Sex With A Stranger, Simran

Hello People, this is Raj with another story. Feeling good to write after a long time. I hope you all like this.

So this story is about a strange woman I saw in the Pharmacy store with her kid. The first time I saw her, I could not take my eyes off her. She was wearing a red shirt and a blazer over it and a knee-length skirt. She is so fair that she may turn pink even if you touch her.

She had an awesome figure. Her shirt’s top two open buttons gave a clear view of her cleavage. Until the time she was in the pharmacy, everyone was staring at her. She was done and was leaving the store.

Even I left and followed her to the parking area. She left in her car and me in mine. Days passed, and I wondered if I could get to see her again.

After two weeks, I had to attend a party held by one of my friends in a restaurant. I reached the party and was with my friends when I saw a lady walking in. It was none other than the same lady I had seen in pharmacy and was eagerly waiting to see again.

She walked with her friend and joined our group. Few of my friends knew her, so they started hello, hi and all. I was staring at her. She was wearing a bottle green knee-length one-piece dress with heels, loose hair, and light makeup. She looked gorgeous.

While checking her out, one of my friends suddenly called me and introduced me to her. Her name was Simran. I introduced myself, and we started chatting. The DJ played the song, and all of my friends ran to the dance floor. I was not interested, so I stepped back.

I went to the bar counter. I don’t drink, so I just went to have some juice or a soft drink. In a minute, Simran followed and sat next to me. She ordered juice, and I looked at her surprisingly. She smiled and said, “Even I don’t drink,” looking at my glass. We both laughed and started chit-chatting.

I told Simran that I saw her in a pharmacy store a few days back for the first time. She then recollected and confirmed the location and asked what I was doing there. I replied that I had come to buy some medicines. I also said that I often visit the pharmacy store near my house.

Surprisingly, Simran said the same that she visits very often there as she stays nearby to the store. After inquiring, I got to know she was staying near my place. It was like 5 minutes distance from my place.

We then spoke about ourselves, our daily routine. She spoke about her family. I learned that her husband is a businessman. So he is out of town most of the time for business meets and all. We had past almost an hour chatting.

Suddenly, everyone was back from the dance floor and was hungry. So we headed towards the restaurant to have our dinner. We were done with our dinner in the next 45 minutes, and all were ready to leave. It was almost 11 pm. It was only me and Simran left out of all of us.

We were waiting, and Simran was doing something on her phone. I asked if I could help with something. Simran said she was trying to book a cab to get back home. But there is none that she can reach out to.

I smiled and said, “You forgot that we stayed in the same area and I got my car. So if you want, I can drop you home.” Simran smiled and agreed to it. She asked me to wait as she wanted to go to the washroom.

Simran was back in 15 minutes. Her hair was done, the makeover was back. I asked her are we going home or to another party. She understood and smiled and said, “Let’s leave.”

We reached the parking area, got into the car and started driving. While driving back, I asked Simran, seriously, you got ready again to go home? She replied, asking if I had any other plans? After a pause, I was silent and replied that if you want, we can make a plan.

She smiled and said that she is free all night as no one was at home to question her. I told her that let’s go for a drive, have some tea and spend time at a location that I knew was outside the city but not far. She agreed, and we headed towards it.

After driving for 40 minutes, we reached a dhaba on the highway and ordered tea. We sat in the car itself as Simran was uncomfortable going out in that outfit.

While having tea, I went to the stall and got a packet of cigarettes. I asked Simran if she would like to have one. Simran smiled and said, “So someone does smoke.” I laughed and replied, sometimes. Simran took one from the packet.

We finished our tea and cigarette. I asked Simran if she was ready to go where I wanted to take her. She again smiled and said, if I am safe going there with you, I don’t mind. I got in and started to drive. After a few minutes of the highway, we went off-road, and it was a muddy road.

