Romantic Sex Between Me And Ranjana – Part 1

Hi friends Rohit here. After a long gap, I am going to narrate a story that happened 3 months ago. It was a story of me and a hot sexy Punjabi wife. Now without wasting any time let’s come to the story.

3 months ago I went to Mumbai for an official meeting. But unfortunately, that meeting was canceled. I got my return ticket 2 days later. So I planned a trip to Goa. I booked my ticket and went to Goa. After I reached there I kept my luggage in my hotel room and went out for a beer.

I went into a pub and settled down with a bottle of beer. A few minutes later a couple entered into the pub. Oh my God! The lady was in her early thirty (later I came to know) but looked like early 20. She was almost 5’5″ height. Very fair. perfect body shape must be 34-30-34. Bra cup size must be ‘C’.

Her eyes were a deep black. Shoulder length hair, black with a brownish patch. Her nose was sharp. Rosy and juicy lips, which made an extra appeal. Buttery skin. She was a stunning beauty. I was mesmerized by her beauty. I looked at her shamelessly. They occupied two-seat just in front of me.

Her husband looked at me and smiled. I also smiled back. they also ordered a beer for them. They were chitchatting and enjoying the moment. That lady suddenly laughed out loud. Oh my God, the pub was lightening with her smile. She was so gorgeous and beautiful. Any man can dream about her.

I felt jealous of her husband. Suddenly her husband looked at me and moved forward his hand toward me and told, “Hi, I am Samar Batra and she is my wife Ranjana Batra.” I hold his hand and shook and told, “I am Rohit.”

Samar: So you are alone?
Me: Yes man, actually I came for an official meeting but it was canceled so…
Samar: Where are you from?
Me: I am from Kolkata. You?

Samar: We are from Noida near Delhi.
Me: Yes I know that place. I went there 3 to 4 times for official purposes.

All the time when we were talking Ranjana was looking at me. I looked at her and said, “Well it was pleasant meeting you. I was boring alone but your company feels me good.” Samar didn’t notice my words but Ranjana blushed. Friends I am telling you at that moment I just wanted to kiss her juicy lips.

Samar: What is your plan for tomorrow?
Me: Nothing.
Samar: Then why don’t you join us. Tomorrow we are going to an isolated island. I already booked a 4 seater boat. We two are going. You come with us.
Me: ok I don’t have any problem.

I didn’t believe my luck. I was going to spend a whole day with Ranjana on an isolated beach.
Samar: Where are you staying.
Me: Seashore beach resort.

Samar: What a coincidence we stayed in the same resort.
Me: That’s good.
Samar: Let’s go for a walk.
Me: Ok let’s go.

We three left the pub and started walking on the beach. I was looking at Ranjana continuously from the corner of my eyes. Ranjana understood that and felt uncomfortable. Samar was enjoying the moment. He didn’t notice my look. I was talking with Samar and continuously measuring her body with my eyes.

Several times our eyes met but we didn’t utter a single word. After around 1 hour we returned. I invited them to dinner.

Ranjana: No, no it’s all right. Thank you.
Me: Please!
Samar: Ok we will come. Hey, baby lets have dinner together.
Ranjana: Ok. (reluctantly)

We came back to our hotel. They went to their room. I went to my room. I was waiting for dinner when they will come when I saw again Ranjana. I was going crazy about her.

9 o’clock they came. Ranjana was wearing a red gown. She was looking like a red hot chili. So spicy. I welcomed them into my room. I opened a bottle of champaign and poured it into our glasses. We were sitting and sipping. Samar and Ranjana were sitting opposite me side by side.

We were chitchatting and sipping our champaign. We all were enjoying our moment. Ranjana slowly became free. She also took part. After 2 to 3 rounds of drink, I played a soft romantic tune on my tab. They both looked at me. I smiled and told, “I think the couple will love to dance.”

Samar: No yaar I am full, I can’t dance.
Ranjana: It’s ok
Samar: Why don’t you dance with Rohit?
Ranjana: No, no, it’s alright.

Me: Please give me a chance, Ranjana.
Ranjana: Sorry I only dance with my hubby.
Me: Ok.
Samar: Ranjana, don’t be so rude yaar.

Ranjana hesitantly got up from the sofa. I couldn’t believe my luck. I got up and went towards her. We both held each other hands and dance slowly. I moved a little bit closer to Ranjana. She looked up into my eyes and found that I was looking at her. Our eyes mate for the first time.

I moved my hands and held her waist. Now she also held my waist. We looked at each other. Her bodily aroma made me mad. Her beautiful rosy lips shivered with unknown ecstasy. I held her waist tightly and pulled her little close. Now we both were dancing very close face to face. We felt each other’s hot breath.

