Outdoor Fun With My Girlfriend – Part 4

Hi, I am Anil from a tier 2 city Warangal in Telangana. My age is 24 with an average built body and an average dick. This is a real story of how I befriended a Muslim girl on Facebook and fucked her. Names of characters are changed for security reasons.

In the previous part, ‘Outdoor Fun With A Muslim Girl – Part 3’, I explained how I and Saba had an amazing oral encounter in a restaurant while the waiter saw us. This part is not exactly the story between me and Saba. But it tells about how we dared each other into some sexual adventures.

To spice up things, we agreed upon giving each other a few dares to take our sexual adventures to the next level. At first, I asked her to give me a dare. She dared me to jerk off on the college bus and leave my cum stained underwear there.

The next day I was ready for my dare. I didn’t wear any underwear but took it in my bag so that I need not struggle to remove it on the bus. I was the 1st one to board my bus. The bus still had some time to start. I knew that so I came early. I took the last seat closed the windows.

I removed my pants till my thighs. I was not hard at that time. So I watched a video of Saba masturbating which she sent me a few days ago. Once my dick was hard I slowly started stroking. Then I was at a good pace. I stopped the video as it was not necessary now.

I started recording my jerking as proof that I did my dare. I was busy pumping my dick. Then I heard a noise and I saw a girl boarding the bus. I stopped stroking and acted as nothing happening. She couldn’t see what I am doing as I was in the last seat.

She took a front seat and I started my jerking. My dick went soft because of her entry but again it got hard. This time I pumped it hard and fast to finish off soon. As I was about to cum two more girls and a boy boarded the bus. I was startled but my dick ejected streams of cum into my underwear.

The girls saw me and gave a weird look as my face had some orgasmic expression. Then they took their seats in the front. After I drained my cum completely I cleaned my dick with the underwear itself. All this was being recorded on my mobile. My underwear was completely soaked in my cum.

That was a huge load I gave it. Then I hid it behind the music box above the seats in the baggage area and took a picture of it as proof. Later that day I sent both the video and picture to Saba as proof of completing the dare.

Saba-“Wow that was amazing. I thought you wouldn’t do it.”
Me-“Why wouldn’t I do it. I was so excited. It was for you, baby. I would do anything.”
Saba-“That was really awesome. Did anyone find out?”

Me-“No, no one found out. I have seen it again while returning it was still there.”
Saba-“That’s so sexy. What about my dare? Are you giving any?”
Me-” Why don’t you do the same thing I did? That would be sexier I guess.”

Saba-“How could I do that? I would be caught.”
Me-“Well a dare is a dare. I did mine you need to do yours”
Saba-” Ok fine.”
Me-“And I need the proof, my darling.”

Saba-“Okay you’ll get it, pervert.”
Me-” I love you.”
Saba-“I love you too.”

I was eagerly waiting for Saba’s video from that time. The next day in the evening Saba sent me the video. The photo of her completely wet panty at the back of the last seat. I opened the video. It was Saba on the selfie camera of her phone.

She was looking here and there. She closed the windows. The bus was moving and she showed the people in front seats. There were 3-4 girls atleast 2 rows before Saba. Saba was alone in the last seat. She placed the mobile on the seat so that she could be seen clearly in the video.

Saba was in her burqa. She slowly lifted her burqa from her legs up to her waist. She wore a skirt which she lifted with the burqa. She got up and put the burqa and skirt to the back and was sitting bare ass on the seat. She wore a blue panty that day. She turned to the camera so that her pussy is facing it.

I could see a small patch on her panty. Then she slowly started rubbing her pussy over her panty. She pressed her fingers into the clit through her panty. She increased her speed rubbing and inserting her fingers inside the pussy from above the panty. Soon the whole panty was wet due to her fluids.

Sometimes she inserted her fingers directly into her pussy from the sides and fucked it rigorously. She was also pressing her boobs with the other hand while keeping a watch on the front girls. She was fucking her pussy from above the panty so fast.

I could see her face and guess she was nearing her orgasm. Then the orgasm hit her and I could see the juices coming out of the panty through the cloth. They couldn’t hold inside the panty. After her orgasm subsided she looked at the camera.

She took her fingers inside her mouth which made my already hard dick stiffer. She then slowly removed her panty. I could see her pink pussy shining due to her juices surrounded by small hairs. She took it to her nose and smelled her juices on the panty. Then she threw the panty backward ending the video.

Me-“That was fucking awesome. That’s my baby. How was it?”
Saba-“That was amazing. I never thought such adventures would be so great. With the fear that we could get caught and our horny desires to take up such dares. It will give an amazing experience.”

Me-“Yeah that’s what the dares meant for.”
Saba-“This orgasm was the best among all my masturbation.”
Me-“Mine too.”
Saba-“So what dares can we take next?”

Me-“You tell me.”
Saba-“No this time it’s your turn. The last one was my idea.”
Me-” I dare you to masturbate in your college bathroom.”
Saba-“That’s very easy. I had already done once lol.”

