Business Deals Always Work

Hi everyone, I hope everyone is having a great time. My name is Karthik and this is a real story happened in my life. Hope you all like it. I had to move to another city for work. As the city which I chose was a small one I found it hard to have my physical pleasure.

As days were going dry I met a broker who supplies college girls who are in need of money. With that my physical pleasure came to life and started enjoying like old times. This story is about how I took advantage of my wife’s friend’s situation who is in need of money

Now coming to the story, my wife had a very good friend named Sandhya (name changed). She is also married and used to call me brother. She looks very sexy in all the angles. She had very fair skin with big eyes and correct amount of flesh around her body.

I should say I am very disappointed about her referring to me as a brother. She is 27 years old and had a figure of 32-26-34 with 5’7″. She came from a lower-middle-class family and was married to an assistant cadre employee. They both live a low life and sometimes borrow money from my wife.  As the amounts are little I didn’t mind about it.

One day I got a call from my broker. He told me about a girl who is in need and ready to have fun with me in exchange for money. So I went to pick her near a mall and was waiting for her in my car. While I was waiting for her suddenly Sandhya came to me and waved at me.

I told her that I am waiting for someone about a business deal. While I was speaking to her, the girl whom I was waiting for came to me. She asked whether I am the one who came to pick her. Well, that was a bit awkward moment. Sandhya didn’t understand and was looking at me with a blank face.

I told that lady to sit in the car. I told  Sandhya that she is my friend’s sister and I came to pick her. She just nodded and left, where I have a feeling that she didn’t buy it. After that incident, we didn’t talk about it. Whenever she came to my house we just had a smile and left.

Soon the days are passing by, one day I got a message from her.
S: Hi, how are you?
Me: Hi, I am fine, what’s up!
S: Nothing, brother, just pinged you.

Me: Ohh ok, hope everything is going well.
S: Hmm yeah fine.
Me: ok, what else!
S: I want to talk to you in private. Are you alone?

Me: No, your friend is with me. We can chat if it is ok with you.
S: Yah fine.
Me: Ok tell me what is it all about?
S: I want to talk about the day at the mall and about the girl you picked.

Me: What about it?
S: Let me get straight, bro. I am not a kid and also know the girl whom you picked. She stays near my house.

My heart skipped a beat here. I was worried whether she might speak about it with my wife. So I didn’t message anything.

S: You there? Don’t be afraid. I won’t say to anyone.
Me: Yeah I am here. Ok, thanks for that. Did you speak to that girl?
S: Yes and she told me everything.
Me: Ok. What now?

S: Nothing.
Me: Tell me na. I don’t think you just pinged me for that.
S: Yes, as you know my situation. I am in need of money. Hope you can help me with it.

Me: meet me tomorrow at my office. We will discuss it.
S: Ok.

I thought for a while like how much does she want and how to shut her for good. While thinking about it my wife started a conversation about Sandhya. How desperate her situation and her need for money is. Her debts are increasing day by day.

Then I thought for a while and decided to offer her money in exchange for pleasure. Next day around 11 o’clock she came to my office in a dark blue color dress. We exchanged smiles and sat in my chamber. She looked a bit nervous, so I started the conversation.

Me: Ok Sandhya, tell me.
S: I need money as I am in debt and need to get out of it.
Me: I know, your friend told me about it.
S: Oh ok then, hope you can help me with it.

Me: I will think about it and let you know.
S: Thinking means? Bro, please help me. In exchange, I can keep your secrets safe.
Me: Hahaha. See Sandhya let me get straight with you. I am a businessman and I only make deals.

S: Ok, I guess you would have readied a deal for me too. So speak out about it.
Me: Same as everyone. Pleasure in exchange for money. The only thing you will get is you will be paid a bit more than others.
She is in bit of shock hearing this. She didn’t say anything for a moment.

S: But I call you a brother. I thought you treat me as your sister.
Me: You called me a brother, but I never thought of you as a sister. Do I look like an idiot to treat a beautiful girl like you like my sister?
S: But this is not right.

Me: Nothing is right or wrong for the money. This is my offer. If you are interested, let me know. Your friend is planning to go to her hometown this weekend. We can plan then.
S: What if I told everything about you to my friend?

Me: You can. Maybe we will fight for a while. But you are the one who will suffer for that. I will make sure you won’t get a penny as help from my home. You know how much help you are getting from my home and what that means to you.