I moved my hands in her back. Slowly my hands were moving in her back. her face was completely red. Samar was sitting and watching our dance. He didn’t object. We were dancing like this for almost 15 minutes. I couldn’t control my hormone. But anyhow I controlled myself.

Suddenly my door was knocked. It was room service who brought our dinner. We stopped our dance. Ranjana pulled her out from my embrace. I just wanted to shoot that room service. Ranjana understood from my look. I saw a little smile on her face. She was teasing me.

We had our dinner and they went to their room. I took out my hidden cam where everything was recorded. I played the video and saw our dance once again. I felt so lucky. Waiting for the next morning.

The next morning we met in our hotel lobby sharp at 9 o’clock. We all went towards our boat. I took one kit bag. In that, I took two bottles of Jack Daniel whiskey, drinking water and plenty of dry fruit. We both wearing half pants and a loose t-shirt. Ranjana was wearing knee-length trousers and a t-shirt.

We all went into the boat and it was started. But before that, I talked with the boatman and arranged two tents for us. Samar and Ranjana didn’t know about that. We reached our island It was isolated. Only three of us were there. The boatman said, “Sir I will come at 5 pm and take you all back.”

Me: No, today is a full moon and I want to stay here. Give me those tents.
Samar: Nice idea man. Tonight we will sleep in a tent. On the beach.
Ranjana: No, it is impossible. We don’t have that much food and drinking water with us.

Boatman: don’t worry madam, Sir already brought plenty of drinking water, food, torch, and all that you will need.
Ranjana was looking at me. She was in deep thought. She tried to understand my motive. Samar was very happy.

Me: you come tomorrow afternoon and took us back.
Boatman: ok sir.
And he went with his boat.

Now we only three in that isolated island. First, we had some breakfast and then I opened my Whisky bottle and brought three glass. I opened one packet of dry fruit. They both were happy to see my arrangement. We started drinking. It was a nice atmosphere.

We all took more than 3 pegs. Samar maybe 5 or 6 pegs. He was very high. I got up opened my dress and ran towards the water. I was wearing only my vest. Ranjana followed me. Suddenly Samar stopped him and told, “Baby don’t soak your clothes with water. Why don’t you wear your bikini?”

Ranjana: Are you mad? Rohit is there.
Samar: So what? He is our friend. This is too much.
Ranjana: Then I will not go to the water.
Samar: Don’t be a spoilsport.

Samar opened his dress and came into the water only with his vest. Ranjana slowly opened her dress. Oh my God!. She was wearing an orange color bikini inside her dress. She slowly came into the water. Immediately Samar took her into his lap and threw her into the water.

Ranjana immediately got up and jumped upon him. Samar felt in the water. Now they both came to me and pushed me into the water. We all were soaked with salty water. We all were laughing loudly. A few minutes later Samar went up from the water and sat on the beach.

We called him but he was not ready to come now. He again made one large drink for himself. We requested him a lot but Samar was sitting in the same place and looking at us. We both were enjoying the seawater.

A few minutes later suddenly Ranjana asked, “yesterday night why you were looking so angrily to that room service boy?”
Me: I held the most beautiful woman in my hand and due to him she left.
Ranjana: (smiled) Buttering?

Me: No, not at all. I am telling you the truth.
Ranjana: Samar why don’t you join us? (looking at Samar)
Samar: You both enjoy I am taking a sunbath. I will join you a little later. (and he slept on his front.)

Now he was lying on the beach far from us in a face-down position. Now I looked at Ranjana. She was a gorgeous woman. In that orange two-piece bikini, she was looking like an angel. Her face with salty water, her milky white cleavage, bareback, white buttery legs.

I couldn’t resist myself. I tightly hugged her and planted a kiss on her lips. After the initial shock, she pushed me with full force. I felt in the water. She was looking at me very angrily. She didn’t utter a word and came out from the water and went towards Samar. She sat beside Samar.

I slowly came out of the water. We both sat on either side of Samar. She was not looking at me. I was looking at her continuously. Few minutes later she looked at me. I lowered my head. She told, “Samar I want to explore the island. Will you come with me?”

Samar: Baby, you go. Rohit will accompany you.
Ranjana: I don’t need anybody. (she got up and went inside the island.)
Within a few minutes, she disappeared in the bush. Samar looked at me and said, “Bro will you do me a favor?”

Me: Tell me, don’t hesitate.
Samar: Can you please go after her?
Me: Yes man, don’t worry.

I got the opportunity. I got up and went behind her. I followed her footsteps. After around 1 hour I reached on the opposite side of that island. I saw her swimming in the water. I went to her. she looked at me but ignored. I didn’t utter a single word. I sat on the beach and looked at her.

After around half an hour she stopped her swimming and coming towards me. “What are you doing here?” she asked. I looked at her eyes. She was feeling uncomfortable now. She looked down. Immediately I grabbed her and pushed her on the beach. I came to her.

