Unforgettable Evening With Aishwarya

This is my real-life experience.

I was married for almost 6 years and was having a wonderful life. Sex life was good though it had become monotonous. Humans do tend to get bored with the same thing after a certain time, and it was no different with me.

My wife is a good human being and was a devout wife. She has 2 siblings, one elder brother, and a younger sister. The three of them are very close to each other. I have always been respected in their family.

The elder brother was married, and so was the sister. The elder brother has two children and is hard-working marketing professional. His wife, Aishwarya, is a very good lady.

Aishwarya had come into my wife’s family a year before my wife, and I got married. She conceived in the first year itself. During our marriage, she already had a month-old baby. She was a normal woman, petite, breasts around 34, and not a great ass. She is dark and wears glasses.

What amuses me is I still developed hots for her. I am not able to explain why but I certainly wanted to get in between her legs. It was 2 years after my marriage. One day my wife and I walked into my in-laws’ place in the morning after a walk.

Aishwarya and her husband and the kid were at home. My in-laws were in another house which they owned. They invited us to have breakfast and started preparing it. Meanwhile, I wanted to wash my hands and legs, so I walked into the restroom.

It is an old house with no attached bathrooms but one common one. I locked the bathroom door and finished what I wanted to. When I was about to open the door, my eyes were treated with the sight of a white bra, and a red panty hung to the nail behind the door. It was Aishwarya’s.

She was getting ready to go to bathe when we arrived unannounced. So she had to postpone her bathing session. I was delighted looking at those inner wears hanging on the nail. I first took the bra, smelt it, and then started feeling the cotton material.

My dick had become hard by then. I rubbed the bra pad on my dick once and hung it back. Next, I took the red panty. It was a cotton one too, a normal, simple panty. I smelt it once. It was fresh and smelt of surf powder. I rubbed that too once on my dick and when my dick was a little sober.

I walked out of the bathroom to the living room and sat to have breakfast with the rest. The memory of those inner wears did not go away from my mind for a long time. My lust for her increased many folds. After a couple of years, she was blessed with another child, the second son. She was delighted.

I did not get much chance for almost 2 years to become naughty with her. It was the 6th year of her marriage when things changed a little. Once, the entire family planned an outing, i.e., my wife’s brother’s and her sister’s family. I did not bother to take out my car. I wanted to sit and relax and not drive.

The outing was planned at a resort 85 km from Bangalore. We left Bangalore at around 8 AM. My wife and I hopped into her brother’s car. We both sat at the back, and her brother and Aishwarya sat at the front. The kids were all in one car. I was offered to sit at the front.

But I had a naughty thought which I wanted to try out and so refused. So we started with my brother-in-law at the wheels, Aishwarya in the passenger seat. I was right behind her in the rear seat and my wife next to be behind her brother. I had planned this all along.

I wanted to see if I could get naughty with Aishwarya. We started the journey, and we were cruising at a considerable speed. The other car was following us. We were about 35 km out of Bangalore when we stopped for breakfast. After getting down, Aishwarya wanted to get her water bottle which was at the back.

My wife and her brother had gone ahead. I was the last to get down after wearing my shoes. I was about to close the door when she shouted, asking me to wait. She came running and said she wanted to take the water bottle. Like a gentleman, I gave her way.

I did some drama like bowing to her and telling her, “ At your service, madam.” She laughed and said she would take the bottle. I just stood there, giving her space. Standing outside, she bent to take the bottle from the boot. My dick had an instant hard-on.

She was wearing cream cotton pants and a blue t-shirt. When she bent, the cotton pant strained against her ass. I could make out the outline of her panty. I was so horny that if it were not an outing like this and public space, I would have probably caught her from behind and pressed my dick into her ass.

It was not to be. I had to be satisfied rubbing my dick. She, too, noticed that I was giving attention to her more than what was required. She looked at me once and said, “Raj, are you alright?” I said I was fine and started eating.

We resumed the journey with the same seating arrangement. Suddenly there was a rough patch, and the road was completely spoilt. My brother-in-law applied brakes. When the car started moving on the bad patch, we were rocked as though we were in a boat.

I was waiting for such an opportunity. I placed my hand on the passenger seat. My hand was in between the door and the seat. When Aishwarya moved to the left, her left part of the body brushed my fingers. I had purposely placed my hand in such a way that my fingers were stretched.