She didn’t say a word and left from the office. I kept my fingers crossed hoping the things won’t get messy at my home. At night the things are normal between me and my wife. So I was relaxed and confident as well that Sandhya is going to accept my offer. Next day afternoon I got a call from Sandhya.

S: I am ok with it but need money bit urgently. I don’t want this to be known to any third person.
Me: Sure, you will get the money as requested and it will be our little secret.

The day came and in the evening Sandhya came to help my wife in packing the bags. We exchanged some smiles. I kept on watching her and her moves. She is looking very sexy in her yellow color chudidar. Once everything was done we three left to the station to drop my wife.

While returning I asked Sandhya to come and sit in front with me. She didn’t speak to me anything. While changing gears I intentionally touching her legs. She tried to adjust her legs. But I kept my hand directly on her thighs this time. She didn’t say anything.

I slowly rubbing her thighs and moving my hand towards her pussy. She stopped my hand before touching her pussy. I again did the same by rubbing her thighs and move towards her pussy and she stopped my hand. I look towards her but she didn’t say anything.

I took her hand and placed it on my dick. She didn’t move her hand nor rubbed it. While the whole thing was going on we reached my home. I parked my car and entered into the hall. Sandhya entered after me and locked the door. I immediately went behind her and hugged her from behind.

I placed my left hand on her boobs and the right one on her pussy. Kissing her from behind and trying to enter my hand into her pussy. She slowly started to respond to me. She started to run her hands into my hair and cooperating. I slowly inserted my finger inside her pant and started to rub her pussy lips.

In the meantime, I started to French kiss her. Slowly we were getting into the mood. She turned towards me and kissed so deeply that we were playing with each other’s tongues. My both hands were playing with her ass cheeks and pressing them hard.

It took almost 5 minutes to break the kiss. We looked at each other into the eyes for a minute and hugged each other very tightly. I took her into the bedroom and threw her on the bed. I fell on her and started to kiss her again. Now she was getting more wild with my acts.

She started to bite my lips very hard. I entered my right hand into her back and unhooked her bra. She understood what it meant. I started to lift her body indicating me to remove her chudidar which I did with pleasure. I removed both the chudidar and bra at a stretch.

It gave a good view of her boobs for the first time. They were small but firm. Enough to hold and suck them. I started to suck her nipples and press the other boob with my hand. As I was in full mood by now I removed her remaining clothes. Now she was totally nude.

She closed her eyes shyly. Her pussy was as clean as a vessel which she might have come prepared. I just stretched her legs and inserted my tongue into her pussy. She was very wet and leaking her juices all over. I started to suck them and inserted my tongue deep.

She was shivering with the act and moaning unstoppable. After 5 minutes of sucking her juices, I removed my clothes and become naked. I climbed her and gave my cock near her mouth. She understood that and said that she has never done that before. I said everything has a first time and I need it right now.

With no option left she slowly took my dick into her mouth and started sucking it.  I should say she was clearly not interested in it. In just a minute I asked her to stop and stretched her legs, giving an indication that I am going to enter her. She adjusted herself for that and asked for a condom.

I told her that I am not interested in wearing a condom and positioned myself to enter her. With one push I entered fully into her. Her eyes popped up and pushed me to remove it. I held her hands tightly and held her in that position for some time. When her pushing got reduced, I started to ramp her slowly.

Now she adjusted to the rhythm and started to enjoy it. After seeing that she is having the pleasure I slowly increased the speed. I started to fuck her as fast as I can. She started to moan loudly because of the speed. I kept on fucking her and pressing her boobs hard.

After 10 minutes I ejaculated all my cum into her. I fell beside her to catch my breath. But didn’t leave my hand from her boobs. After some time she too got relaxed and turned her face towards me. We both just smiled and kissed for some time.

I asked to make some coffee. She stood to dress up to go to the kitchen. I immediately took her dress and asked her not to wear anything except her panty. She said ok to it and wore the panty and moved towards the kitchen. What a lovely sight to watch her back only with the panty.

Her ass was moving in such a way that makes my dick salute her again. I walked with her watching her back. I sat on the kitchen top seeing her making me coffee. While she was doing her work I was trying to play with her by touching her boobs and putting my finger into her pants.

Hope you guys liked that. What happened will be continued into the next part. Please post your comment and if any comments mail me to [email protected]

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