I pinned down her hands above her head with my two hands. She tried to stop me but couldn’t. I put my lips on her juicy lips once again. But this time I was not in a hurry. She moved her head right and left but that was not fruitful. I first took her lower lip in between my lips and sucked well.

Then I took her upper lip and sucked. Slowly her resistance became weak. I took her both lips and started smooching. She was also taking part. We both were sucking each other’s lips furiously. Her lips were very tasty. I took her tongue in my mouth and sucked. She was moaning.

Then I pushed my tongue inside her mouth. she readily accepted my lips. Then our tongues start fighting with each other. Almost 15 minutes we were sucking and licking each other lips and tongue. I moved up my head and looked into her eyes directly.

She closed her eyes with shame and guilt. I again moved down my head but this time I licked and kissed her cheeks, chin, eyes, nose, earlobes everywhere. She was uttering, “Rohit no, please no.” But that day I was not ready to listen. I moved down and licked and kissed her neck and shoulder.

She was shivering under me. I sucked her nipples above her thin bikini top. Licked her cleavage. She was breathing heavily. With every breath, her chest was moving up and down. She gathered some power and pushed me with full force. I left her and laid by her side on the beach.

She got up and sat beside me. She covered her face with her hands and crying. I felt bad for her. I slowly kept my hand on her back. She didn’t object. I slowly moved my hand on her bareback.

She stopped crying and told in a very low voice, “Rohit I am sorry. I know you are a good man but I can’t give you what you want. You are a very charming, caring and loving person. I like you but I am married. I am helpless. I am sorry.”

Me: It’s ok I can understand. But can I love you a little bit?
Ranjana: (turned her head towards me) Little bit means?
Me: Allow me to kiss you, hug you and…
Ranjana: And what?

Me: Want to drink your milk.
Ranjana: No.
Me: Please just once.

Ranjana didn’t answer. I slowly moved up and hugged her from behind. She didn’t object. I held her tightly in my arms. I kissed the back of her neck and licked there. At the same time, I held her boobs above her bikini top. I slowly squeezed her milk jugs. They were so soft yet tender.

I nibbled her both the nipples with my finger. I kissed and licked her back. I continued my kissing and licking on her back and fondling her boobs. she closed her eyes and leaned on my shoulder. A few minutes later, I put my right hand inside her bikini top. Oh my god, it was so soft and hot.

I felt that I put my hand inside a butter cube. I groped her boobs with my hand. she gasped and immediately turned towards me and hugged me tightly. I took out my hand and wrapped her tightly in my arms. Her soft boobs were now pressed on my chest. It felt so nice. I put my lips on her.

This time she was co-operating with me. She took my lips and sucked my lower lips. I sucked her upper lips. We were deeply smooching each other like there was no tomorrow. It was a heavenly experience. I pushed my lips inside her mouth. She welcomed my tongue inside her mouth.

Our tongues were fighting with each other inside her mouth. She then pushed her tongue inside my mouth. I sucked her tongue with my lips. She scratched my back with her nails. I opened the knot of her bikini top. She held me more tightly and tried to eat my lips hungrily.

We were chewing each other’s lips hungrily like an orange. We were like that for almost 15 minutes. We slowly separated ourselves. I looked at her eyes. She closed her eyes. I kissed o her eyes and moved down. She held my hair tightly. I moved down on her neck and licked there.

I held her naked boobs in my hand.  It felt so good. I pinched her nipples. she moaned. I moved back and laid on her lap. She understood what I want. She held her left boob and placed it on my mouth as if she was feeding her breast milk to her child. I groped her right boobs and sucked her left one.

My dick got hard inside my vest. She noticed but didn’t talk about that. I changed and took her right nipples in my mouth. I slowly circled my tongue on her areola. Then flicked her nipple with my tongue. She felt good. Her body was moving little left and right. I took charge and pushed her on the beach.

She was lying on the beach. I moved up on her and continued my invasion of her magnificent globes. I blew hot air from my mouth on her nipples. The cool sea breeze and my hot air on her nipples made it completely erect. Her nipples were light brown color.

I was mesmerized by her beauty. I continued sucking and licking her whole boobs. every inch o0f her both boobs glistening with my saliva. Her nipples stood erect. I held her hands above her head and licked her armpit. It was cleaned completely. She never experienced that in her lifetime.

I said, “So tasty.” She said nothing but kissed on my forehead. I asked her, “Did your husband lick your armpits?”
Ranjana: Never.
Me: And pussy.

Ranjana: No way. (she lowered her head.)
I didn’t talk further but licked, sucked and kissed her armpits with full intensity. She giggled and laughed when I licked her armpits.”Rohit you are so naughty. But I like it.”

