Train Journey With Amisha Leads To Sex

Hello friends, I am back with a new experience which happened to me a month back. So let’s come to the story.

I was going to my cousin’s wedding as my exams were postponed. All my family members went before me so I was traveling alone. The train was late by 2 hours. I was waiting at the station for a long time which pissed me off. Then the train came and I boarded. It was about 10:30 pm, so the lights were off.

Finally, I found my seat and switched the light on for keeping my belongings safe. After I was all set, I was going to turn off the lights. Then I saw her! Wow, what a beauty she was! I was literally staring at her. The girl noticed it and raised her eyebrows. I quickly turned the lights off and laid on my berth.

Oh, I forgot to introduce my hot co-passenger girl. Her name was Amisha (which I learned later), her size was 32-28-34. God damn, she was a complete goddess and people will go crazy for her. She was traveling with her two sisters and uncle which made it difficult for me to talk with her. I waved at her saying hello to which she waved back.

Amisha was initially in the middle berth but as we started having a conversation, she came to the top berth telling her sister she was feeling hot. Soon, we were having a normal conversation. As time passed, the conversation got more and more personal and sexual.

I went to her berth as my berth was clearly visible to her sister. Her uncle was asleep by then.

As I went to her berth, we were too close and I realized her breath had become heavier.

Then, all of a sudden, I went closer and planted a soft kiss on Amisha’s lips! She was stunned. I planted one more kiss and she was back to her senses.

Meanwhile, I had started smooching her to which she responded positively. We kissed for about 10 minutes forgetting the world around us. We were fully into each other and our tongues were mating and exchanging saliva. Then we broke the kiss to get some air.

As I was about to kiss her again, she stopped me by saying, “Yaha nahi, koi dekh lega” I said ok.

I jumped to my berth and went towards the washroom. It was about 2 am and there were no people awake and around. I closed both the doors and went towards the seat. I signaled to her and she followed me to the washroom.

I quickly grabbed Amisha’s waist and pulled her towards me. I was deeply kissing her to which she was also responding. I slowly bit her lower lip making her shiver.

I made my move and slowly started pressing Amisha’s boobs. They were big and soft. I switched between her boobs while kissing. Then I moved my hands to her pussy and started rubbing her pussy over her leggings. She let out a sound “aaahhhh”.

I inserted my hand inside her panty and started fingering her pussy. Her moans became louder. She forgot about her surroundings and was fully enjoying the action.

Then I saw someone’s shadow. I quickly pulled her behind me and was acting like nothing happened. A man passed and I told her it was not safe to do it there. I went inside the toilet and thank god, it was clean.

I pulled her inside the train toilet. I always have a pocket perfume with me. I sprayed it and slowly removed her leggings and top. She was in her bra and panties.

Amisha was looking like a sex goddess. I grabbed her ass, pressed it a little and pulled her towards me. I unhooked her bra and her boobs were released. I started moving my finger over her nipples and making her more horny. Then I started sucking her boobs while fingering her pussy. Amisha was moaning.

I removed her pantie and kissed her pussy and started licking there. That sweet smell from her pussy was making me more hornier. I increased the speed of licking. I was licking her pussy while rubbing her clitoris with my thumb. Soon, she cummed and I drank all of it.

Amisha then bent down and unzipped my pants and removed my undies. My tool was released. It was rock hard and hit on her face lightly. Amisha started licking my cock and was giving me the world’s best blowjob. After some time, I cummed in her mouth and she drank it.

We were kissing again and after some time, my dick was hard ready to bang my hot co-passenger girl. I raised her one leg and kept in on my shoulder. I positioned my dick and slowly entered her pussy. It was wet and hence it was easy for me to get inside her pussy. Her pussy walls were pressing my dick and the warmth of the pussy was amazing.

I increased my pace and Amisha’s moans became louder. “Fuck me harder”, she mumbled.

After a few minutes, we changed our position. We were in doggy style. Amisha bent down and I inserted my dick inside from behind and spanked her ass hard. I was making to and fro motion and she was moaning louder, “Aaaahhhh… Aaaahhhh…Aaaaahh…Oooo gggodddd fucccckkkkk meeeee please don’t stop..”

Her words were driving me crazy. I increased my pace and fucked the hell out of Amisha. She was screaming and telling me not to stop. She grabbed my ass and pulled me more closer. Soon our motions matched and we were moving together.

As I was about to cum, I asked where to cum and she told me to cum inside her as she wanted to feel my cum. I let out a small moan and we both ejaculated. I could feel her liquids flowing over my dick.

We remained in the same position for some time and after that, she turned around and kissed me. Then we both cleaned ourselves and left the train toilet with a smile. While she was leaving, I spanked her ass and told her one day it will be mine.

And we went back to our seats pretending as nothing had happened. We both got down at the same station and exchanged numbers while no one was watching. Amisha gave a kiss on my cheek and said, “meet soon, baby” and left. We chat often and are trying to meet again and have steamy sex.

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