My Maid Became My Wife After A Night Of Passionate Sex

I was 28 years old with a well-built body and some say handsome too. I have been and still am sex crazy from the very beginning since I observed that my boner gets erected as soon as I wake up. The rest, about sex I learned from my friends.

I was working in a multinational company. I had my own house and car where I was living alone. For about two years I was managing somehow eating in hotels etc. But then I thought to hire a full-time maid to do all my work including cooking.

One person living nearby brought a lady about 26 years old. Elegantly dressed, not very fair but with sharp features, medium size boobs, and prominent round bottom. She was beautiful indeed with nice figure and curves. She was hot indeed. Nobody would think even that she is a maid. I did not.

I, therefore told both of them that she would be my helper and not a maid. That person told me that she belongs to a respectful family living with her mother a few blocks from my house. She is a divorcee. Her husband, an engineer, divorced her after one year of marriage.

Her father was an honest man who invested all his hard-earned money to buy a house and the marriage of his daughter. They are now managing on his pension only. I felt pity for her and hired her on more wages than demanded.

I made a schedule and gave her my house key. She will come early at seven and wake me up with a glass of water. I will then go for jogging and exercise. On returning, I will take a cup of tea and see headlines in the newspaper. Then I will get ready for the office. I will have breakfast, take a lunchbox, and go.

During the day she will clean the house, wash and press the clothes, take a bath, eat. If she gets any extra time, she can go home or sleep in the drawing-room. At 5.30 when I come, she gives me a cup of tea and dinner at 8.30. She eats and after that goes home. This continued for about three months.

As mentioned earlier I was too sex crazy and used to stare at her whenever possible. When she woke me up my boner used to be erected visible through the sheet as a flagstaff. Whenever she was around me, I will stare at her and get horny.

I found that she never had any bra. Still her boobs were erect and the nipple visible when her sari fell from her shoulder. How much I wished to have her, it is difficult to tell. But I always controlled myself. Whenever I could not, I would offload in the bathroom thinking about her.

She also seemed to be as sexy as I was. Her intentions were clear by her actions. She would try her best to be around me, staring at me and my boner. Otherwise she was very sweet and mild in talking. She was not the gossiping type, kept quiet most of the time.

She was very affectionate to me. Whenever I had a headache, she would rub and massage my forehead. Once I had a fever for three days. She was attending like a nurse and did not go home, sitting by my side on a chair throughout the night.

That day I had severe pain in both legs and then while jogging, I got sprain in my ankle. Somehow I came back and lay on the bed. I told her and also took leave from the office. She was very worried. She asked me to take rest while she applies gel on my ankles and presses my feet.

Applying gel and tight bandage gave me good relief in my ankle. She started pressing my legs from down to high up to where thighs end. My boner erected by her touch on thighs when it came up to the joint. In the process, she touched the boner also which made me horny.

But at the same time I got so much relief by her soft hands and her innocent looks and of course her boobs, that I slept thinking of her. Suddenly I woke up, with the erection of my boner, and looked around. To my surprise she was lying by my side.

Her hand was still on my thigh and her sari fallen off her shoulder showing her boob and the nipple. I felt aroused again, penis throbbing, balls paining and lost my mind. I opened slowly all the buttons of her blouse and put that part open. Same time she opened her eyes.

Seeing me looking at her made her guilty. She tried to get up but I put my mouth on her mouth and squeezed her solid spongy boob by hand. With little hesitation she responded to my kissing. Her hand on my neck. I took her hand off my neck and put it on my throbbing penis still inside my boxer.

She held it and examined it from top to base and the thickness and she pressed hard in kissing appreciating the size. I whispered her to remove all her clothes and I removed mine too. She lay completely nude in front of me.

Oh! What a sight! Such a beautiful, and voluptuous girl with a cute figure and solid boobs. Small pink nipples standing straight, thin waist, flat stomach shapely thighs, and legs. Short pubic hairs in between thighs, standing in full light before me.

My boner was throbbing with excitement which made my sex animal overpower me. I became mad with lust and excitement. My one hand was squeezing her boobs and nipple. My mouth was sucking and playing with the other and my other hand was exploring her.

From the neck, back, stomach, navel, and her round silky bottom and full smooth thighs till it reached her pubic short hairs. She moaned. My thumb and index finger found the clitoris, pressed it, and then my finger started rubbing it. Then to the very wet pleasure hole.

She moaned loud and my penis became restless to enter it. She was pushing and pulling the skin of my penis in a quick motion. She was also playing with my hanging balls. The time came to standstill. My senses came back hearing her scream.

The head of my penis was already inside trying to go further as she was too tight for it. I grunted and thrust again, making her yelp as she felt her vaginal walls being stretched by my manhood. My organ was long, and thick for her. I thrust hard again and this time.

I managed to penetrate her fully making her groan and then finally sigh with relief as my organ reached deep inside her. I groaned as well as I felt her hot, wet, and soft vaginal walls accept my organ fully. My both hands were on her boobs squeezing hard. Her hands were on my neck pulling it to kiss her.

Immediately, I began to thrust in and out of her, going as fast and hard as I could. I reached out under her back and squeezed her hips with both my hands, holding them in place for my organ to drill. She gyrated her hips and did something inside which was amazingly increased the enjoyment.

She must have felt my hot breath on her neck as I drilled her hard. Our crotches generating loud wet slapping noises as we met each other. She shouted loud as she orgasmed while my organ began to harden and jerk wildly with each thrust as I was also close.

She caressed my back gently as I began to grunt loudly with every thrust. I squeezed her hips so hard with my fingers that it hurt. She, in turn, put her hands on my hips helping me in my thrust. Also sometimes caressing my balls which made me all the madder.

But she knew I was close to finishing and too much of an animal at that moment to be able to control myself. She felt my lips on her neck as I bit down on her, my penis at its hardest inside her. She felt a smallish splatter of semen hitting her vaginal walls. then I grunted, almost like a wolf.

My penis jerked wildly into her vagina, poking into its walls and release a much larger load of semen now. I grunted and thrust hard again, my organ jerking and shooting more of my ejaculate inside her. I continued to hold on to her hips with my hands as my penis took on a life of its own.

It was jerking about wildly and spraying ejaculate inside her vagina. The twitches continued for sometime before subsiding and my hold on her hips relaxed quite a lot. By the time I was done, it felt like I was completely drained. My balls were empty of all fluid.

I then removed my hands off her hips, placing them under the curve of her waist, slumping almost lifeless on top of her. Penis started limping with semen oozing out from the side. Finally it came out with a sound and I came by her side from the top. Her eyes were still closed digesting her orgasm slowly.

We came to senses. I gave a kiss on her lips. But she felt shy being naked in front of me. So she got up picked up her clothes and ran to the outer bathroom. I also got up and went to the bathroom to get dressed. When I came out, she had changed the bedsheet and was looking gorgeous in wet hair and new clothes.

On my request, we ate breakfast together and I said sorry to her. She put her head down looking down feeling shy but said nothing. Feeling guilty as I thought I had taken advantage of her poverty, her sincerity, and her innocence, I went to a nearby park and talked to my elder brother.

I told him my intention of marrying her but not about last night’s incident. After a long discussion, he agreed. Then on my way back I bought an anti-pregnancy pill, gave it to her to take it. Then straightaway I went to her mother. I told her that I want to marry her daughter.

The marriage will be a court marriage, two persons only from both sides will be there. I will bear all the expenses including her wedding outfits, etc. She was shocked as I had a fairly good reputation in the area. I gave her time to think over and let know if acceptable.

Cutting short the story, I married her and now she is my wife and we are as if made to each other.

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