After a few turns, we reached the top of a small mountain and parked the car there. Lights were on, and there was a small lake in front of the mountain and a few huts beside the lake. It was a bit cold on the top, and it was only us there.

Simran, like the place, asked if she could sit on the top of the car’s bonnet. I said no problem. She was struggling to get on top of it. Without asking, I held her from her waist and helped her get on top. She looked back at me and said, thanks. She asked for another cigarette and started smoking.

We chatted about the party, about our life and work. I asked her about her husband. I teasingly said, how can a man be away from such a beautiful wife. She didn’t say anything and just smiled. After a pause, Simran said that she has never been out spending time like this with her husband as he has no time.

Simran said that she has everything and can get everything that she likes. But she misses the joy, fun, and love that she deserves in life. I came close to her and held her hand. I consoled her by saying I understood her situation.

She doesn’t need to worry now as I am there for her. She can spend time with me and share all she wants. Simran said thanks, and we had one more cigarette each and were about to leave. I helped Simran get down from the car.

While doing so, I placed my hand above her waist and slipped it under her boobs. She felt my hand on her boobs, and as soon as she was on the ground, she adjusted her dress and turned back.

We got into the car and headed back home. Simran was feeling sleepy, so she was lying with her eyes closed. I woke her up when we were near her place. She opened her eyes and looked at me. She placed her hand on my left hand and let that be as it was until we reached the parking area of her society.

I stopped the car and was waiting for her to get down. Simran was looking at me without saying anything. After a silent pause, I asked her, “What happened? Is all okay?” Simran said that she was alone at home and she would be glad if I accompanied her for a cup of coffee.

I agreed, and we parked the car and went to her apartment. Her apartment was on the 20th floor. She had a lavish house, well decorated and maintained. I appreciated her for her house. She smiled and said thanks.

She asked if I would like to have some tea, coffee or juice? I said I was good, and she walked me through her house. We ended up in her bedroom and sat on the balcony chatting.

I recall and asked about her son. I had seen him in the pharmacy store the other day with her.  She said that he had gone for an outing with his friend and family.

Simran had another round of cigarettes. She stood at the edge of the balcony, saying that this is my daily life, and I have adapted it. I went next to her, held her hand and turned her face towards me. She had tears in her eyes, but I consoled her and hugged her tight.

Simran hugged me back, and after a minute, we broke apart. I was still holding Simran from her arms and looking into her eyes.

Simran threw the cigarette and came very close to me, and we kissed. It was soft. Then soon, it turned into a passionate kiss. Our tongues were rolling with each other. Simran was biting my lips. I pinned her on the railing of the balcony and kissed her forehead, cheeks, lips, neck, bite her ear lobes.

Simran was rolling her hand in my hair, my back. I was kissing all over her face, neck, shoulder. I pulled her top down from her shoulder and bit her shoulder. Simran moaned and turned her face around. While kissing her, I lifted her dress to her waist.

I started rolling my hand on her pussy over her netted panty. Simran was getting wet and was moaning. I lifted her in my arms, took her inside, and threw her on the bed. I took my t-shirt off and was standing bare upper body and jeans.

Simran suddenly stood up and started kissing my bare body, biting my chest and kissing all over. While doing so, she unbuttoned my jeans and pulled the zip down. She put her hand inside my jeans and started rubbing my dick.

I was hard, and that is when Simran pulled my jeans down with the boxers. My dick was hard and erect in front of her face. Simran took my dick in her hand in no time and started rubbing slowly. She took my dick in her mouth and was sucking like a lollipop. I was enjoying the moment.

After a few minutes, I stopped her and pushed her on the bed. I turned her around and unzipped her dress, pulled it down, and threw it on the floor. Simran was lying on the bed in her netted green bra and panty. Her hard nipples were visible from her net bra.

Her pussy was wet, and so was her panty. I went on top of her and started kissing her all over. I was sucking her nipples over her bra and was rubbing my penis on her pussy over her panty.

