First Sex With Hot Punjabi Neighbor Aunty

Hello everyone, I am Gili. I am currently 24, working as a Business Analyst in an IT company.

This incident happened 5 years back when I was in college. I moved out of my hometown for my studies and I got seduced by a hot Punjabi neighbor aunty.

I used to live in a flat with 2 other friends. The flat belongs to a person who used to live abroad. The flat we got at a reasonable rate as it was in the outskirts and near to my college and was on the 6th floor (topmost floor).

The building still had some work going on in the other apartments on our floor and there was only one other family on that floor.

In June, our session started and one day on the occasion of Rakhi, I was alone as my other two friends had gone to their relatives’ places. I thought to go out to the nearby tea shop for a cigarette when I saw a lady on the same floor. She smiled at me and in response, I too did the same.

While crossing, she asked me if it was me who lived in that flat and I said yes. She then told me that her name was Mansh and she lived on the same floor. She was from Punjab. The lady was fair, tall and with long hair with a curvy body and was slightly chubby in a perfect way.

We struck up a conversation and while doing so, she told me her husband was in a sales job and her kid was studying in a different city. I also happened to know that she knew my flat owner and she told me to feel free to ask if I needed anything. Till then, it was a normal conversation and nothing sexual was going in my head.

A few days passed and she seemed genuinely helpful as she helped us when we ran out of the cooking gas and a few times when I was alone at the flat, she even brought me food.

We got along well. I even used to go to her flat as well as she insisted many times that I can as she was alone mostly whenever her husband was away and he used to be away more than half of the time.

I used to like being around my hot Punjabi neighbor aunty and within a month or two, we shared a lot of details with us. I was surprised to know she was 41 at that time. I always used to think she was in her early 30s. Her husband was 13 years older and she got married at 18 only and finished her studies after marriage.

By then, I developed a little bit of crush on my married Punjabi neighbor aunty and we were more like friends by then.

Once during a long weekend when both my friends were out of the city, she called me early morning and asked me to come to her flat. I immediately went to her flat. She opened the door and for the first time, I saw her in a low cut short nightdress.

I realized that the Punjabi bhabhi had come out of the shower sometime back as her hairs were still wet. Her cleavage was slightly visible from her nightdress and I was looking at it while making sure not to get caught! Even though I tried my best, she caught me staring at her and jokingly asked if I was done with staring and can come in.

I went in and sat on the couch in her living room. I asked her what happened that she called me so early. She said she was aware that I was alone as she saw my friends leaving with their luggage.

My hot Punjabi next door aunty went to her kitchen and in some time, she came back with tea. She bent to keep it on the table and gave me a nice view of her cleavage. I realized she was not wearing a bra!

I asked her again why she called me so early in the morning. She replied that as we were so friendly, it was not necessary that she called me only if there is a reason. I said, “Yeah, sure.” And she taunted me saying that she thinks it will be better if she changed her clothes.

I gathered some courage and asked why she wanted to change as she can stay in those only. She said that I was staring at her. Yes, I was staring at her body, especially the parts that were visible.

I felt my cock was erect in my shorts and I decided there was some attraction from her as well. I said, “You look amazing, so I am staring at you. Never saw you look so sexy.” My sexy Punjabi neighbor aunty now came and sat next to me and asked me if I really think that and I said, yes.

She leaned on me and her soft Punjabi boobs were pushing against my arm. I lost control and I hugged her and said, “I want you now.” I saw she was not resisting and she said that she wanted me too and the time was right as we could spend the next few days together.

I started kissing her. She was kissing me back and soon our tongues were kissing too. The married neighbour aunty removed my t-shirt and my hands were on her round breasts. I pulled the shoulder strings down and started pressing the breasts.

I moved down and first kissed her neck, then her cleavage, her breasts and then her nipples. She was enjoying it and moaning.

I came further down and lifted my hot Punjabi neighbor aunty’s short nightdress. After kissing her thunder thighs for some time, I went for her pussy. She was not wearing panties. It was a trimmed pussy.

Without wasting time, I started licking the Punjabi aunty’s trimmed pussy. She was going mad by this. I felt her pushing my head on her pussy and she was moaning loud and even using dirty language. This made me realize how horny she was that time!

Aunty removed my shorts too by then with her legs and my hard cock was outside. I wanted to push it in at once. But I paused and took my cock near her face. Then I grabbed her hair and rubbed my cock on her face. I was feeling like a king and I knew by then that my horny Punjabi neighbor aunty wanted me to take lead.

After rubbing it on her face, soon she took it in her mouth and started sucking me like a porn star. I told her that she was very good at it, to which she smiled and said she had practiced a lot on her husband as he now took some time to get a full hard-on.

My cock was drenched in her saliva. I took her nightdress and threw it away. Both of us were naked and I was still finding it hard to believe that I was doing it with a hot aunty who was more than twice my age!

My Punjabi neighbor aunty was sucking me and was on her knees and I was trying to shove it deeper. I made her lie down on her couch and spread her legs. My cock was touching her pussy and she was turning wild and asking me to put it in.

I hesitated and asked her for condoms. She asked me to fuck her raw and that she will have an emergency pill.

I thrusted my cock hard and my neighbour screamed in pain and pleasure. I never saw her wild side until then as she was using dirty talks and calling herself a whore and begging me to keep fucking her!

She wrapped her legs around me and I was fucking her like that. Even I was going wild and was abusing her and calling her a bitch/whore and kissing her when she was moaning louder.

My hot Punjabi neighbor aunty was really in a mood to get fucked hard and was moaning really loud. I wanted more so I removed my cock and turned her and told her that I was gonna fuck her like a real bitch.

I made her in doggy position and shoved my cock again. My male ego made me ask her how was my cock and she satisfied my ego by saying it was far better than her husband.

Now the flat was filled with the sounds of my balls slapping her and her loud moans. I yelled that I am about to cum and I felt she was not willing to let me cum inside her. So I removed and turned her and jerked my cock on her breasts. My cum shot covered her breasts and face.

We stayed there like that cuddling and she said that now I can come and fuck her whenever I got a chance.


So, friends, how was my story? Please let me know. You can share your feedback at [email protected] Also, please let me know if I should write in English or Hindi.

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