ready by now and was begging me to enter. I slowly entered giving small thrusts. She was tight and suddenly, I entered my whole in one go. She did not expect that and was in pain. I did not move until her pain got reduced. After a moment a started thrusting in and out slowly.

She was ok now and I increased my speed. She was moaning, enjoying and was biting her lips making the scene so horny. Then we shifted to the doggy position. I held her boobs and was fucking her in that position for 10 minutes. We were exactly doing like dogs in winter.

She then came over me and started riding me. She was grinding and twisting her in a rhythm. It was so amazing I was enjoying it. Those beautiful boobs bouncing. She was tired. I took her and lifted in my arm and fucked her for 10 minutes. I was about to cum.

She wanted it inside. So I came inside her and we fell on the bed. We took some rest and took a bath together. We went to the dining hall to have lunch. It was nearly 3 o’clock. We had lunch without clothes. She had prepared my favorite chicken biryani.

She served it and came and sat over me and started eating from the same plate. I got harder again while having food as she was sitting over me. I slowly lifted her. She thought. I was adjusting to sit properly. So I lifted her but I pushed my dick in her pussy she did not expect this.

I did not give thrusts but had kept my dick inside her pussy till we had lunch. After lunch, we slept and woke up at 8. And she was still sleeping with a satisfactory face. I went and again started licking her thighs and pussy. I lifted her hand and licked her armpits which made her tickle.

She woke up due to tickling and gave a smile. She was looking so beautiful at that time. She stood and went to bathe I went following her she smiled. And we took a romantic bath. After sex, the room was filled with love between us. She dressed up did some pooja and prepared tea for me. We had it together.

She suddenly became dull thinking about what happened. She asked me not to think bad about her and not to share this with anyone. Tears filled in her eyes. I felt bad seeing her. I went to her gave a hug with love and promised that I’ll not share it with anyone.

I did not think anything wrong about her and gave a kiss on her forehead. She smiled and was looking so cute I again kissed her lips. We kissed for 5 minutes. I was about to leave. She stopped and asked me to stay with her as her daughter will be coming a week later. So, I stayed that night.

As soon as I accepted her offer to stay she felt happy and hugged me crushing her boobs. It was a tight hug with lots of emotions. I lifted her dress. And she was in her inner again. And she removed my dress. I was nude we sat like this over the couch and played a movie. She was lying over me.

I was playing with her boobs and was watching the movie. She was playing with my dick. After the movie, we had dinner and some drinks nude. We enjoyed each other till morning. It was such a beautiful time of my life. She was such a beautiful and good person. I still maintain a healthy relationship with her.

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