Simran was moaning loud and was shivering. After a few minutes, I touched my back on the bed and made Simran sit on my lap. I was kissing her hard and fast and biting her all over. Her milky body had turned pink due to hard kisses and bite. I put my hand on her back and unhooked her bra.

She had milky boobs and a very fair nipple. I sucked her nipples and took her boobs in my mouth. I kept her boobs in my mouth and rolled my tongue around her nipples. Simran went crazy and was scratching my back. I was sucking her boobs one by one.

While doing so, I was also rubbing my dick on her pussy over her panty. Simran made me stop, raised her ass a bit, slid her panty aside and guided my dick inside her pussy. She sat again and made my complete dick go deep inside her pussy. Simran made a loud moan and screamed.

I held her from the shoulder and started fucking her while sitting on my lap. I held her panty from my back and pulled it hard. The panty tore, and I pulled it out and threw it on the floor. After fucking in sam le position for almost 15 minutes, I stopped and made Simran lay on the bed with her legs wide open.

I folded her legs from her knees and held them. I went between the legs and kissed her pussy. Simran moaned and started shivering. Her pussy was clean, shaved and soft as silk. For the first time, I had seen milky and pink pussy. I again kissed and started licking her pussy.

I spread her pussy lips and inserted my lips in her pussy. Simran was moaning heavily and was shivering like a fish out of water. I tongued fuck her and rolled my tongue inside her pussy. After a few minutes, Simran had her orgasm, and I took all her juices.

It tasted awesome. Simran held my head and forced me more on her pussy. After tongue fucking her, I turned her around and kissed her all over her back, bit her ass cheeks. I went on top of her from the back, spread her ass and guided my penis inside her pussy from back.

It was half in when Simran raised her hips and made my dick go deep inside her pussy. I paused for a few seconds and started stroking her from the back. I held her face, turned over and kissed her while fucking her.

Simran was enjoying every bit of it. After a few minutes, I stopped and made Simran lay on her back. I asked her to fold her legs, hold them from her knees, and spread them wide open. I went in between and guided my dick deep inside.

I was in a position as if I was drilling her pussy from top. It was great to go deep inside. Simran was moaning a lot and enjoying. After some time, I laid down on the bed and asked Simran to come on top and ride my dick. She followed and rode my dick as if she were pro horse riders.

Simran was so good that she ensured that my dick went deep inside with every push. While she was riding, I pressed her boobs and pinched her nipples. I had a feeling that I may cum anytime. I told Simran that I would cum anytime. She said that she wanted all that cum inside her pussy.

So she laid on the bed and asked me to fuck hard and fast and cum inside in her pussy. I went in missionary position and fucked her hard and fast. I cummed hard and loaded my cum deep inside her pussy in a few minutes.

Simran had a smile on her face and was looking relieved. I collapsed on her and kissed her. She kissed me back and whispered thank you in my ears. She admitted that she never had fuck like this. We lay there for some time, and then Simran went to the washroom to clean herself.

I was still on the bed under the blanket. Simran was back in 20 minutes. She had wrapped herself in a black towel and looked gorgeous with no makeover and a wet body. She came towards me, showed me all the bite marks on her milky body. She kissed me and asked me to shower.

I went for a shower and was done in 10 minutes. Simran had changed into a red bra and panty by the time I was back. It was visible from her white satin nightie. She was on the dressing table drying her hair. I was only in a towel wrapped around my waist.

I went and stood at her back and kissed her on the head and forehead. I went back to bed under the blanket. Simran was done drying hair. So she dimmed the light and joined me under the blanket. She rests herself on my bare chest and thank me again for making her feel great.

I held her hand and said that I was glad to make her happy. I stayed there that night, and we both slept. It was 10 am when we woke up. We had a bath together and another session under the shower. I then bid her goodbye and left for home.

After that, we had many occasions where we spent time together not just for sex but to enjoy ourselves. We still meet and have sex whenever possible.

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