Sex Chat To Awesome Time In Theater

Hi. This is Ram from Chennai. I am going to narrate another experience of mine about sex chat. I am a guy who likes to share experiences and wants to know about others as well.

Life was going on smoothly. I got messages from guys asking for gals contacts and from gals asking about various things to get clarity and confidence to meet.

It was a surprise to get a message from Chitra from ‘Experience With A Reader On The Beach’. She told me that she would be going on an onsite and returning only after two years. She said that there has been some problem and the trip has been on hold.

She would know soon, and she would be returning to her uncle’s place soon. Since we both were busy, we couldn’t meet. Then the covid lockdown happened. The chats in telegram progressed to sharing numbers and then video calls on WhatsApp.

We had normal video calls first, and then it progressed to nude calls during the six months lockdown. We were desperate to meet but couldn’t as everything was closed. Once the hotels opened, we both met for lunch. We wanted to get some alone time, but we were afraid of getting a room because of covid.

Months rolled by, and we were happy when we heard that the theaters are opening in November. A week after the theaters opened, we went to my favorite theatre. She had come directly to the theater in a shirt and jeggings.

I had booked my favorite last row seats. Even though we could book alternate seats, I knew that we could sit together. There were very few people in the theater. We went to our row and sat next to each other. We were holding hands.

There weren’t people in the seven rows before us. That was what we were looking for, and we were happy about that. I turned and kissed her on her cheek. She pushed me away, saying that the light is on. We waited for the light to be switched off.

Once the light was switched off, Chitra turned and kissed me on my lips. It progressed to a wet one with her sucking my upper lips and alternating with my lower lip. While we were kissing, I took my hand and kept it on her boobs and pressed it.

Even though I had seen it in a video call, feeling it in real life gives different pleasure. I slowly opened two buttons on her shirt and cupped her breast one after another over the bra. She continued kissing me while I was kneading her boobs. I took my hand to the back to remove the hook and couldn’t find it.

She broke the kiss, smiled, and said that this is a front open one. That was new learning for me as I never knew that there was a bra with front hooks. She opened the hooks, and I could see those amazing treasures in the dull light. I took hold of the wonderful Twin Globes and kneaded it.

It was like a balloon filled with water. I bent down and kissed her nipples and then started sucking the boobs. I would tickle her nipples with my tongue while sucking.  She pressed my head more towards her boobs. I alternated between the boobs and cupped her ass at times.

We didn’t know how time flew away. This movie had a short first half, so we corrected our dresses and sat to see the interval in a few minutes. We went to the restroom, got a drink, and came back to the seat. The movie started. She sipped the drink and exchanged it with a kiss and vice versa.

I had my arm around her neck and was cupping her breast. We kissed for a while. Chitra put her fingers on my erect manhood over my trousers. She unzipped me and took out my dick and was feeling it and shaking it. With the arm around her, I nudged her.

Chitra looked at me, smiled, and bent down and kissed my dick. Then she used her tongue and licked the opening on the head. She slowly took the foreskin back and took the head inside her mouth. She was using her tongue to swirl around the head.

Then she got up, which made me think that she wasn’t interested.  She said the armrest hurt her and stood up to sit between my legs. She caught my dick and slowly kissed and then took it inside her mouth. My friend with benefits was giving me an amazing blowjob. She would alternate it with a handjob.

I opened her button and freed her boobs. She was kneeling, and I kept my dick between her boobs, pressed them, and enjoyed the boobjob. I kept my hand on her head. Before taking my dick, she told me to warn her if I come. After a while, I felt like I was gonna explode.

I told her that I was gonna cum. She kept her hanky on my dick and masturbated me. I caught her boobs and started pressing it. As the pressing got more, she understood that I was gonna cum, and I relieved a huge cum in her hanky. Chitra stood up and sat on her chair.

We kissed again, and I thanked her for the amazing blowjob and boobjob. She was about to wear her bra. I told her to leave it for a while. I started kneading her boobs, bent down, and kissed them. I sat between her and caught both her boobs and kissed and kneaded alternately.

I took my head down and kissed her pussy above her jeggings. She kept her hand on my head and pulled. I kept my hand on the sides of her jeggings. She understood what I was gonna do and lifted herself. At that time, I pulled her jegging down along with her panties.

I saw a white pad-like thing on her panty. I was puzzled whether she was on her periods and asked her. She said that it was a panty liner, and it would absorb the vaginal discharge and wont soil her panties and jeggings. I pulled her jeggings and panties below her knees.

I spread her legs and kissed her pussy, which was already wet. I started licking it up and down. It was a bit difficult as she couldn’t spread her legs more. I pulled her to the edge of the seat, lifted her legs, and put it over my shoulder. I started licking it.

She was enjoying it and pulled my head towards her and also closed her legs. She cummed in a while, and I kept on licking and slowly inserted my fingers in the horny pussy.

First, it was one finger, and then after a while, it was two fingers. She was enjoying it nicely. I got hard again. I asked her whether I shall insert mine instead of the fingers. She nodded but told me not to ejaculate inside her. I told her that I had got a condom, and there is nothing to be worried about.

I loosened my pants and freed my dick and put on the condom. It was rock hard. I raised myself and kept my dick at the entrance of her pussy. Even though it was wet, it was a bit grippy. I slowly entered her. When I entered her, her eyes widened, and she made a moaning sound.

She was sitting on the edge of the seat with her legs raised in a v shape. I was in between her, and we were doing it. The thrusts were slow, and we both were enjoying it. She put her hand on my butt and pulled me more, indicating for me to go deeper into her.

I made the thrusts faster. After a few more fast thrusts, I pushed deeper and cum heavily inside the condom. I pulled out and sat on the seats, kissed, and thanked each other for the wonderful time and experience.

All these chats and video calls we had about how we wanna enjoy had finally paid off. I removed the condom. She cleaned my dick with a tissue and kissed it, and put him back inside my brief. I pulled up my pants and corrected myself. She stood up and bent down to pull up her panties and jeggings.

I kissed her butt and bit on it. She pulled her panties and jeggings, sat on the seat, adjusted her boobs in the bra, and buttoned up.  We were holding hands and kissing now and then, waiting for the movie to be over. Once the movie was over, we came down and left in our respective bikes.

In our chat, she had mentioned that she will be giving a surprise for my birthday, which is coming soon. What is the surprise? I am waiting for it like you all. I will post it after it happens. Till then, take care and stay safe, and always wear a mask.

Girls and Women around Chennai, message me if you wanna have some fun. I would love to hear from you people about your experience too. Those who like to have a chat contact me on telegram at ram_chennai.

Do give feedback for this story, which would help me to write more. 100% of privacy will be maintained. My mail is [email protected] Stay safe, stay home.

I will be really happy if this story gives me some new friends. Waiting for your responses via email. I request you to also like and comment on the same page as well. I will be publishing the stories one by one as and when they happen.

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