Sex And Love-Making During Periods

The sex and love-making happened quite some time back. But I still remember the night when we had gone to watch a play. We parked the car and went and took our seats.

Rashmi, my girlfriend, was looking very hot. Rashmi is 5.4′ tall, fair-skinned, short hair, luscious lips, 32B breasts, slim waist, and sexy tight ass. She mostly wore salwar kurta, but they fitted her well, accentuating her curves.

She preferred lighter shades which she used to carry off very well with her colorful jootis. We had known each other for a few years but had started dating each other just a week prior. We had kissed few times and almost got carried away the previous night.

I fondled her breasts while driving her back home. She had played with my dick over my trousers. But she had to get home early. Thus, we stopped reluctantly but not before exchanging enough saliva kissing each other.

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On the night of the play, she was wearing a white salwar kurta. The material was very thin. Her salwar was loose, but the kurti fit her very well. I could almost see her panty line when she walked in front of me. She was wearing a light green chunni and a matching pair of green jootis to go with it.

The lights had been dimmed, and the play was about to begin. It was a murder mystery. We had purposely taken corner seats away from prying eyes. We watched the play for 30-40 minutes and got bored. All along, my hands were feeling her thighs.

It was almost as if I could feel her naked skin – the material was that thin. She was clawing my hands as they kept moving higher between her legs. We were feeling each other gently. She was resting her head on my shoulder. Her left hand was feeling my hard dick.

My right hand had moved right up to her knotted strings holding her salwar. She was very horny as she was biting my ear lobes and trying to pull down my zip. A couple was sitting few seats away to my left while there was no one behind us.

The seats in front were full. But that didn’t deter her from unzipping me and trying to pull out my cock. I had to help her to take out my cock, which was now wet with pre-cum. In a jiffy, she had my cock in her mouth and started licking the pre-cum.

For a couple of minutes, I kept ruffling her hair. She gave me intense satisfaction rolling her tongue over my dick and trying to take it deeper. But the hand rest between us wasn’t helping. Soon we were kissing again while my hands were now exploring her naked breasts.

I had opened her kurti button from the top and was fondling her tits gently while kissing her. We were mindful that the lights would come on shortly for the interval, as it was nearing an hour. I adjusted myself while she buttoned herself up and adjusted her chunni.

I was very hard. Thus I pulled out my shirt so that the bulge would not be visible. I got up to get something from the canteen. When I got back, Rashmi whispered in my ear that she needed to wear her pads as she was down now.

I kissed her and told her that we could go to the car. She could wear them, and we could then drive somewhere else. It was dark when we came out, and we walked towards the car park. She was cursing that she had worn a light-colored dress. She was scared that the stains may show.

I looked at her posterior and assured her that it was fine. She looked relieved and got into the car and pulled out a pad from her handbag. She then handed me the bag, lifted her ass up in the air, and pulled down her salwar and panty. I had never watched a girl change her pad in front of me. Thus I was quite aroused.

Also we had never had sex till then, and seeing a naked pussy drove me wild. I looked at her pussy which was covered with some hair. She put the pad and the liner on the panty and pulled the panty and salwar up. I was so aroused that I just pulled her towards me and kissed her hard, and bit her lips.

The car was parked in a corner, and it was away from the road. We smooched and exchanged saliva and bit each other. We were both craving sex and wanted to fuck badly. I unhooked her bra from outside her kurti and pulled up her shirt. I started sucking on the lovely pair of tits.

She was moaning loudly and was playing with my hair and pulling me towards her. We decided to go to the back seat, and she climbed into the back seat first. It was a sight to behold – Rashmi with her shirt up, tits hanging, flat stomach. Her panties were visible through the light salwar material.

Her ass was at the level of my face, climbing to the back seat. I pounced on her ass as she moved back and followed her. In a matter of minutes, I had untied her salwar and pulled it down to her knees. She had taken off my shirt and pulled down my jeans and boxers.

My boner stood out while I kept fingering her from outside, her panties between her legs. I soon pulled down her panty and saw some blood on the pad. I made her lie down and went down on her. She shrieked, but I wanted to lick her clit in this condition.

A girl on her period is like a cat on edge. She needed only a few gentle licks to explode on my face. I got up and went towards her face, but she wanted me to clean up before kissing again. As I got up, I saw few people coming towards the car park. It must have been people who got bored of the play.

I quickly wore my shirt and climbed back to the driver’s seat, and wore my jeans. We had already paid for the parking. Thus we drove out while Rashmi was still wearing her panties and salwar. I stopped the car, and she got off and came to the front seat. I then helped her hook up her bra.

I took out a bottle of water and rinsed my mouth. My shirt was crumpled, and we both were sweating. We stopped near a pan wala and had shared a cold drink, and caught up on our breath. We then moved towards a coffee shop that was in an office complex.

It had good parking space and was usually empty after 8 pm since all the offices shut. We intentionally went to a spot that was farthest away. We parked next to a tree on our right and a wall on our left. I was hungry for her body. I had been stroking her thighs all along our drive.

I had pulled out my cock for her to touch and feel and play with it. There were 5-6 cars parked. We climbed onto the back seat and started smooching. This time, we took off our clothes and kept them on the front seat. She sat on my dick, and that is how I deflowered her – during her periods.

She seemed like a lady possessed and was sliding up and down on my dick. Her blood and her cum-drenched pussy were very hot. My cock was moving in and out. I had held her ass and was sucking on her breast while she had kept both her hands on my shoulders while bouncing up and down.

The car was shaking due to our intense lovemaking. I bit her breasts near her nipple to leave my mark there and came shouting her name. I sprayed my cum in her. I kept moving my dick even after cumming as I wanted her to have another orgasm.

She was all heated up and kept moving in and out though I was fast losing my erection. I quickly made her sit on the seat and used three of my fingers to masturbate her.

Rashmi: Oh my god. I am cumming again. I am cumming.

I went down and licked her clean – blood, cum, sweat. I used the opportunity to stick my nose up her asshole. We were drenched in sweat, and she looked like an angel with her eyes shut and breathing on my neck and holding me tight. I could feel her heartbeat.

After a while, we got up and started dressing up. I used the tissues in the car to wipe out few blood stains on the seat. We then got onto the front seat and drove off. The coffee shop seemed more like an excuse for stopping the car for a mind-blowing fuck.

We had many more lovemaking sessions which I shall write about later.

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