Seduction Of My XIS Reader

Hi, friends Rohit here. After a long time, I am writing this seduction story. So not wasting much time, I am coming to the story.

It is the story of one of my readers and her daughter. Priya and Riya. They are both from Bangalore. Priya is a housewife in her 40s. Her daughter Riya was 20 and still a virgin until I met her.

After reading my story ‘Romantic Sex Between Me And Ranjana,’ she messaged me on my mail id. From there, we started.

Before going further, let me describe Priya. She is 5’5″ tall. Very fair with long hair. Beautiful and Gorgeous. Her boobs size 34D. Her complete vital stat is 34-30-38. Her boobs are very big, with light brown nipples like a cherry, a flat stomach, and an overall curvy structure.

A perfect MILF, but nobody can believe that she has a daughter of 20 years old. Her daughter Riya is also very sexy. Her stat is 32-26-34. Her cup size is ‘C.’ I knew all this from her.

Slowly our intimacy was increasing. We became very close. We chatted regularly, and slowly it became sex chat. We both were very horny, but due to lockdown, we had to control. But till then, we were regularly doing virtual sex through the internet.

We were not satisfied, and we wanted to do the real sex. So we were waiting for the opportunity. One day when we were chatting, I said.

Me: Priya, you should wear a red saree with a matching blouse and petticoat when we meet.

Priya: Ok, not a problem. I have a red silk saree and deep neck matching red blouse.

Me: I love you, yaar. But I want something more.

Priya: What? Tell me.

Me: I want to meet you in your own house and want to fuck you in your bed where your husband fucks you. So that whenever you sleep on that bed, you will remember me.

Priya: You are very naughty. But how will it be possible? Because I stay with my in-laws. My daughter is also staying with me.

Me: Please, I know you can manage. I love you. Please fulfill my dream.

Priya: Ok, I will do something.

Me: Thank you, sexy. And do you have a sexy, lacy satin black bra and panty?

Priya: No. I don’t have such a pair of lingerie.

Me: I am sending you some links. There you will find lingerie.

Priya: For what?

Me: When I will come to your place, you will wear that lingerie. And you wear Red color Sari with a matching blouse and petticoat. Use red lipstick on your lips. And I forgot to tell you one thing.

Priya: What thing?

Me: I want to spend our suhagraat with you.

Priya: Chi, shameless fellow!

Me: I will fuck your brain out. Don’t worry.

Priya: I don’t mind, but you can spend suhagdin but not suhagraat.

Me: Ok. But tell me, who is shameless now?

Priya: You.

Me: Now tell me, what are you wearing now?

Priya: Tees and pajamas.

Me: Take one selfie and send it to me now. Don’t be late.

Priya sent me a selfie wearing a tee and pajamas.

Priya: You were controlling me fully. But I like it. I want to experience dominant sex.

Me: I will help you to experience such.

Priya: Can you show me some trailer?

Me: Yes. Now open your tee and click your selfie and send it to me. I want to see you in your bra.

She took out her tee and sent the pic in her bra. It was a black bra.

Me: Now open your bra and send your selfie.

She opened her bra and sent a selfie. Her bra was hanging on her shoulder.

Me: You are looking very sexy. Now press your boobs and send me the pictures.

She did that also.

Me: Good. Now open all your clothes and send me your selfie. I want to see you nude now.

She sent me her nude pictures from various angles. I got hard on seeing her nude.

Me: When I will come, you should be cleanly shaven. No trace of hair in your armpit or pussy area. Bring one bottle of cream. Goodbye. See you soon.

The pandemic normalized a little a few days later, and I was ready to go to Bangalore. I booked my flight ticket, and on a definite day, I boarded the flight. I reached Bangalore and called Priya. She was very happy, and as per our plan, she sent her in-laws to their native.

We talked over the phone and decided that we met at her house the next morning. She gave me her home address. That night was one of the longest nights in my life. As per our plan, I reached her home the next day morning.

Her daughter went to her friend’s house for group study, and she will return in the evening. So we got the whole day in our hands. Around 10 am I knocked on the main door of her house. Priya opened the door for me. She was looking like a sex goddess.

A red silk sari and matching red blouse with red lipstick made her gorgeous. She was looking beautiful. Sari is such a dress that can make a woman elegant and also make a slut. It depends on how it has been wearing. Priya wore the sari like a conservative housewife.

I was looking at her from head to toe. She couldn’t tolerate my gaze and bent down her head.

Me: You are looking like a sex goddess but still need some fine-tuning.

Priya: What else, you naughty?

I sat on the sofa, and she was standing in front of me.

Me: Priya, look at me. And tie your sari below the waistline – a minimum of 3 inches gap from your belly button.

She was smiling at me with her eyes. She slowly moved down her waistline down. Now her belly button was in clear view.

Me: Now, wear your pallu in such a manner so that your one boobs should be uncovered and your belly should be seen clearly. Now turn around.

Priya turned around. Now her back was facing me.

Me: your bareback should be seen clearly.

Priya did it according to my wish. I got hard on by her looks. I didn’t control myself anymore. I held her waist, moved her towards the side of the room, and pressed her on the wall. She was trying to free herself, but I was not in a mood. I pinned her hands on the wall above her head.

Still, her back was facing me. She was facing the wall. I removed her pallu from her shoulder. Her fair buttery back was in front of my eyes. I moved down my head and kissed her back of the neck. I was kissing and licking her back of the neck. Sometimes I moved to her shoulder and kissed and licked.