She did not feel anything as I did not see any reaction. I continued to place my hand there even after the rough patch was over. Whenever there was a turn or a road hump, Aishwarya’s body started touching my fingers. Once, she just put her chin on the window and started gazing outside.

She noticed my hand on the seat, and I think she realized I was naughty. To tease me, she asked me if I wanted to sit at the front. When she said that, she had a cunning smile on her face. I refused politely. We continued the journey.

Once we reached the resort, there was a sense of guilt bothering me, but I had become helpless. We played many games, ate lunch, danced, and there was also rain dance. How I wished Aishwarya would join the dance, but she was adamant that she would not.

The activities came to an end at 5:30 with tea being served, and we got ready to leave. The seating arrangement on the return journey was also the same. My antics were also the same. Half an hour was left for us to reach our houses. I took advantage of the situation and moved my hand further.

Now I was just short of holding her full boob. I was shivering, but lust had overtaken fear and morality. I pressed her boob once, and then the unthinkable happened. She moved further left towards the door.

Now my hand was sandwiched between the door and her boob. I continued making intermittent presses on her boob. There was no doubt now that she was enjoying this act.

We arrived, and we got down. I did not have the courage to look into her eyes. She did not look either disturbed or angry. We bid farewell, and the day ended. My dick was hard, and my mind was filled with awesome memories. But I had determined to take this to the next level.

Summer had set in and had also given way to monsoon. Monsoon in Bangalore is pleasant in terms of weather but horrible when it comes to traffic snarls. Bangalore is notorious for its traffic, and if it rains, it is complete chaos.

One day, I had to travel to the IT hub, i.e., Whitefield, on work. I did not want to drive, so I went there on my two-wheeler. I finished my work. By the time I reached Silk board, it had started to rain heavily. My house was a good 10 km away.

I called my wife and informed her that I was stuck. She suggested that I go to her mom’s place, which was just a kilometer away. I thought it made sense, and the memories of the outing were haunting me for a long. I reached my in-laws’ house and rang the bell.

What I was looking forward to happening happened. My angel, Aishwarya, opened the door. She saw that I was drenched. I went in after removing my shoes and wet socks outside. She ran inside and got me a towel. Now you call it blessing or coincidence or luck or call it whatever, she was alone at home.

My in-laws had been staying in their old house for a month now. My brother-in-law was on tour to Delhi. The elder son was with his grandparents. The younger one was just 2 years old and was playing with his toys.

She asked me to remove my shirt, and she offered me a t-shirt to wear. The pant was also wet, so she gave me a lungi to wear. The memories of the outing kept coming back. The cleavage, the panty outline, the boob pressing everything appeared in a flash before me.

I did not know how I would control my lust. The question was, do I want to control it? I changed into the t-shirt and the lungi and came and sat in the living room. I had removed my underwear also as it was wet too. Aishwarya, meanwhile, had made hot coffee for me.

She came to the living room and placed it on the coffee table. I don’t know why it always happened. I could see her ample cleavage as she bent. She was wearing a white top and black leggings. The perfect 34” boobs hidden in her white cotton bra were inviting me to devour them.

But the owner had to give the green signal. She sat on the sofa opposite me, and we were talking about how bad the rain was. After some time, the child started to cry. So Aishwarya went to pick him up. Again this time, she bent so much that the entire chest region was visible.

In some time, the child slept, and Aishwarya came back to the living room. We were talking and then suddenly she asked me if I enjoyed the resort outing. I replied in the affirmative and said I enjoyed it a lot. She had a cunning smile and asked me what I enjoyed the most, to which my reply was the car drive.

She was equally naughty. She replied that she was wondering if a snake was moving on her body throughout the journey. I replied that it was just a worm and not a snake. She would have enjoyed it even more if it were a snake. She laughed loudly.

She asked me if the snake was always like that or naughty only when she was around. I replied that the snake was only attracted to her. She laughed again and went inside the kitchen, announcing that she would cook for both of us. I followed her into the kitchen and stood at the door, admiring her from the back.

I went to pick up a glass from the racks to drink water. I was so close to her that our shoulders were now touching. She was frying papads. I took the glass and filled it with water. While walking to the sink, I brushed my left hand on her ass. It was electrifying. I kept the glass there and again came and stood near her.