Me-“What? And you didn’t tell me?”
Saba-” That was a long time ago. Give another interesting dare”
Me-” Ok then I dare you to masturbate in your classroom.”

Saba-“That’s the same but a bit challenging so I’ll accept, my boy.”
Me-” Be careful.”

Two days passed away but Saba didn’t do the dare. She couldn’t get the proper opportunity to fuck herself in the classroom. We had our regular phone fuck. After a long wait of 2 days in the evening, Saba sent me a video. That was her masturbation video in the classroom. I got super excited and played the video.

In the video, Saba was sitting on the edge of a bench with her legs on either side of it. The mobile was placed right in front of her on another bench. She already opened her buttoned burqa and removed her skirt and panty. I could see her pussy hair glittering due to the sunrays and her pussy juices.

She then slowly brought her fingers to her pussy. She circled her pussy lips with her middle finger. She pressed and pulled her lips with her fingers. She then inserted her middle finger inside her pussy completely and gave slow movements in and out. She was making seductive expressions with her face.

She then removed her finger and sucked it completely. That scene was awesome. My cock was throbbing in my shorts. She then pressed her boobs over her t-shirt and then proceeded towards her pussy. She now with her both hands spread her pussy lips to give me a complete glimpse of her pink pussy.

Oh my god, that was super sexy. I could see her pink pussy walls drenched in her juices. It was shining. She then inserted her middle finger and gave some movements. Later she inserted another finger. She was now fucking herself with two fingers while pressing her boobs with the other hand.

That was an amazing show for me. She then lifted her t-shirt up and I was surprised she was not wearing a bra. She then started pressing her bare boobs and pinching her nipples. While doing this she inserted a third finger in her pussy and it went very easily inside. She was going crazy by herself.

She increased the speed of her fingering and to my utter surprise, she inserted her fourth finger also. I never knew she used four fingers. Even I used three on her. As soon as she inserted her fourth finger her orgasm blasted out and she squirted her juices like a spray.

She squirted so hard that her liquids flew and landed on the mobile and my view got blurred. I could only see an outline of her body. She removed her fingers from her pussy and then took them completely in her mouth. She sucked them for a good time and the video ended.

That was the best video she has ever sent me. I didn’t jerk off because I wanted to save my cum for my dare.

Me-“That was simply awesome. You are one badass squirter.”
Saba-“I don’t usually squirt but in such high sensual times I squirt like hell.”
Me-” Oh yeah, so what would my dare be? The same? Masturbate in the classroom?”

Saba-“Hell yeah what else I would give you. I want you to be in the same situation as you put me in.”
Me-” Okay, for now, next time I’ll have a dare for you which you cannot repeat on me.”

Saba-“Oh yeah? Let’s see. Now just complete your dare.”

So the next day I waited till my class got emptied for the lab session. I decided to skip it. When everyone left for the lab I went to the last row in a corner.

I started recording on my mobile and kept it on a bench so that I could be clearly seen. I was standing in a corner. If someone was at the windows opposite me they could see what I was doing. But I was so enthused to complete this dare.

I loosened my pants to my thighs. My dick was not hard. So I closed my eyes and imagined Saba in front of me on the bench as she did in her video. I played the video in my mind and instantly got hard. Now I opened my eyes and checked the surroundings. Then I started pumping my dick slowly.

Now I then began imagining Saba on the bench fingering her pussy. I moved a bit towards the bench and acted as if I was putting my dick in her mouth. I was imagining all this and it felt wonderful. I fucked her mouth in my imagination and was stroking my cock vigorously.

After a few minutes of pumping, I started feeling my orgasm build inside me. I then imagined putting my dick in Saba’s pussy. As soon as I imagined fucking her pussy my cum burst out like a water pump. Streams of cum flew in the air and landed on the next bench 6 feet away from me.

After 6-7 spurts my orgasm was over and my dick started getting soft. I dressed and then I took a few pictures of my cum on the benches. Then in the evening, I sent the video and the pictures to Saba for her to enjoy. She was overwhelmed by my dare.

Saba-“I see you have enjoyed your dare.”
Me-“Hell yeah it was awesome jerking off in the classroom when you know you could get caught.”
Saba-“Yes that’s the amazing adventure we got ourselves into lol.”

Me-“Haha yes.”
Saba-“So now it’s my turn right to give you another dare.”
Me-“Ya maybe. But this time I will give you first and it will be such a thing you can’t ask me to do lol.”

Saba-“What’s that?”
Me-“I’ll tell you in person. Meet me near your college in the bushes near the shed. I’ll send the location.”
Saba-“Woah this gonna be crazier I guess.”

Me-“Yeah maybe. Meet me tomorrow. Btw wear a skirt”
Saba-“Yeah my baby”

So the next day during our morning break in the college I sent Saba the location and asked her to come immediately.

That’s all for this part guys. Give your feedback on Gmail or hangout at [email protected]

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