After a few minutes, I moved down and again took her nipples in my mouth and sucked with full intensity this time. She was gasping for breath. I moved down further and licked her belly button. I put my tongue inside her belly button and licked. I moved down further and kissed her thighs.

She was shivering like a fish out of water. I understood that was her most sensitive part. I didn’t bother and licked her entire thigh with my tongue. She was moaning loudly. I didn’t stop but continued my licking and kissing on her thighs. Almost 15 to 20 minutes, I kissed and licked on her thighs.

I shifted my position a little and kissed on her mound above the bikini. She was terrified and held my head tightly so that I didn’t proceed further. I moved up my head and said, “Don’t worry I will not penetrate, you can believe me.” She looked at my eyes and slowly and left my head. I pulled her bikini in one go.

Before she could understand I placed my lips on her pussy lips. She was horrified but bodily pleasure made her weak. I first leaked the outer side of her pussy. When I took her outer pussy lips and sucked one by one. She was moaning loudly.

She was uttering, “No Rohit don’t do this don’t penetrate inside me. I am married. Please don’t do this to me.” I also didn’t want to enter her forcefully. I don’t like that. I didn’t answer but licked and sucked her pussy. I licked her clitoris. She jumped out.

I held her tightly and licked her clitoris continuously. Then I took her clitoris in between my lips and sucked. That was too much for her. She moved her head right and left with ecstasy. I slowly put my right hand on her mound. I pushed my middle finger in her cunt.

She couldn’t believe this. she stopped shouting and clinched her lower lips with her teeth tightly. Her one hand scratched my back deeply. It was painful. But I didn’t care. I sucked her clitoris with my lips and massaged her ‘G’ spot with my middle finger.

With my left hand, I pinched her both the nipples and alternatively and fondled her boobs. She couldn’t control her emotion and shouted, “Oh Rohit I never experienced such pleasure in my life.” Within a few minutes, her body jerked heavily. Her hips were in the air and gave thrust in my mouth.

For the final time, she scratched my back and reached her orgasm. She released a huge load. I sucked her pussy and drank all her juices. It was so tasty. She was lying on the beach nude like a dead log. If I wished I could fuck her right there at that time. But I didn’t like that.

I loved to fuck a woman when she told her own to fuck her. I slept beside her. My monster was very hard. it was paining under the vest. It tried to come out from the cage. I was looking at her beauty. Sometimes I felt just jumped upon her and fucked her right there but I controlled.

I closed my eyes and tried to control my emotions. I didn’t know how much time I was sleeping like that. Suddenly I felt her soft lips on my lips. Before I could say anything she took my lips in between her lips and gave me a passionate kiss. She left my lips and looked at my eyes directly.

Next, she moved down and kissed on my cheek and whispered in my air, “Thank you.” She put her head on my chest. She moved her head and sucked my manly nipples one by one. She moved her hands towards my vest and held my hard dick above my vest. She pulled down my vest.

My monster sprang out from the cage. It stood straight for her love. She held my rod with her hand and moved my foreskin up and down a few times. Touch of her soft hand made my dick harder. She liked that. Then she looked at me and told, “Its time for your return gift.”

She moved down her head and looked at my rod very closely. Few times she moved my foreskin up and down and looked at the movement. She moved down my skin and kissed on the top head of my hard dick. Then she took out her tongue and licked the top head of my dick.

I felt so good. She liked my enter mushroom head with her tongue. Then she took my mushroom head in her mouth and sucked a few times. She held my dick and licked it with her tongue. She kissed on my dick, here and there. She then took my balls one by one in her mouth and sucked like chocolate.

She was a pro in blowjob. When she sucked my balls her middle finger of her right hand was moving on my shaft head and tickling on my urine hole. That was the first time in my life. I was moaning loudly. I held her hair and tried to insert my hard rod in her mouth. But she controlled my hand.

A few minutes later she left my balls and took my hard dick in her warm mouth. she was sucking my cock like a lollipop. She took my entire 8″ cock in her mouth. My dick head touched her throat. She was deep throating my cock and played with my balls. After all that this is too much for me.

I shouted,” I am cumming.” She didn’t bother and took my cock deep inside her mouth and sucked hard. I jerked my body and released my juices inside her mouth. Jolt after jolt I released my hot thick semen inside her mouth. She drank all my juices. I never came like that before.

She didn’t waste a single drop. She sucked my cock like a vacuum cleaner and took out all my juices. I was lying on the beach and breathing heavily. That was one of the best experiences of my life.

Friends that is the end of this part. In the next part, I will tell what happened next between me and Ranjana. Till then goodbye. You can mail me or send a hangout massage on my email id. My email id is [email protected] my telegram id is rohit_for_u. Thank you.

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