She stood there next to me. She stood in such a way that her left boob was touching my arms. Then I said we should take a selfie in the kitchen. She said it would not look nice. I said it is just for us and we don’t have to show it anywhere. I took my phone, and we took one selfie.

Then, while taking another one, I took courage, held her waist with my left hand, and took a selfie with the right. She was surprised by my sudden move. I continued taking selfies with my hand there.

I said thanks. Then I don’t know where I got the courage. I kissed her on her forehead. She was taken aback, and the tension on her face was evident. I said, “Sorry, but I like you.” She didn’t say anything and started walking towards the living room.

I followed her and then sat next to her on the couch. I took her right hand in mine and kissed it. I said that it was my dream to be alone with her like this. She said it was not right. It was wrong of her to have encouraged me in the car. I said nothing was wrong.

Then, holding her face in my hands, I kissed her gently on her lips. She did not part her lips, but neither did she show any resistance. I kissed her again and took my right hand to her left boob, and pressed it once. All she managed to say was ‘Aah,’ and then she held my hand.

I started pressing it with vigor now and then. I put my lips on her neck region and kissed her there. I inserted my hand into the top, took my hand to her boobs, and pressed them. I then inserted the hand inside the bra and mauled the naked breasts. I pinched her nipple and squeezed her boobs one by one.

She now had reached the zenith of lust, and her hand went to my dick. She put her hand inside the lungi and squeezed my dick once. I let out a small moan, and then holding her hands, I nudged her to get up. Holding her by the waist, I started walking her towards the room.

The bed was a queen-sized double bed. I made her sit and removed my t-shirt. I was left with only a lungi. It looked like it was covering a cannon. She laughed, looking at it, and then I held her top and started lifting it. Once the top was out, she was sitting there in a white bra, black leggings, and a mangalsutra.

I sat next to her and, lifting the cup of the bra, started sucking her nipples. I squeezed them so hard that she moaned. I made her sleep on the bed and started pulling the leggings. She was hesitant at first and asked if we could do that much.

I said it is difficult to stop then and managed to pull the leggings completely. She was now lying with a bra pulled up and blue-dotted panties. The silver anklets were an added turn-on. I removed her bra completely and, with my lungi threw it on the floor.

I started removing the panty slowly. When it was near the ankles, I moved back to the pussy. Her vagina was covered with little strands of hair. I inserted a finger inside once. She just let out a loud moan. I put my mouth on the pussy and bit it once.

She just held my head and moaned. I removed the panty completely and then slept beside her. I knew she was operated on to avoid pregnancy, so that was safe. I moved my hand on her stomach once and then pinched her navel and kissed her cheek.

I got on her in the missionary position. Then holding my dick in my hand, I teased her by hovering it on the pussy. I then gently put it inside. The warmth of her vaginal wall gave my dick the energy to push and pull. I started a rhythmic movement.

While I was busy moving my piston in her cylinder, I was kissing her lips, biting her neck and nose and chin. I was in full flow. For a moment, I forgot that the angel I was making love to was my wife’s sister-in-law. I increased the pace, and she started moving her ass up to meet my thrusts.

I held her ass cheek in my hand and rammed even harder. I was about to cum and told her the same. She said she was safe. With a loud grunt, I increased the pace and unloaded my fluid in her womb. She hugged me tightly and put both her legs around my legs.

The silver anklets were hurting me, but the pain was minute compared to the pleasure I had just gotten. When my dick had completely spit out all the cum, I removed it out and laid it down beside her. I hugged her, and we slept like that for almost 5 minutes.

She got up first, wore only the top and the leggings, and walked out to the living room. I wore the lungi and the t-shirt and followed her. She was sitting on the sofa. I sat next to her holding her hands. Tears were rolling down her cheeks. I wiped them and said thank you.

She looked at me and asked me if this could be the first and the last time. I said yes and kissed her once on the cheeks. I promised her that I would never do it again.

I ate dinner, wore my pant, and went home in the t-shirt Aishwarya had given. It’s been 8 years now that this happened. We have never indulged in this act again. But the love and the bonding remain the same. We get cozy at times, but nothing beyond a small hug or a kiss on the cheeks.

So this was my story of romance with my sexy sister-in-law. If you liked how I have narrated my experience, please write to me giving me your feedback on [email protected]

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