I gave a small bite on her back. I moved down a little and licked her back above her blouse. She was wearing a deep-neck blouse, so her back was revealed in a good portion. Priya didn’t take it. My sudden attack made her weak. She was moaning lightly. I left her hands and bit her back just below her neck region.

She gasped and turned towards me. She hugged me tightly. Her blouse covered soft mounts pocked on my chest with its erect nipples. My hands were moving on her back and her spongy butt freely. I held her face with my hands and looked into her eyes.

She was looking at me. But she couldn’t bear my gaze and slowly closed her eyes. she moved her face a little towards my lips. The shivering on her lips was waiting for my invasion. I didn’t delay much and pressed my lips on her lips. I was sucking her lower lips. Then I went for her upper lips.

They were very tasty. Her sweet, soft, juicy lips and toxic bodily aroma made me a mad dog. I parted my lips for a few seconds and then again attacked her juicy lips hungrily. Priya was also taking part. We both were sucking and chewing each other lips.

Only the muffled sound was there. I pushed my tongue inside her mouth, and she readily accepted my tongue. She was taking my tongue inside her mouth and sucking it. I was licking every inch inside her mouth with my tongue.
Then t was my turn.

Priya pushed her tongue inside my mouth, and I was sucking her tongue inside my mouth. We were sucking and eating each other saliva. We were in that position for almost 10 to 15 minutes. We parted again and breathing heavily. Both our faces were glistening with our mixed saliva.

We were looking at each other naughtily. I moved down my head and bit her neck. Priya screamed with pain and pleasure. I was licking and sucking the upper portion of her breast, which was not covered with a blouse. I gave several red marks. Priya was giggling and moaning with pain and pleasure.

I moved my hands and held her both the boobs with my hands. They were very soft and juicy. I never felt such juicy boobs ever. I pressed them hard. Priya moaned. I held the front portion of her blouse and suddenly pulled with full force. All the blouse buttoned opened, and her blouse moved to either side.

Her big, buttery boobs, covered with black lacy bra, were now in front of my eyes. She closed her eyes with shyness. Those huge soft melons were just amazing. They wanted to be free from that bra cage. I held them in my hands and pressed them with full force.

Priya screamed. I bent down further and pressed my lips on her bra-clad boobs over the bra. I licked her nipples area alternatively and bit her nipples over her bra from time to time. Her bra became wet at the nipples area. I held her bra and tore open it.

With a sudden jerk, her lacy black bra was in my hand. Her boobs were free. They were marvelous. Her pointed nipples can make many men mad. So was I. I held her boobs with my hands. First time I was touching her bare boobs. They were very soft, creamy, buttery, juicy, and tender.

I lost my senses and only focused on her beautiful pair of huge round globes.
I moved my lips forward and took her boobs in my mouth one by one. They were delicious. I was trying to put her entire boobs in my mouth one by one, but it was so big.

I licked and kissed her deep valley between her two proud mountains. I Took her left nipples in my mouth and held her right boobs. I was licking, biting, kissing, and sucking her boobs and nipples one by one alternatively. And at the same time, I was fondling her other boob.
Priya was leaking down. She placed her right hand on my head and moved in my hair. While her left hand held my head from the back and pressing on her soft mound. “Suck me, Rohit. Drink my milk. I am all yours.” Her moaning made me hornier.

I held her saree and pulled it from her body. She didn’t protest. She was co-operating with me. Because my intense sucking and licking made her a real bitch who needed a good fuck only. I held the robe off her petticoat and pulled. Her petticoat moved down.

Now Priya was in her black panty only. I left her and asked, “You don’t want to make me nude.” She smiled naughtily and took out my clothes within a minute except for my vest. My bulge was seen.

Priya held my hard dick above my vest.  She tried to insert her hand inside my vest, but I held her hand and stopped. She looked at me with a shock.

Me: Wait, sexy. Today I will give you a good lesson. When I asked you to show your boobs or some sexy pics, you always played with me. Today I will treat you in the same way.

Priya: Please, Rohit, don’t torture me like that and give your hard shaft. I want a good fuck now.

I held her pussy above her panty. Her panty was soaked with her love juices. I smiled at her and rubbed her clit and pussy lips very hard above her panty. Then I pushed my hand inside her panty and rubbed her clit and pussy lips. Priya couldn’t tolerate this anymore.

Her body was shaken, and she released her hot juices in my hand. Priya wrapped her hands around my neck and took my support to stand. She placed her head on my bare chest. I took her in my lap and placed her on the couch. I sat beside her. She was resting her head on the couch and panting for breath.

Her big juicy boobs were going ups and downs with her every breath. I knew still she was hungry. I gave her some time to catch her breath. I lit a cigarette and looked at her. She was looking at me with her half-closed eyes. A naughty smile was there on her lips. I also smiled at her.

Me: You enjoyed it?

Priya: Yes, but I am not satisfied yet. Please fuck me. I want to feel your hard dick inside my pussy hole.

Me: You will, but before that, I want something from you.

Priya: What?

Friends, this is the end of the first part. What happened next, you will come to know in the next episode when this erotica writer enjoys his hot reader. Till then, goodbye. Your comments are most welcome.

You can catch me by email or hang out at [email protected] My telegram id Rohit_for_you. Thank you. Your reply helps me to decide I should continue this series or not.

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