My Lust For My Hot Neighbor – Part 5 (At The Theater)

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Hi, I am Vihan, back with my fifth part of the ‘Lust For My Neighbor’ series, which is set at the theater. It’s been a while since I have written a story. Trust you all are safe and healthy amidst the pandemic.

Coming back to the story. We woke up the next day in each other’s arms in our bed. She was still sleeping with her eyes closed. I was looking at her beautiful face and thinking about how lucky I was. Last night for me was just an amazing night.

Thinking about this, I just decided to wake her up. I kissed her forehead first. Then her eyes. I kissed her cheeks. As I was about to kiss her lips, she woke up.

Sandhya aunty – Atta nako na Vihan, damli mi. (Not now, Vihan, I’m very tired.)

Me – Kaal ratri khup mehnat keli na tumhi mhnun. (Yeah, you worked very hard last night.)

Sandhya aunty – Gapp, chavat. (Stop it, you naughty boy.)

I showered kisses all over her face and asked her to freshen up. I prepared coffee and offered her breakfast too. She was delighted by the treatment that she was getting.

Sandhya aunty – Evdha special treatment kadhi milali navhti mala. (I never received such a special treatment before.)

Me – You deserve all the special treatments in the world.

Sandhya aunty – Is it? So what’s the plan for today?

Me – Movie followed by lunch?

Sandhya aunty – Sounds cool. Let me take a shower, and we can head out.

Me – Should I join you?

Sandhya aunty – Gapp bass. Kal ratri pure nahi zhala ka? (Shut up,  yesterday night was not enough for you?)

Me – Nahi (Nope.)

Sandhya aunty – Shut up. Go dress up. I’ll be back.

We drove to the theatre. We decided to watch an English movie. The theatre was pretty empty. I booked the middle rows corner seats. We got our food and sat on our seats. She was wearing a white sleeveless top and a black salwar.

The movie started. Due to the strong AC, she was feeling a bit cold. Taking the opportunity, I folded the armrest and wrapped her in my arms. She had kept her head on my shoulders and was watching the movie.

I had kept my hands on her shoulders. I started caressing that shoulder a bit. I was moving my fingers over her naked arm. She started getting goosebumps. Now I started kissing her forehead.

I took my hand from her shoulders to her back. Felt her bra hook. Then I started caressing her ass over her salwar. I could feel her panties. She started getting a bit turned on and moved closer to me. I whispered to her.

Me – What’s the color of your panties?

Sandhya aunty – Nako naa. (No.)

Me – Sang na. (Tell na)

Sandhya aunty was blushing and said – Tujh bagh. (Check for yourself,)

With my other hand, I loosened her salwar a bit, and before she could understand anything, I inserted my hands in her salwar from the back.

Sandhya aunty – Kaay kartos? Sod na. (What are you doing? Leave me.)

Me – You only said, check for yourself, I’m just following your orders.

Sandhya aunty – No Vihan, someone will see us.

I pulled her panties aside and started caressing her butt crack. She was losing her mind, “Stop it, Vihaan.” I was not ready to listen to her. I moved her panties aside. I started caressing her naked butt. To turn her on, I started kissing her lips. It was an intense kiss of 5 minutes.

We started using our tongues. Oh, she tasted so sweet. We continued our tongue fight for another few minutes. We had separate to take a breath. Sandhya aunty was looking at me, and just at that time, I pinched her ass. She shrieked.

Sandhya aunty biting her lips – Stop it, you’re such a bad boy.

Me – I’m your bad boy.

Sandhya aunty – Ho ka? (Really?)

Me – Yeah, baby.

It was an interval time now. She dressed up and said to me she’ll go to the washroom and be back. After she was gone, I just had an idea. I texted her on her mobile something.

She came back after 10 minutes. The movie was about to start. She came back in my embrace.

I asked her – Did you do it?

Sandhya aunty – Did what?

I ignored it. As soon as the lights were off, I started kissing her. I moved my hands into her sleeveless top. I first caressed her navel. I was playing with her belly button. I moved my hands upwards to her boobs. I felt her bra. I was feeling her boobs over her bra. I was playing with her nipples and kissing her.

I decided to go down on her. I started moving my hands downwards. I loosened the nada on her salwar. She was looking at me and saying no with her head. I loosened her salwar. I started moving my hands down on her pussy. And to my surprise, she did listen to me.

She did what I asked her to do in that text. ‘No Panties.’ the moment she realized that I know that she has removed her panties, she looked at me and smiled.

She kissed me and said – Tuzhya sathi kahi pan. (Anything for you, baby.)

I heard those words and attacked her pussy.

Sandhya aunty – Easy tiger

Me – I am going to make you cum.

Sandhya aunty – Nako, ithe nahi, please. (Not here, please.)

I started rubbing her pussy aggressively. I was inserting my fingers on her pussy. They were going in and out. She was moaning.

I just whispered in her ears – Don’t scream, baby, people can hear you.

Sandhya aunty – Vihan, please finish me now.

I started kissing her, giving her love bites on her neck. She was uncontrollable.

Sandhya aunty – I’m cumming

I increased the pressure on her pussy, and she came. She came like hell. Tired, she fell on my shoulders. Breathless and without any energy.

I kissed her and said – Should we go home now?

Sandhya aunty – Yours or mine?

That’s it for today guys. I’ll be back with another story again. Till then, stay safe and stay healthy. Anyone who wants to have a chat with me can text/email me on – [email protected]

I look forward to hearing from you. Adios!

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